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There are myriads of sites that promise to make people money online. Most of these sites are owned by scammers to defraud people of their money. We founded this site recently known as daily trust fund and we decided to take the risk of trying it out to see if they are legit.


Here is our honest dailytrustss review AKA daily trust fund review. We have done our research about the above mentioned money investment site and we are back here to expose the truth of what will become of you if you join them.


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The goal of this blog is definitely to help you make real money online from home the right way and stay safe from scam.


That’s the reason we take our precious time to do critical research on new income programs to make sure you don’t fall to scammers.

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What is daily trust fund all about?Dailytrustss review Is daily trust fund legit

The site is an investment platform which was launched in 2023 by anonymous founders whom we know nothing about.


According to them, you can make money online easily by just investing your money with them and they pay you back with big interest.


Just like most other investment platforms you have ever come in contact with, their mode of operation is not different.


They have different investment plans where you can benefit from and make big money.


Isn’t it cool to invest a certain amount of money and get double or triple of it in a certain period of time?


Am sure it sounds like a good and lazy way to make money.


But wait, are these guys legit? What on earth are they gonna do with our money that will yield them much interest to pay us with interest and they still have their own benefits to keep their business running?


These are the kind of reasonable questions people should be asking each time they come in contact with any ponzi scheme.


As we proceed, we will know if we can rely on dailytrustss.com AKA daily trust fund to make money online for ourselves or if they are here to scam us of what we hustle to earn.

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How can you make money with dailytrustss.com

On registration you will earn a 200 Naira registration bonus which will appear on your dashboard.


After that you will check out their different investment plans below and choose the one you like. Always be wise while doing online ponzi schemes.


Pay the amount of money you want to invest to their account number showing on your dashboard and it will immediately reflect on your dashboard wallet.


When that is done the next thing is for you to invest the money in your wallet to any of their daily trust investment packages.


PACKAGE Amount Period My Daily Income

1 2,000 50 Days ₦450

2 5,000 50 Days ₦1100

3 10,000 50 Days ₦2100

4 20,000 50 Days ₦4200

5 30,000 50 Days ₦7250

6 50,000 50 Days ₦11500

7 100,000 50 Days ₦28000.8

8 200,000 50 Days ₦55008

9 300,000 50 Days ₦88000.8

10 500,000 50 Days ₦330000


Remember 50 days can be enough for someone to run away with your money. 

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How to withdraw from dailytrustss.com

To withdraw from your daily trust fund wallet to your bank account you need to provide them with your bank details and your money may be credited to the same bank account you have given to them provided you have reached your minimum payout limit of 1000 Naira.

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Is daily trust fund (dailytrustss.com) legit?

This is the most important part of this dailytrustss review you have been waiting for.


I believe with my tone of writing this daily trust fund review you should before now understand that this site may be a scam.


If you didn’t know it before, daily trust fund AKA dailytrustss.com is a big scam.


Don’t click off the article because I have better and legit sites I have been using to make real money on the internet and you need to check them out.

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Best alternative platform for you

Now you’re aware that the site you were probably developing interest in to make lazy money online is a scam.


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Conclusion on dailytrustss review

Before I conclude this dailytrustss review I want to give you my advice if you are a beginner to online money making.


If you have not made any money online before click here to know the reasons why you’re not making money online


Depending on investment platforms and income programs is the worst way of making money online.


I am telling you from an expert’s experience.


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