Almost every affiliate program I intend to join, they are all asking me for my website URL. Do I need a blog to do affiliate marketing?


This is exactly the question that many people are looking for a comprehensive and detailed answer on.


If you’re interested to know the answer as well, you will have to follow me up in this blog post religiously without skimming through any point to avoid skipping an important detail that can be of great help to you.


I was once in your shoes, I know how it feels to get rejected from an affiliate program just because you don’t have a website.


We know that a blog can give you a more added advantage when it comes to doing affiliate marketing business.


Can we do away with owning a blog and be successful with affiliate marketing? 


This post will do justice to this question in detail and you will get to know if owning a website is compulsory for affiliate marketing.


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Can I start affiliate marketing without an audience?Do I need a blog to do affiliate marketing?

If you’re interested in starting affiliate marketing but you don’t have any audience that you can promote your affiliate links to.


You can start from scratch by building a new blog, YouTube channel, or any other social media page you can play around with their algorithm and grow to hero.


It is quite possible to start affiliate marketing without having any audience.


Infact, over 80% of top affiliate marketers started their affiliate marketing business without an audience from scratch and later grew to a huge audience.


You can also take advantage of forums like Quora and Nairaland with an already established audience and promote your affiliate links there.


I wrote a detailed article on this, you can check it out here.


Do I really need a website to make money from affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate marketer, it is obvious that you need to have a website or a blog for many beneficial reasons.


But the truth is that there are many ways you can make huge income from affiliate marketing without having a website.


Having a website is not a necessity to making money with affiliate marketing but can be more advantageous.


Let me take you through the difference between doing affiliate marketing with a website and without a website


Advantages of Affiliate marketing without a website affiliate marketing without an audience

Low budget:

Starting affiliate marketing without a website does not require you to spend extra bucks on website creation, yearly hosting, paying for domain names, and paying for SEO optimized content.


Thus, you can save a lot of money and invest it on other aspects of your business to foster rapid growth.


You are free to utilize any platform you believe you are very good at understanding its algorithm.


Easy to start:

Since you do not need to waste much time on starting your website from scratch, you can start promoting your affiliate products on different social media platforms, groups/forums and other content creation sites.


Disadvantages of Affiliate marketing without a website

Trust issue:

Owning your blog can boost your credibility and trust compared to using platforms owned by third party platforms.

Fear of policy violation:

Many  platforms can deal with you anytime you mess with their policy and you could be out of business and lose.


Moreso, you can cease to exist if anything happens that causes the platform to go out of business.


I can remember when I was a content writer on a site known as Lodpress, back then I was making a couple of dollars until the platform was down and I lost everything.


Had it meant I never had this blog, that would have been the end of my content marketing business.



Many social media platforms have their limitations you must align to if you must do business on their platform.


Like, you can’t share links, if you do they will drastically reduce your visibility to nothing.


Also,, you are not allowed to put links anyhow on your posts or content else they will delete your content in no time without your consent.


Contrary to owning your blog where you can do anything that pleases you and nobody is gonna give you any crappy rules or limitations.


Advantages of affiliate marketing with a blog

Full control and authority:

You can do anything you wish to on your blog as you have the full right to brand it the way you love.


Ability to create landing pages:

You can never do this with other social media platforms or forums as they can’t allow you to do it.


Owning an affiliate marketing website can allow you to create a beautiful landing page to boost the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing business.

SEO to increase visibility:

It is not easy to optimize for SEO using platforms like Facebook and other social media platforms.


In the case of customized wordpress blogs with plugins you can position your affiliate links in the face of thousands of searches on google, bing and other top search engines.

Email marketing:

With the help of a blog, you can capture numerous leads for your email marketing campaign.

Affiliate links:

I said earlier that most social media platforms do not allow free posting of links.


Many platforms will penalize you for posting links.


One of the advantages you have with an affiliate marketing blog is that you can post any link you like to without anybody questioning you.

Disadvantages of Affiliate marketing with a blog

Initial investment:

Starting a website from scratch is often associated with some expenses like web development, design, paying for a domain name and hosting and many others.

Stressful Setup process:

If you wanna take responsibility to do some of the tasks on your own this can be a very stressful experience to set up a well responsive blog with appealing looks.


Taking advantage of Social media platforms and forums like Facebook or Quora requires zero maintenance.


In the case of owning a website you must pay attention to technical issues of your blog like plugin updates, SEO issues etc.


Conclusion on “Do I need a blog to do affiliate marketing?”

In conclusion, you can start affiliate marketing without a website and this can be a quick process into the business.


However, having a blog/website can give you more long term benefit, greater marketing opportunities (like landing pages, email marketing etc,) full control to your business, authority and credibility on your niche, with some other advantages.


It is recommended that you implement both ways for bigger wins in your affiliate marketing business.


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