Have you been looking  for a flexible and reliable transcription job platform? Or are you an employer in need of efficient transcription services? In this Daily Transcription review(Aka dailytranscription.com review), you will be exposed to the whole truth I discovered about this website. 


Do not make an attempt to join dailytranscription.com without reading this review in full to know the benefits, drawbacks, and features of this site from both the worker and employer perspectives.


At the end of this Daily Transcription review you should be able to make an informed decision about whether it’s the right fit for your transcription needs.”


As a worker in the US, Canada or UK looking for a good site to make money online from your Transcription skill, you need to check out if you can make real money from this site or consider its alternative.


Nothing is more fun than making money online from the comfort of your home, getting paid per hour for your skill and working flexible hours.


There are many sites that claim you can make money with them by doing several things like reading emails, filling surveys, playing games, watching videos, doing data entry jobs, transcribing and translating.

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As we all know not all sites are real, many of them turn out to be scam and some might not just favor your needs due to their features or payment rates.


Hence, I have painstakingly, out of passion for you to Make Money Online, come up to explain in detail this site known as dailytranscription.com so that you will know if you can work for them or not.


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What is Daily Transcription all about?What is Daily Transcription all about?

Daily Transcription is a freelancing site that offers transcribing and translation jobs from different companies and individuals to their freelancers.


On this site you can get professional transcribers and translators to deliver your Transcription and translation jobs at a very unique quality.


To work on this site as a freelancer you need to be very good at what you do as the site does not accept beginners.


People who do not have Transcription skill or any prior Transcription experience but are interested in getting employed can take a course on the site to equip themselves with the skill required to make money on this platform.


Note that the course is a paid course but is worth it because you can always get back your money if you complete the course and start working on the site for clients and getting paid per hour.

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How does Daily Transcription work?

The way dailytranscription.com works is straightforward and all you need to do is to visit their official website and scroll down to the bottom where it says “become a freelancer”.

How does daily Transcription work

Click on it, it will take you to a new page where you can get started as a freelancer on this site. On this page, you will see many Daily Transcription jobs to apply to.


Jobs from many companies and individuals will be displayed, all you have to do is to apply on the one you feel you can do and you have the skills it takes to get it done.


The amount of money you will be paid hourly will be displayed in the page as seen below in the image.Daily Transcription payment rate

Daily Transcription jobs

The site, Daily Transcription, offers a variety of jobs like captioning jobs, typing, translation and transcription jobs.


You can apply to any job you are interested in but always make sure you have the skill it takes to do it.Daily Transcription jobsDailytranscription.com jobs

Requirements to work with Daily Transcription

The screenshot below shows all the requirements to work with Dailytranscription.com

Requirements to work on dailytranscription.com

How to pass daily Transcription test

While applying for a job on the page we discussed earlier, you will be asked some questions in the application form.


After submitting the form, you will send some questions to your email.


Those questions are what is known as the daily Transcription test, your ability to pass them will increase your eligibility for the job.


So to pass you must familiarize yourself with terms and vocabularies that have to do with transcribing or translation.


By doing this you can increase your chances of getting correct answers.


Don’t be afraid, the questions can be very easy, you can even cheat them by searching the answers on google on another tab of your browser. (Hey don’t let them know I said this 😁😁)


How can you make money with Daily Transcription?

To make money with Daily Transcription you need to be skilled in typing, accuracy, a native of English, active listening, and other related skills.


These skills will be very much required to transcribe audios, and caption videos on this website.Skills needed to work on DailyTranscription.com

Do Daily Transcription pay

It is not a surprise that there are sites that claim to pay people for their services or tasks done on their platform but end up not paying.


Most of the sites that do this are rich quick sites, most especially if they are new with no sign of credibility.


In the case of Daily Transcription, they have been in this business since 2005. 


That’s a very long time, they have been paying as well since then.

Does dailytranscription.com pay well?

I can’t really say if they pay well or not. The reason I am saying this is that different people have their own definition of “paying well”.


However, you can get paid from $50 to $150 per hour of material.


If that is “well” for you, then you can consider getting the rest of the information about this site first before going for them.

Is daily Transcription safe?

The site, based on my research, is considered to be safe to make money online from home.


However, you can do more research about how safe they are if you are still in doubt. 

Is Daily Transcription legit or scam

A site is said to be a legit site if they have been able to do what they say they offer.


Any site that does not fulfill its earning promise is likely to be a scam.


So to answer this question, Daily Transcription is a legit site and has been working for more than 18 years now and there is a very low to zero probability that the site will crash in the future after existing for that long with consistency.

Is Daily Transcription real or fake?

Dailytranscription.com is a real freelancing site for transcribers. 

What are the payment methods for dailyTranscription.com?

You get paid weekly, via PayPal, check or bank transfer.


If you’re in the US or Canada, you get paid via check to your postal email. The downside with this is that it may take a while to get to you.


For other countries, you can select a bank or PayPal.

Daily Transcription minimum payout

There is nothing like minimum payout on Daily Transcription.


You will get paid at the end of the week what you earn for that week.

Do dailyTranscription.com work worldwide?

If you are in Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, or any other third tier country, I am sad to announce that DailyTranscription.com does not accept you guys for the reasons best known to them.


Maybe they need native English speakers, whatever might be their reasons, I don’t know.


They only accept the United States, United kingdom, Canada, New Zealand etc.

Can you make money with your phone using dailytranscription.com

As much as you can log in your dashboard using your mobile phone to check the availability of tasks.


You cannot work with your phone on this site because of the inability of your phone screen to adapt to the navigation of the site.


It is recommended to use a laptop or a desktop while transcribing on the Daily Transcription website.


Is Daily Transcription good to get transcribers to do your job?

If you are an employer who is looking for quality Transcription jobs, the site is cool for you because only professionals with at least 2 years of experience are allowed to do tasks for you.


Daily Transcription sign up and login

Visit this link to sign or login to your existing account on dailytranscription.com

Conclusion on Daily Transcription review

In summary, Daily Transcription provides transcription job opportunities with flexibility and dependability for workers, and delivers accurate and efficient transcription services for employers. 


Whether you are seeking a transcription job or require transcription services, Daily Transcription could be a suitable choice for your needs.


I have carefully addressed some of the information you need to know about Daily Transcription and I am sure by now you are now fully informed enough to make a decision.


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