Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business where the idea of owning a blog is the route. Have you ever thought of how to affiliate without a blog?


There is a famous rule that most people believe owning a blog is the only way you can SUCCEED in affiliate marketing.


In the 21st century, many smart internet marketers have defied this belief and have made a fortune out of affiliate marketing business without having a website.


You may be wondering how they have been able to do this and may be interested to start your affiliate marketing business without having to own a blog.


I will be glad to take you through the secret on how to be successful with affiliate marketing without creating a website.


As usual, I would like to introduce myself to you if this is your first time visiting this blog so that you know who I am and what I do on the online space.


My name is Ima-Abasi Sunday, I am an internet marketer, and an online business coach.


My goal is helping beginners to start a profitable online business by providing them with the right information they need to make money on the internet.


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How do I use affiliate links without a blog?How to affiliate without a blog, best ways

Having a blog with traffic on any niche can be a profitable way of earning from affiliate links.


As a blogger, you have full control over your blog and can use affiliate links without any limitations.


But you can’t have such control without a blog due to the fact that many platforms out there have their rules and policies which may not agree with posting of links.


Examples of such platforms are Facebook, which reduces your visibility for any post that has a link, and Quora, which deletes any post with a link after a few minutes of being live.


To successfully use affiliate links without a blog, you need to find out more about the platform you intend using affiliate links on, explore to know if they will accept it or frown at it.


As much as many platforms do not accept affiliate links, there are a few of them that do accept the use of affiliate links.


We will explore them and how you can do this properly to avoid being penalized .

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How to use affiliate links without a blogHow to use affiliate links without a blog

If you wanna get into the world of affiliate marketing and you don’t wanna go into the stress and high cost of owning an affiliate marketing blog here is how to go about it.


I will be listing out 8 platforms you can use affiliate links on and how you should do it the best way to earn profit.


Below are 8 Best methods to use affiliate links without having a blog:

1 .

The famous “blue app” which most of us use for chatting and connecting with friends has a big affiliate earning potential.


Many people have made a big use of this platform to make unlimited sales. I know of a man who has made over 1 million Naira from doing affiliate marketing with facebook.


I know you may be wondering, if Facebook does not allow people to include affiliate links in their posts, how do they use affiliate links on Facebook without a blog?


This is a marketing secret people pay lots of money to learn but I am about showing you this for absolutely free.


There are two main ways they do this, back then it was three ways but the third way is no more working which was posting your affiliate link as a comment on your post.


Now, these are the two ways that work.


Have you ever heard of the “Green App”. This is the new sales engine. Whatsapp marketing has done 5 times that which was done by email marketing.


The trick here is that you don’t have to post your affiliate links in your post or content.


All you have to do in your “CALL TO ACTION” is to ask your audience to send you a direct message.


You can send your affiliate links to them when they message you, and close your sale there in the green app.


Another way is to send them the links via chat but the first method is most recommended.

2 . formerly known as twitter is another brilliant platform to post your affiliate links but I don’t recommend that you do this on your content.


The best way you can do this is to post your affiliate links on your bio then you can always refer your audience to it via your content.


3 . Instagram:

Instagram is a social media platform for sharing images and videos. Although they do not allow affiliate links in your content.


You can only do this by including it on your bio.

4 . LinkedIn:

Many people have been utilizing this platform for affiliate marketing. I think you can post your affiliate links on this platform but I am not 100% sure yet.


You can use the bio method to paste your affiliate links and drive traffic to it via your content.

5 . Quora:

One thing I love about quora is that their platform is full of quality traffic from the US, and Canada.


Your affiliate links are well to convert on this platform due to the fact that people here have more buying power than Facebook traffic.


The downside is that your answer or post will get deleted when it is found with affiliate links.


To overcome this, you need to convince them by offering the best of value you can without including any link on your content.


You can post like 20 to 30 posts or answers that have to do with your affiliate niche, then after this, you can then include any link you wish to as they will no longer restrict you to do so.

6 . Tiktok:

This platform is fire, you can make very good use of this app as an affiliate marketer.


Posting your affiliate link on this app in your content is very easy as you can do that in the description of your video without any fear of getting penalized.

7 . Pinterest:

Of all the social media platforms, Pinterest is one of my best platforms for freely posting affiliate links.


Do you know how to create attractive pins? You can get a lot of free leads to convert and make affiliate sales.


Another amazing feature that was recently introduced to pinterest was the short video pin.


By posting short videos you can have more visibility resulting in more affiliate sales.


8 . Youtube:

Start a youtube channel around what you want to promote.


Create highly engaging and informative videos and fix in your affiliate links in the description of the video, do this consistently and watch yourself making endless affiliate sales.

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Conclusion on how to affiliate without a blog

What will determine your success lies in authenticity, consistency, and delivering genuine value to your audience.


By doing so, you are more likely to be trusted. You can’t make it with affiliate marketing if you are not good with copywriting and closing skills.


Now that you have learned about the 8 Best methods on how to affiliate without a blog.


You can’t just make the money you desire from affiliate marketing from just reading this post as great meetings do not produce great men but only great decisions do.


What decision have you made so far towards your affiliate marketing business?


Are you just going to let this knowledge waste or will you act on it?


I guess you will act on it.


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