Are you a beginner who has no experience and knowledge about making money online? Are you finding it difficult to earn money on the Internet? I will be sharing 15 websites that will pay you daily within 24 hours.


These sites are tested and proven to make you money instantly provided you follow what I will be teaching you in this blog post step by step.

Never try to skip any part of this article to avoid skipping any important details.

Just imagine you get paid daily by these sites using your internet-connected device.

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Is there any website to make money?

Yes, there are uncountable numbers of sites to make money online. Each site works and operates in a different way from another.

Although, the majority of these sites are a scam only a few of them works.


On this blog, we are constantly researching those legitimate sites that work and sharing them here for you to utilize and start making cash online for yourself.


How to make 1000 Naira daily in nigeria

If you can earn 1000 Naira daily with your smartphone from home, do you know that will result in 30,000 Naira in a month?


Imagine yourself earning the same amount of money from home graduates of Nigerian universities who go out during rain and sun to hustle for.


There are so many opportunities online and we open your eyes here on this blog to take advantage of those opportunities.

Many people, on their path to solve their queries like, “How can I earn N1k per day, Sites to earn money directly to your bank account in nigeria online, and so on got into platforms that are not legit.


I will expose to you a real platform most people are not talking about on the internet that can help you make N1000 daily with your smartphone.


These sites are guaranteed to pay you as long as you are ready to work on their platform from home.


You do not need to pay any registration fee to get registered on these platforms.


To cut down this article from becoming too lengthy for our readers we have decided to refer you to this link to read our top legit and recommended platforms that will allow you to make 1k daily on the internet for free without anything like investment.


15 websites that will pay you daily within 24 hours

Apart from showing above how you can make at least 1000 Naira every day online, in this sub-heading, I will also be listing out 15 websites that will pay you daily within 24 hours.

Check them out below

This site pays people to share links on social media, blogs, and YouTube. Just like Bitly, the site helps you shorten your link and get paid when people click on it.

You can make as high as $27 for 10000 people clicking on your link. Getting ten thousand people to click on your shared link is very simple if you have a large audience online.

If you don’t have any audience, the second site I will be discussing will help you out on this.

You can create a free account now on



Pejoweb is a magnificent platform and is one of the secret-earning sites that I don’t like revealing anyhow to people.

I have been on the internet for many years and I haven’t seen a site that values content writers like pejoweb yet.

Most people don’t know about the power of this site.

You can start building your audience on this site and shorten your links to make money.

Click here to join.


Viral trend tasks

This is a Nigerian-based site that works only in Nigeria and some other African countries.

You are paid on this site for liking and commenting on posts on your social media accounts.

Click here to learn more.


Owodaily is a freelancing site that offers small jobs for members to complete and earn.

Although registration on this site is not free, you need to pay N3000 for the registration fee.

You can learn more about this site here



Just like the name sounds, this microtasking site will pay you dollars for completing tasks and you can join now and start earning for free.

Click here to get started.



payroute offers surveys and paid tasks to be completed to earn cash.

As you can see above in the image, get paid to watch videos and other offer walls.

They have paid over one million naira to users so far.

You can also earn on this site by shortening your links and referring people to join.

Click here to join


Get free money in Nigeria with affiliate marketing

Wazobet is a Nigerian popular betting company.

You might be thinking, am I gonna be betting to make money?

Well, the focus here is not betting although you can also earn by betting.

The focus here is to join their affiliate program and make money by referring betters to their site.

Click here to learn how to make thousands of Naira as a wazobet affiliate.

Time bucks

Australian-owned site has made payments of millions of dollars to members since the creation of the site and they are still paying.

You can join this site now to do simple tasks and get paid.


One of the best survey sites for survey lovers. Formerly known as Clixsense, Ysense offers a great referral program that can earn you extra cash.

Check out our post on how to use this site. 

Freecash review review

Freecash works worldwide and pays in dollars for taking surveys, clicking on ads, watching videos, and lots more.

Learn more about freecash here


This was one of the sites where I made my first 1000 Naira on the internet.

What they do is connect you with real online businesses that can help you make money online.

You can visit their site here to learn more.


This is the second site on the list for people passionate about writing and monetizing their passion.

You can make up to $100 writing for lodpost, however, you will work hard to achieve it as it is not a get-rich-quick site.

Join lodpost here

Opera news

Just like Lodpost above, Opera News pays content writers based on views on their news articles.

The difference is that you are paid in dollars on Lodpost while Opera News pays you in naira.

You can visit the Google play store to download the app


Nairaworkers review 2023
Nairaworkers review 2023

Nairaworkers can make you 1000 Naira every day if you are broke.

I have made a lot of money using my phone on this particular website.

You will be doing tasks like signing up for a website, Instagram follow, Facebook likes, and many others including subscription to YouTube channels.

The next site I will be revealing to you is hotter than nairaworkers. You can make 5k daily with the site.

Nairaworkers may not accept you if you are not from Nigeria or other nearby African countries.

However, there is no harm in trying since it is free.

Learn more here


Freebyz review

This is my second-best-recommended site for anyone interested in making money online.

You can make nothing less than 3000 and up to 5000 Naira if you can work more.

If I can make 90 thousand Naira monthly with this site, I see no reason you can’t make real money on this site that can pay your bills.

Read our full tutorial on how to make money with Freebyz 

It works worldwide.


Sproutgigs review
Sproutgigs formerly known as picoworkers

The best earning site for a beginner to make up to $10 daily is

If you are a fan of this site then you should have heard me giving a lot of testimonies about this site.

Why not join this site now, it works worldwide and is completely free.

Click here to learn how you can make over $250 on this site.


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