It is incontestable that everyone wants the easiest way to make money online. Many are looking for a way to earn money doing what they love like playing games, watching YouTube videos, listening to music etc.


Out of this high demand and extreme desire to make money online the lazy way, many fake apps that promise to help make money online doing things like walking, reading, listening to music etc, have emerged from different angles of the net.


Majority of these apps are taking advantage of people’s desire to make money online to create a passive income business for themselves where they benefit and others are taken advantage of.


Although, every app may not be fake, that’s why you must read reviews online to find out the legitimacy of any make money app you come across on the internet. 


Due to many people’s query of how legit the BUBBLE BURST MAKE MONEY APP is we have decided to checkout the app and write down our honest bubble burst review.


You should be able to know at the end of this review if bubble burst by WINR is worth it.


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What is bubble burst – make money app?

Bubble burst review

Bubble burst is one of the make money online apps owned by WINR with 3.9 rating on google play store from 28 thousand people.


Their App claims that people can make hundreds of dollars by playing games.


The ultimate purpose of this bubble burst review is to let you know if they are honest and legitimate or not. review, how to earn N1000 daily online.

How does burble burst app work?

Like I explained earlier, the whole idea of making money online with bubble burst make money app is via playing the bubble game.


You will be earning points based on how successful you are in passing from one level to another.


Each win you accumulate points which can be converted to money and 10000 points is equivalent to $10 which is the minimum payout.

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Bubble Burst gameBubble burst game

The bubble burst game is a very addictive mobile game that requires you to shoot a bubble to hit others with similar color.


You can download the game to get a glimpse of how it is played from your apple or google app store.

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Bubble burst withdrawalBubble burst withdrawal

The minimum payout is $10 and you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account once you have met the withdrawal point.

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Does Bubble Burst make money free?

The bubble burst make money app is free with no in-app purchases. Making money with the app is free and requires no registration fee.

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Does bubble burst pay real money?

Bubble burst make money app

If you ask me if bubble burst pays real money then I will simply reply with capital NO.


Here are my findings while checking on this app to clarify if they are real or not.


Normally I am not a fan of such games but I tried it out to see if they really pay but to my disappointment, after playing the game to a certain level I got stuck.


Passing the level was very difficult, I played the game for almost two months hoping to reach the minimum payout but I didn’t.


It was then I realized that bubble burst make money app is another fake make money app on google play store.


Bubble burst app will never pay you real money for playing games so if making money online playing games is your intention then this app is not worth it.

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Check out other people’s complain

Bubble burst real or fake


But don’t worry, I have two sites that can pay you hundreds of dollars doing simple tasks.


I will be dropping the link to the full tutorials on how the sites work at the end of this article.

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Does Bubble burst make money in nigeria

For our Nigerian audience, I am sorry, bubble burst cannot make money in Nigeria.


You can only play the game for fun.

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Bubble burst make money app download

You can search for the keyword bubble burst to find the game on google play store and download it.

So is Bubble Burst real or Fake

If they promise people that they can make money playing games on their app and on the contrary it turns out to be lies.


Then we have the right to label bubble burst app as fake for not fulfilling its promise.

Conclusion on Bubble Burst review

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