I will be teaching you the top 8 Best places to post referral links that are guaranteed to earn you unlimited referral commissions.


If you have ever tried to make money online with any earning site or income program you might have known about referral programs.


Sites like survey sites, Get-paid-to sites, and other earning sites have a rewarding way of appreciating users for referring new members.


Some Referral programs pay you in cash while some pay in percentage, for instance, you can get paid by a particular site an amount of $2 for each person you refer to join.


While other sites can pay you 5% of what your referrals are earning.


Anyhow the reward may be, it is crucial to note that knowing how to refer to an unlimited number of users can make you damn rich.


This is another form of affiliate marketing.


Many newbies online have been struggling to make money online because they are not good with referral marketing.


I remember when I was unable to make a dime online back then because nobody was willing to sign up via my referral link.


If at all you are having the same issue I had, then don’t worry, you have finally landed on the solution to your problem.


After passing through this blog post, you will no longer struggle to make money referring people on any earning site.


I know you are so curious to know these sites, I can’t wait to spill them out to you as well but before I do that.


Let me let you know who I am and what I do in the online space.


My name is Ima-Abasi Sunday, I am an internet marketer, and an online business coach.


My inspiration to help beginners to start a profitable online business and make money online came from the failures I had when I started online business recently.


These failures were as a result of me not knowing what to do. I understand that there are thousands of beginners with the interest to earn online.


But they don’t have the secrets to ace through the world of online business.


I create content exposing the deep secrets of making real money online.


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As a member of our telegram community, you will be able to get access to premium content like ebooks, courses and other materials that will help you make easy money online.


With that said let’s continue.


8 Best places to post referral links that never failsBest places to post referral links

In no particular order, these are the top best places you can post your referral links and get a lot of people to sign up through them.



This is a secret site that allows you to share your referral links and there are thousands of users on this site that are ready to use your referral link.

Tiktok:How to use tiktok to share referral links

Did you know you can get a lot of referrals from posting educational videos about the site you are promoting.


If you have not been using Tiktok for promoting your referral links, it is high time you started using Tiktok for your referral marketing.

Blogs:Owning a blog can earn you money with referral links

Having a blog can make your referral marketing very easy, especially if you have a lot of traffic.


You can reach out to blogs and request for their permission to allow you post your referral links if you don’t have one.


Be Careful not to spam people’s blogs while doing this.


Pejoweb is a content writing platform where many creators can post on any topic you wish to.


There are many active people on this site who may be very interested to join any legit sites that they can make money with.


All you have to do is to create tutorials on how they can make money with that site and input in your referral link.


They will naturally join and you get paid your commission.


I love this platform like crazy because of how converting their traffic is. In case you don’t know, Quora is a question and answer forum.


Millions of questions are being asked on this site on a daily basis and you can choose to answer questions on any topic you are knowledgeable about.


Many people ask about how they can make money, sites and apps that are legit and so on.


You can answer questions concerning how to make money online like up to 10 of them.


At the end of each of the answers, you will include your referral link.


By doing this, they will naturally use your referral link as they are interested in joining a legit earning site.

Email advert:

If you have a good number of email lists, this can be a good opportunity to market your referral links to them.


If you don’t have one, you can spend some bucks to get someone with a huge email list to market it for you.

Whatsapp Tv advert:

You can reach out to Whatsapp Tv with huge contacts and pay some bucks to get your referral link promoted.

Facebook groups:How to make money from referral links in Facebook groups

Search for “make money online” groups and join as many as you can. Post about how legit the platform is.


Show proof of how much you are earning from this site to foster trust from these people so they can inbox you to know more about the site you’re promoting.


When they finally inbox, you can then send your referral link to them.

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Conclusion on 8 Best places to post referral links

The above places are considered best because they have been proven by me and my students to be working at all times.


You do not need to make use of all the platforms simultaneously.


You age to choose one or two depending on how much time you have got and focus with it.


Take note that you need some good copywriting skills and consistency to win this game.

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