You have one reason to be here and that is viralrend review.

In this viraltrend review, I  will be telling you the whole truth (as usual) about viraltrend earning website that nobody will ever inform you of.


I am going to make this viraltrend review as detailed as possible so that you get the whole idea about this website known as viraltrend.


In this viraltrend review also, I will be revealing the truth about making money on viraltrend and also answer questions like the following:


What is viraltrend, how does viraltrend work, can we make reasonable money on viraltrend, how to withdraw on viraltrend, how to earn, and many more. So you must stay chilled as we move on in this viraltrend review.

Why you must trust our viraltrend review

Some years ago when I started an online business as a newbie, I was looking for any possible platform where I can earn money online.

That made me join Every new platform I discovered on the internet.

Most of the time I got scammed cause I never read a review about it, so to help other people out there who may also be looking for earning platforms, I created this blog to help expose scam sites.

This blog is mainly to help people get out of scams and gain a financially free life by making money online.

So this is how we help you, we discover a new earning platform you may be interested to join on the internet to earn money.

We, first of all, took the risk to join and find out if it is a scam or legit, then after that, we publish our experiences with the website as our honest review on this blog to enlighten others.

We make sure that people don’t get scammed and at the same time teach them the legit and guaranteed ways of making money online. 

Below are a few sites and products like this we have reviewed in the past.

Our reviews are only written based on the real customer experience of a site and that is the reason you must trust our viraltrend review today.

What is

Viraltrend is a site that pays you to like or comment on a post. You can make money online by completing social media tasks on this website.


They pay you for little tasks like a YouTube subscription, Instagram follows Facebook like, and so on.

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Is viraltrend a legit or scam website?

Base on the high level of crashes and scamming make money online websites, you are curious if this could be another scam.


I have been on this site for a year now and counting, based on my experience with them, I can assure you that it is a very legitimate website to make some cool cash online in Nigeria


I wanna assure you that our priority here on free life is to help you make money online, hence every piece of content on this website is thoroughly researched and proven to be true before publication.


And we will for no reason promote a scamming website by any means.

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How does viraltrend work

Like I said earlier, a viraltrend is a site that pays you to do social media tasks.


A very great number of people are active on different social media platforms and they are doing simple tasks like commenting on posts, following people on Twitter and Instagram, YouTube watch and subscription, etc which is very natural.


Now viraltrend sees this as a great opportunity to give people the platform to get paid for doing these social media tasks instead of doing them for free.


So they act as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers where advertisers come to post jobs and the publishers perform the task and get paid.


ViralTrend pays part of the money to the publishers who will be doing those tasks. Making the relationship between advertisers and publishers a mutual relationship(for those of you who studied types of relationships in biology lol)


Features of viraltrend dashboard


Here is what a viraltrend dashboard looks like.

Viral trend dashboard

When once you are logged in that is what you are going to see. As you can see my current balance of three thousand naira there above.


If you scroll down, you will be seeing different tasks that are available for you to perform.


Different menu and navigation.

If you check the screenshot above, you will see three white horizontal lines inside a circle.


That’s the menu, if you click on the icon this will pop up.

Viral trend dashboard menu

You can see a dashboard, where it will direct you to the dashboard.


Support, where you can send them questions if there are any issues, but trust me, you are not going to find any issues at all.


Wallet, where you can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account in Nigeria.

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And the most important thing that you are going to do before going to perform any task on viraltrend, is to go to your profile first and set up your payment information, give them your Facebook account URL, Instagram account URL, and youtube channel URL so the can use it to verify that tasks have been done by you without you giving any proof.


Minimum withdrawal on

The minimum amount of money you can withdraw on viraltrend is five thousand naira.

When once it is up to 5k, you can choose your money to be there or withdraw it to your local bank, all depending on you.


Is still paying?

When it comes to earning platforms like this, most questions people keep asking are ” is viraltrend still paying, or has it crashed”


However, it is very important to know if the platform is still paying or not before you get to work on the platform so that you won’t get scammed.


Like I have always said, I love my readers and they are my priority, hence I will never promote or introduce them to any scamming site.


I painstakingly, make use of any make money online platform and then I give my honest review about it to my audience.

Before this viraltrend review is published and said to be legit by us we have already worked and gotten paid on the site.

Viraltrend is very legit and they are still paying till now.


Viraltrend registration

To make money on viraltrend, you need to register and become a member so you can make money.


To register, you are going to pay a one-time registration fee of #500 or #1500 depending on the type of plan you would want to register for.


When once you pay the registration fee, you can make money with this platform for life.


Different membership plan

There are two types of accounts in viraltrend. To make money on viral trend, I recommend that you go for a promoter or publisher account, don’t go for an advertising account.


In promoter’s accounts, they have two membership plans which are the basic plan and the premium plan.


The basic plan is the first membership plan where you will have to pay #500 naira for registration and the premium membership plan is the second membership plan.


The registration fee of the premium membership plan on viraltrend is a one-time payment of #1500.


You may be wondering, what is the difference between these two membership plans.


The difference between basic and premium plans is that as a premium member, you will have more high-paying tasks than a basic member.


Premium members also have more tasks available for them to perform than basic members.


Those are just the differences between them.

How to register successfully.

  1. Click on this link
  2. Put in your first and last name with your email address, and click on get started.
  3. Put your country and state. Choose your account type.
  4. Verify your email
  5. Make your registration payment and choose your plan.
  6. Start earning





There are mainly two ways to make money on viraltrend which are via performing simple tasks and referral program


Earning on viraltrend via performing simple tasks is straightforward compared to other similar micro-task platforms.


All you have to do is to go to your dashboard, scroll down, and you will see different available jobs.

Viral trend jobs


As you can see above sample of tasks you will be doing on viral trend.

The next thing to do is just to click on the job and perform it according to the instructions given.

After you might have performed the job via the link to that YouTube channel, come back to viral trend and wait for the timer to finish counting


Viral trend tasks



And when it might have finished counting, you can then give them your email, youtube username, and your Instagram username(if it is an Instagram task).


When once you submit your email and username, boom, you get paid instantly.

For Instagram likes and comments, you get paid three naira for each and 6 naira for Instagram follow.

You can make some money that can pay your bills in one month, but to be honest, you can not be rich with this platform.

It is just a way of making some little cash for yourself.

You can make up to twelve thousand naira in a month if you are not doing the referral program.

The referral program is another great and awesome way to make a lot of money with viral trend.

You can make unlimited money with this referral program.

My bonus

I will give you the bonus trick that I have been using to make cool money via referrals if you click on the link in this article.

If you want to have my bonus, use the link here in this viraltrend review to register and activate your account.

Then send me an email to [email protected], with your username and email you used to register on viraltrend.

I will send you a free tutorial article on how to get over 50+ referrals and make money.

The pros and cons of this website.


It helps you to make some bucks which can pay off your bills.

You can make unlimited amount of money via referrals.

You get paid for what you have been doing for free on social media.


The payment for tasks are very low e.g 3 naira for each like, however, there are a bunch of tasks to do.



Final verdict on viraltrend review

To sum up our viraltrend review, viraltrend is an income platform that helps you make money for social media tasks.

It can be a very cool way of making money if you are good at affiliate marketing.

Don’t worry, I will teach you every skills and strategy you need to get lots of referrals when you sign up via the link in this viraltrend review.

You can also join sproutgigs to perform tasks online and get paid if you are in need of similar site like this one.

You can check out the video below to watch viraltrend review and see how you can earn cool cash with your smartphone.


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