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Earnly Review

Earnly, an app with over 50K downloads and a product of Artshot Inc launched in January 2023 on the Google play store promises to enable people earn money by doing the things we love like surveys, playing games, watching videos, spinning the wheel and other activities.


There are hundreds of sites and apps that promise people to make money online doing things like this but the majority of them are not worth it and the majority of them are fake and time wasting apps.


Getting access to a legit site or app that makes you money online without stress is very exciting.


Many have been on the search of sites or apps like this for so long but end up getting scammed.


The most frustrating thing that could ever happen to a person while looking for a real platform to make money online is getting into a time wasting platform.


Sometimes, they told you you can make $50 daily by watching videos. You are so moved by the earning potential. As a result of that, you join only to discover that you are used as an object of making money for themselves by forcing you to watch myriads of ads on the app.


The more you watch these advertisements, the more their dollars are increasing but yours is not.


At the end of the day after wasting a while two months and you see $1000 on your dashboard and you try to withdraw, and discover that you were used.


It is a frustrating experience, I have been there before when I was a beginner in the online space.


I can relate to how it feels, and that’s the reason I created this blog to expose the inner side of all these earning sites/apps to the world so you can know which is real or fake and which is worth your time and investment.


In this Earnly Review you will know about what Earnly is all about, get answers to questions like “how does Earnly work, how to make money with Earnly, how does Earnly Referral program pays, how can I get started, is Earnly real or fake, is Earnly worth my time or not and other vital information.


Stick with me to the end of this Earnly Review and never skip any part of this Earnly Review to avoid skipping important details that may be of value to you.


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What is Earnly – Get Cash and Earn Money?What is Earnly app

Earnly is a GPT(Get paid to perform tasks) app that rewards members for fun. Making money online shouldn’t be stressful, that’s why they have created a platform for all the folks who are interested in making money online the lazy way.


Although, personally, I am not a fan of making money online in a lazy way, but if that’s what you love let’s ride on with this Earnly Review to help you arrive at a conclusion if it is worth it or not.


You may be interested to know what these tasks you are required to do are.


On Earnly App, you will get paid to watch videos, play games, complete offers and lots more other activities.


Now the issue is, can I make real money online and become rich doing this or are they even real at all?


We will know as we proceed with this Earnly app Review. So follow me closely.

How does it work?

For you to earn on Earnly, you need to first of all download the Earnly app from your app store and install it.


When that is done, register on it as registration is completely free unlike many platforms that require registration fee.


After registration, you can choose any tasks you are interested in doing and complete them to earn coins which are convertible to cash.

How to make money with Earnly

There are many ways to earn on this app, let me take you through them one after the other so you know if you like them or not

Referral programEarnly Referral program

Like I said earlier you get paid in coins, for each person you invite to join Earnly with your unique referral link you get paid 100 coins.


The both of you, will automatically earn 100 coins.


This is a very small commission compared to other apps and sites out there that pay more than this.

Playing GamesEarn Money playing game on Earnly

Do you love playing games online, why not get paid doing it, although the downside with this is that you will be burning a lot of data in return for peanuts.


If you’re really passionate about online gaming for reward, this app has got you covered.


In your dashboard you will see several games displayed, you can choose anyone you like to play and click on it.


Before clicking on it, please note the instructions on getting your reward first to avoid losing your reward.


On clicking on any game, you will be taken to a third party platform to play the game.


Do not return to the app if the time you were asked to play the game does not elapse to avoid not getting paid.

Watching Videos

Nothing is exciting like just seating to watch videos and get paid. You will be awarded with coins just by watching videos.

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Offer wall

Earnly is in partnership with a popular offer providing platform known as offertoro.

Earnly Offerwall

As you can see in the image above different offers like downloading of apps, sign ups etc with their rewards.


Every offer has its own instructions on how to successfully do it in order to get rewarded.


There are many options to choose from.


Based on my opinion, the rewards in coins that are attached to offers are very low compared to what offertoro will pay them for each offer you complete. 


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Answering Surveys

If you are used to answering surveys, you will enjoy this earning option.


But the downside is that most surveys may not be available in your country.

Filling survey is not the best way to make real money online if you are not living in America or Europe.

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How to get started

Getting started is simple, all you need to do is to download the app by searching for Earnly – Get Cash and Earn Money.


You will see the app, download and register asap to earn.


Do not click off this Earnly Review yet, there are a lot you haven’t known about this app so that you won’t go and get disappointed at the end of the day. 

Earnly withdrawal and minimum payout

The minimum payout is $1 which is equivalent to 10,000 points.


You can withdraw to PayPal and other payment options shown in the image below.

Earnly withdrawal

Is Earnly legit or scam?

There is no payment proof to certify that Earnly is a legit app.


For now, I can’t tell for real if they are legit or a scam as I haven’t been paid before.


If you have gotten paid by them, do well to drop your comment below.

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Is Earnly real or fake

Earnly might not be a fake app but we cannot prove that as we haven’t received any payment or seen any payment proof from others yet.


Is Earnly worth it?

If making real money online and getting rich is your goal or earning $100 monthly is the goal then Earnly is not worth it.


It can take up to a whole month to earn $2 on this app.


Isn’t this a waste of data and battery?


If on the contrary, you don’t care if you earn or not but are just interested in what the app offers then you can go for it.

Conclusion on Earnly Review

To finalize the Earnly Review, Earnly is not an app to make real money, they may be real but trust me if they are, you will only be earning peanuts while they make huge money with your engagement with the app.


However, the choice is yours to make.


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And the opportunity has presented itself above.


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