What if I tell you of a site that is willing to pay you in naira or dollars based on your preference daily just for pressing your phone to do different simple tasks on the site?

What if I show you a secret site that promises to make you money from home? Welcome to my freebyz review where I will take you through an honest freebyz.com review and at the end of this review, you will be able to know if this site is legit or not.

You will also get answers to the following queries as well, what is freebyz.com all about, how does freebyz work, how to make money on freebyz, freebyz referral program, freebyz minimum payment, and lots more.

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What is freebyz.com all about?

With the intro above I think by now you should have already had a clue of what freebyz.com is all about.

The site is a microtasking platform that pays its members to complete certain tasks which I will be discussing in this freebyz review in a while as we continue.

Keep on reading and don’t try to skip any part of this freebyz.com review because if you do, you will surely miss very important details that may be of great value to you while using the site to make money online.

So relax, follow me softly and gently while I reveal my experience with this site to you so that you won’t have a problem when you are trying to create your account and start making money online with it.

How does Freebyz work?

Just like how most micro-tasking sites work, it is constantly updated with different social media tasks time by time.

Workers who are looking to make money online like you and me are to work on these numerous tasks and get paid.

Like I said earlier, we may choose to get paid in Naira or dollars depending on our choice.

What differentiates this platform a bit from other earnings sites out there is that they have a lot of available tasks and as a result of that, there is a lot of money to be made compared to other sites.


How to make money on Freebyz

There are two ways one can earn with freebyz.com which include completing tasks and a referral program.

Different tasks on freebyz.com

As I promised above to explain the different kinds of tasks you will likely be doing on Freebyz, below are examples of some social media tasks you will be doing.

  1. Joining whatsapp group: you will get paid just to join whatsapp group of different people in the site.
  2. Facebook like: for each Facebook like you will get paid a certain amount of money for the tasks. This is the best time you should stop liking people’s post on Facebook for free. Why not join this site today and start getting paid for your Facebook likes.
  3. Instagram follow: isnt it amazing to exchange your instagram follow with some cash? On this site, get ready to follow numerous people and get paid lot of money.
  4. Watching videos: just as fun as it sounds, you can get paid to watch people’s Youtube videos, and subscribe.
  5. Login bonus: each time you login to your account on Freebyz, you will earn some bonus, usually 50, sometimes 100. If you can accumulate these bonus to reach atleast 1000 points, you can convert it to N50.
  6. And survey etc.

Freebyz referral program

Another way to make money online from home with freebyz is by inviting your friends and family members to join you in earning on this platform.

You can make as much as N500 for each person you refer using your unique referral link.

Guest what guys, you can make a whooping N55000 just for referring 100 verified users to freebyz.com.

This is so crazy guys, this site will make you your easiest N55k online just by spreading the news.

Freebyz referral program

And if you can refer just 1000 verified users to this site, you will be earning nothing less than N510,000 asap.

If you check the screenshot above very well you will discover that they are only going to pay you only for verified users only.

Meaning if you refer a user and is not verified, you won’t be paid.

You must be a verified user as well.

So now the question that is probably going through your mind now is how is a user verified on Freebyz.com?

Freebyz.com member verification

Joining freebyz.com is free and but you need to get verified with the sun of 1050 Naira before you can be allowed to do their tasks.

And verification is once for a lifetime.

There are certain benefits you will be limited to if you are not a verified member of Freebyz.com

How to verify your Freebyz account

To become fully verified, you will have to pay a one-time fee of N1050 and you will have access to your full benefits.

To me, I must tell you the truth this platform is amazing and is worth even more than the N1050 because you have the opportunity to earn an unlimited amount of money with just the N1050 you paid to get verified.

The verification fee you are paying is not even enough to keep the site running.

It is just a way of reducing the number of unserious people on the platform so that the platform does not get populated with people who aren’t serious about making money online.

I hope you get the point now, people don’t value free things that’s why the verification fee is attached and is made affordable.


Minimum payout

On average it won’t take you up to 3 days before you can earn more than the minimum payout which is N2000.

Is freebyz.com legit?

This is where it gets more interesting to some of us, From the tone I have been using so far from the beginning of this Freebyz review you should be able to deduce that this platform is legit.

In fact, it is my second best recommended platform to make fast money online for beginners without investment and experience.

Freebyz register and login link

You can’t afford to miss the opportunity to make money online from home using your internet-connected device with this site.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to create a successful account on this site.

To sign up on Freebyz, click on this link now.

You will be taken to a page like this below.


Click on the three lines at the top right corner and select Register now

Freebyz.com Menu

You will be taken to the official sign-up page where you will be registering by putting in your accurate details.

You can check below to have a clue of what you will be asked to fill which includes your name, email address, phone number, password settings, etc.

Freebyz.com registration

After inputting that info you can click on the register button to sign up.

You will be taken to a new page where you have to fill out a short and simple survey that won’t take 1 minute of your time.


Freebyz.com login

After taking the survey you will be taken to the page that’s similar to the one in the photo below.

What you will do now is click on Home to be taken to your dashboard.

Your new Freebyz account dashboard will look exactly like the one in the screenshot below.

This is the place where you can click on jobs to start working to earn, post a campaign to start paying people to like your post engage with your post on social media, wallet to see how much you have made so far, and also place a withdrawal to your local bank, login points, talk to us, where you can lay any complain about any issue you have on the site and they will respond to you quickly.

Freebyz dashboard

On reaching this point, you have successfully created an account with Freebyz.com and are on your way to making nothing less than N1000 daily or more.

Imagine you earning N3,000 daily with this site, which will be N90K in a single month with just your smartphone.

Or let’s say you are not that active and serious, you can earn N1,000 daily which will results in N30,000 in a month.

Is up to you to choose how much you wanna earn in a day.

This is the easiest money you can make online as a beginner without any skill or experience.

At the same time fun as most of these tasks are social media tasks we do daily for free without getting paid for them.

After the successful creation of your account on Freebyz.com, there is one more important thing you need to do.

Can you guess what’s next?

Verification of your account, there are two ways to do this, either you deposit N1050 from your bank as you can see below to make the payment

Freebyz verification


Or you can choose to refer people first to the platform, When you have made up to N1050 you can make the payment to them from your earnings.

Those are the two ways you can get verified on Freebyz.com.

When that is done, you are fully a verified member with unlimited benefits to earning thousands of Cash with this site

Pros and cons

Based on my experience with this platform so far here are the advantages you will be having on this site.


  1. Ability to use your smartphone as an asset to earn over N30K a month (minimum).
  2. You will get paid for the things you do on social media for free.


You will have to work to get the money and submit proofs as directed by the instructions given.


How much can I earn daily with Freebyz?

The amount of money you can make a day on Freebyz fully depends on you. However, you can earn from N500 to N3,000 daily on this site.

You can make ten times more than this if you also utilize their referral program.

Is freebyz.com still paying?

Sure, they are still paying. I will update you guys if anything goes wrong with this site in the future.

But I can boldly assure you that this site is not likely to crash even In the next 10 years to come.

Freebyz Alternatives

Freebyz.com has many alternatives but the one I can recommend now is Nairaworkers

Is freebyz.com available worldwide?

Yes, as of the the time of this freebyz.com review, people from any location can participate.


Conclusion on Freebyz review

You have successfully made it to the end of my Freebyz review.

I so much believe that you have gotten some value from this post.

Why not share this post with your friends on social media as well for them to also benefit.




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