After reading this article, you will start making nothing less than N1500 daily online if you implement. Get ready to discover websites that pay you a lot of money and you can make up to 5000 Naira daily.


This article is strictly for Africans who are in need of a legit paying site to earn online with their smartphones or laptops. 


Wherever you live be it Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, etc. You will greatly benefit from today’s blog post.


When a beginner starts making research on google on how they can start earning money online, they ask questions like:


 Real sites to make money online in Africa, best sites to make money online for free, easy legit sites to make money in Nigeria online, sites to make money online instantly in Africa and many others.


There are many sites that claim to help you make money online from home but the truth is that a lot of them are scams.


Hence, I have done my research and after my thorough research I have come up with the real sites to make money online in Africa for free.


These sites can help you make money even if you are broke. As long as you have an internet connected device and a mindset of making money you are good to go.


The sites I will be revealing to you are sites to make money online instantly in Africa that people are not really talking about.


I call them my secret sites to earn real money to your bank account instantly.


If this is your first time visiting this blog, we are happy to welcome you warmly to the online space where teaching you how to make money online from home and become financially free is our goal.


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Easy legit sites to make money in nigeria online

There are sites that make it very easy to earn money online that most people are still not aware of until now.


You are very lucky to find this site because you are here.


Below are my top websites that pay you instantly for free

In this list I will be moving from the least to the greatest. The last site on the list will pay you in dollars.


However, the least on the list below can pay you up to 1k daily and the second to the greatest can pay you 5k daily.


And the number 4 on the list which is my number 1 recommended earning platform can earn you up to $10 daily.


For Nigerians and other Africans, I strongly recommend the third platform for you to start with.


If you are someone that is very determined and knows how to multitask, you can register on the 4 sites at once and work on all of them daily.


This is gonna be very stressful and I don’t recommend it but if you can do it, you can multiply your earnings times 4.


If you can’t, you can still make at least 30k in a month with the least of these sites.


    Websites that pay you a lot of money


Just like the name sounds, in this site you work for the naira, and you can make from 1k to 3k daily with this single site.


The site is a freelancing site based in Nigeria that connects employers with workers like me and you.


The site provides you with simple tasks to perform and get paid directly to your bank account.


The minimum payout is 2000 Naira as of the time this article was written and it is 100% free to join.


Click here now to learn more on how to earn daily with this site.


The most incredible thing about this site is that it is very unique when it comes to their minimum payout.


Most platforms place their minimum payout at 5000 Naira, in the case of payroute you can withdraw your money directly to your bank account when it is up to 200 Naira.


And is completely free to sign up.

Freebyz earnings

This site is so magnificent, you are so lucky to know about this site today because you are about to change your financial crisis by working on this site daily.


You can make up to 5k daily working on this site, the more hard working you are the more you are gonna earn on this site.


And you are not required to pay a dime for registration.


Just click on this link to learn more on how to make from 80k to 100k monthly in Africa with this single site.



If you are a fan of this blog you might have heard me make mention of this site frequently in articles.


That’s because I have personally made more money on this site than any other site mentioned here.


If you haven’t made your first $1 online before, why not join this site now, it works worldwide and you can join for free at home.


Click here now to read my sprout gigs review now.


Conclusion on websites that pay you a lot of money.

In summary, I have listed my secret sites that I have been using to make a lot of money online.


There is no excuse for you not making money online because all the sites mentioned above were carefully selected and I didn’t include any one that requires you to pay money before you can join.


If after reading this article you are still finding it difficult to make money from the internet.


Then I must tell you to your face that online money-making is not for you, just go and find something else to do with your time.


Why am saying this is that the above mentioned sites are a no-fail method of making money online in Africa or anywhere in the world.


So I have done my part to show you these sites and it is up to you to decide how much money you want to be making from these sites daily.


The truth is that you can make an unlimited amount of money by working on these sites.


The only limitation you have is the ones you put out , ok?


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Good luck guys.


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Let’s go.


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