I came across this site on social media, someone sent me a link to join money4click, after checking out the site, here is my honest money4click review.


Due to rapid online business awareness, many people are coming into the internet space on a daily basis.


With the increased interest in making money online so are different sites launched monthly that claim to help people make money online.


The problem now is that many of these sites are scam and it takes an honest review of someone who has tried it out to know which is real or fake.


If you have come across money4click platform before and you don’t know if they are worth it, in a while we will reveal everything to you in this money4click review.


You will be able to know if you can make up to #90,000 with this site by doing very little work.


If this is your first time visiting this site we warmly welcome you.


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With that said, let’s continue.

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What is money4click all about?Money4click review

According to them, they are leading cost per referral advertisement nigerian based company.


You can work part time on the site and complete some very simple tasks like completing captcha, data entry, filling surveys etc.


We found a good number of testimonials from people around the world concerning this site and how the site has made them money.


Could this mean they are legit? That’s not enough reason to prove they are genuine because anyone can just generate fake testimonials.


According to the information on their site, they have paid over 1.1 million happy members and over 14 million naira have been paid out since they were launched.


No doubt, it is clearly written on their site that they have been in the business for 5 years which is not enough proof to establish their credibility.

Money4click testimonial

As we proceed, you will know if money4click is real or fake.

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How does money4click work?

Their mode of operation is simple, the first thing you need to do is to sign up via the link below.



When that is done you will get an instant approval and the next thing you will do is to work little and get big cashout (90,000 Naira)

Money4click login

You can login to your money4click account via the link above.

Money4click withdrawal

You can withdraw your earnings to your bank account or via payoneer and other payment methods shown in the image below.

Money4click withdrawal

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Does money4click pay?

As of the time this money4click review was written we have found out that money4click is not paying and doing any tasks on this site in expectation of making money online is a waste of time.

Is money4click legit?

Since they promise people of making money online and they haven’t fulfilled their promise, it is justifiable for them to be classified as a scam.

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Money4click payment proof

Throughout my research I haven’t seen any payment proof of money4click platform.


If you have been paid recently, do well to drop it in the comment section. 


Conclusion on money4click review

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Five years from now, it is estimated that things will be ten times harder in Nigeria than it is today.


The internet will also get more saturated and making money online will be more difficult than it is today.


 To prepare for the future you must find a way to earn in dollars.


And the opportunity has presented itself above.


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