Welcome to my full and detailed owodaily review.

In this owodaily review, I will be showing you the truth about making money on owodaily that nobody has ever told you before.

If you stick with me to the end of this article, I am going to reveal to you what owodaily is.

Is owodaily legit, can I really make money from owodaily jobs, how you can make money online in Nigeria with owodaily, owodaily minimum withdrawal, sites like owodaily, how to withdraw from owodaily benefits of owodaily and disadvantages of owodaily.

Why you should trust this review:

The reason you should trust me is that I am not just a blogger who teaches how to make legit money online.

But am also a real user of owodaily who knows everything that works in owodaily and things that do not.

And am willing to share with you the truth of this platform.

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What is owodaily?

  1. Owodaily is a micro jobs platform that helps people to make money online in different ways which I will be discussing later in this owodaily review.

Owodaily is available In Nigeria and other countries like the USA, Kenya, Ghana e.t.c


Owodaily can also be described as a crowdsourcing and freelancing platform that pays its users to perform micro jobs on it.


In the case of owodaily, you do not require any skills to work on owodaily.


Is owodaily legit as it claims?


When Talking about how legit owodaily is, the question we should ask first is what is a legit platform? 


For any website or platform to be considered a legit one. It has to fulfill its claims and promises to its users.


In other words, if they are doing what they assured their members.


As a real user of owodaily, I can boldly tell you for sure that owodaily is fully legit and you can make money online using any device with this website.

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Can I really make money from owodaily jobs if it is legit?

What I am going to tell you now about owodaily is what nobody will ever tell you about owodaily because they want to refer you to owodaily and make tons of money while you are left stranded trying to figure out how to make a peanut with limited micro-jobs.


If anyone tells you that you can make up to 2000 naira per job on owodaily doing micro-tasks, that’s a very big lie, it is not possible except you are on owodaily plus and even with that you need to affiliate marketing.


To make a reasonable amount of money on owodaily, you need to be a very good affiliate marketer I will give you the full tutorial as a bonus when you register via the link in this article.


Most people will not tell you what I am telling you now. But who cares? I am going to tell you this because here in free life.com.ng we love and care about you.


We are always committed to helping you make money online on the internet. If you have not yet subscribed to this blog, you can do so if you think you are getting any value from us so that you will get notified whenever we drop new make-money-online content just like this one.

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Back to business, 


The truth is that you can never make 100k in a month depending on microtasks.


But I am going to show you secrets on how you can make up to 100k on owodaily in this review, so it is important you stick with me to the end if after reading this article and you decide to register on owodaily click on this link to get started.


How can I make money online in Nigeria with owodaily


I will be showing you how to make real money online with owodaily using these strategies that work ( however if you are using the link in this article you will get more detailed strategies I use to make a whole lot of money on owodaily.

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The following are ways to make money on owodaily


  1. Partnership

This is number one on our list. You can partner with owodaily to become their gift card distributor and get access to their brand deals.


  • Referrals and affiliate marketing

If you can remember, I said earlier that to make a reasonable amount of money on owodaily you need to be a good affiliate marketer.


If you refer anyone to owodaily you are going to make 1600 Naira in commission and that is not the end, you will also make 200 Naira from your indirect referrals, that is a person who is referred to the platform by your referral.

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Also, you will be getting 3% of whatever your referral is making on owodaily for a lifetime.


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This is the best way to make tons of money on owodaily. Don’t worry, all the in-depth tutorials to get thousands of referrals to owodaily are there in my bonus.


  • Posting on the village platform of owodaily

Owodaily has what they call owodaily village platform where users can post and comment on the forum.

You can also make money from this forum as well.


If your post is very viral and engaging, you are going to be promoted from a villager to an elder and from an elder to a chief, and from chief to the king.


All the promotions come with some cool money rewards.


  • Micro tasks

Each task you perform on owodaily, you get paid for it.

Performing tasks on owodaily is as simple as abc.

You are to follow the instructions to get things right and show your proofs.

Owodaily minimum withdrawal


The minimum payout for owodaily is five thousand naira.


 Once you make up to five thousand naira you can place a withdrawal request and get your money withdrawn to your local bank.


 Withdrawing your money from owodaily is as simple as ABC


All you have to do is to go over to the menu


Click on wallet


Select withdraw


Put in your bank details and boom you have finally made your withdrawal.


Sites like owodaily to make money online in Nigeria 

Just like owodaily, there are other sites like owidaily that can help you make cool cash by performing simple tasks.


  • Naira workers

This is a Nigerian based microtask platform like owodailly that you can get paid for performing tasks online.


This platform is totally free to join and make money.


You can click here to create an account


  • Picoworkers


This one works worldwide and is also another site like owodaily to make money online for free.


To join this platform, click here

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Pros and cons of owodaily

Owodaily as a micro job platform has advantages and disadvantages 


  • It is a legit site to earn
  • It has many ways to make money
  • One time payment of registration fee
  • It can help pay your bills



  • Very small number of micro-tasks per day
  • It requires proofs for every tasks done



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