Nairaworkers is a Nigerian gig posting site & earning site that pays you to complete jobs online. In this Nairaworkers review you will get to learn some important details you may not know about the website.

Some of the details you will be getting include answers to the following queries, is nairaworkers legit, is nairaworkers still paying? nairaworkers alternatives, how to withdraw from nairaworkers, naira workers referral,
how to submit proofs on nairaworkers,
nairaworkers payment,
how to delete naira workers account,
how legit is nairaworkers,
naira worker minimum withdrawal and lots more.

If you have come across this website in question before and you are still not aware of how the site works or you just wanna learn how you can make more money on this website.

This nairaworkers review 2023 will be of great value to you if you must make money on nairaworkers.

And for you to get the best out of this review as we usually state that you need to take away every form of distraction and not skip any part of the article so that you won’t miss any important details.

You can click here to sign up for naira workers.


The article you are about to read is not in any way financial advice and should not be treated as one.

How much money you can make on this website is fully dependent on your application of the strategy taught in this blog post.

You may make lesser or more depending on your input.

Although, we strongly advise that this website cannot help you earn a living depending wholly on it.

The website should only be used as a side income to make you extra cash daily to pay up your bills.

Some links may be affiliate links that may earn you awesome bonuses when using them and probably earn us some little commission with no extra cost to you.

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What is nairaworkers all about?

Nairaworkers is a Nigerian-based freelancing and crowdsourcing site that connects or acts as a mediator between employers online and workers who want to make money online.

Just like sproutgigs(picoworkers) operates they work similarly. You can click here to read our picoworkers review.

This website aimed to provide a platform in Nigeria where people can get paid to do remote jobs online like its alternatives worldwide.

There are over thousands of people from different countries actively making a lot of money on this website.

What is the registration fee for nairaworkers?

What I love so much about this website is that it is 100% free to make money with and am also sure you would love it as well.

Alternatively, many websites like nairaworkers in Nigeria require you to pay a certain amount of money for registration. Some of these websites include owodaily, viraltrend, etc.


also read our owodaily review and viraltrend review.


How nairaworkers works

The website is very simple to understand how it works, as we have said earlier that it connects employees with employers.

You can create an account on the website if you have some gigs you want people to help you with.

Or you can also join the site to make money performing hundreds of gigs.

You can make money operating as a worker or an employer.

For example, you can make money as an employer by paying people little money to signup for a website using your referral link and you keep the profit.

Is nairaworkers legit/genuine

An earning site is said to be legit if it pays or fulfills its promises.

The website has been legit for years even though it is a free earning platform.

How legit is nairaworkers

Their official Facebook page has a 4.0-star rating from 32 reviews and on trust pilot nairaworkers as of the time of this nairaworkers review 2023 has a 4.4-star rating from 195 people.

However, you may complete tasks but some employers may take up to a week or more before they can review your tasks and pay you the money.

That should not be a reason for alarm provided you have done the tasks successfully anytime the employer reviews the tasks you will get paid your money, your cash will only be pending its review.

You can also report any employer you feel like they have cheated you by not paying you your money after performing the task, but be sure of yourself before taking such actions.

Is still paying in 2023

The short answer is yes, the website is still paying its members.

People are still making money online with the website.

Nairaworkers payment options, how to withdraw.

This site gives you an option of making money directly to your bank account in Nigeria, to withdraw your earnings to the bank account you need to, first of all, provide them with your bank details in the account section of your dashboard.

After that is done, you can withdraw your money provided you have reached the minimum withdrawal by going to your wallet in your dashboard payment withdrawal

Then the next thing will be for you to click on withdraw your earnings as you can see below.

Nairaworkers withdrawal

And your money will be processed and paid to you on Friday.


What is’s minimum withdrawal?

The minimum amount you can cash out on is #1999 which can be approximated to #2000 naira.

Most similar platforms use 5k as their minimum payout but in the case of naira workers is very different.

As low as 2k you can get your cash out asap.

How to deposit on

Click on the wallet on the dashboard and you will see an option to withdraw and also deposit.

Choose deposit and you will be able to select the method of payment you want to use in depositing money to your account.

Nairaworkers app

If you don’t wanna use their site you can also visit the Google play store to search for their app.

You will find their official app that will help you make money faster with your smartphone.

How to make 5k daily on

There are three main ways to earn money on this awesome site. They include the following

  • By completing tasks
  • By posting gigs
  • And by referral marketing.

I will be explaining the three ways you can make money on nairaworkers in this nairaworkers review.

How to complete tasks successfully on naira workers.

This is the first way of making money on nairaworkers and is as simple as ABC. You can make more than 5k daily with only this method because there are hundreds of tasks to be done.

These tasks pay a decent amount as you can see below in the screenshot I took.

Nairaworkers tasks

The tasks are so simple to do as you can see above, you can get paid to signup to opay, sign up for the US mining cloud, share WhatsApp group class links, Facebook youtube subscriptions and so much more.

All these tasks are simple things we do daily online for free so why not get paid to do it on nairaworkers for free?

The amount you can earn is unlimited because tasks are regularly updated on this platform.

But you need to take your time to do those jobs and provide your proof so that you get paid.

How to do tasks successfully and submit proofs on

Let me take you through how to perform tasks and submit proofs successfully on nairaworkers.

On your dashboard, you will have the option of choosing high-paying jobs or the most recent jobs.

Naira workers

If you choose to perform random tasks showing up, keep in mind that high-paying tasks require a longer time to perform task.

Let’s pick any random tasks from the screenshot of our dashboard earlier.

For example, we choose the WhatsApp TV task by clicking on it.

On clicking on the task it will take us to the page below where we will be seeing what is expected of us by the employer is that we can get paid after performing it successfully.

Always take this instruction very important.

How to submit proofs on nairaworkers

From the photo above, what is expected from us is to message the employer on WhatsApp via the link given.

The employer will then send us the link to the video he/she wants us to promote on our WhatsApp TV(for those who have a WhatsApp tv).

We promote it and get paid as easily as that.

If you do not have up to 50 contacts on your WhatsApp status, you are not allowed to carry on this particular task.

When you might have done the task, you need to show proof that the task was done. If you check the screenshot below, the employer wants us to provide two proofs which are displayed below.


When you scroll down you will see a box where you will put in your screenshot and written proofs.

Every other task is just as simple as this, all you need is to follow up the employer’s instructions to do tasks successfully.

How to make money posting jobs on

I discussed earlier in this nairaworkers review that one of the ways of making money on naira workers is by posting tasks.

You might probably find any money-making website that pays a cool amount of commission per referral.

If you can deposit some amount of money into your naira workers account and use it to pay thousands of people to sign via your referral links.

For example, a site may pay you #500 naira per referral, and you can choose to pay people #50 or #100 each to sign up using your referral link.

If you are paying #100 naira each you will get a profit of #400 naira.

If you multiply #500 naira by at least 20 people that will make you 10 thousand naira with a profit of 8 thousand naira.

Isn’t that amazing? You can now know how much employers are making on this website.

Do not forget to check out our nairaworkers alternatives.

You can use the support option in your naira workers account to learn more about posting different kinds of jobs.

How to make money on nairaworkers with referrals.

For each person that signs up via your referral link will earn you 5% of whatever money they made on the site.

If you can refer hundreds of people that’s a lot more passive income stream for you.

Check out this video to learn how to get thousands of referrals to your link.

Nairaworkers sign up and referral code

After reading this amazing nairaworkers review you might be interested to join the platform and start making your own money online with your smartphone or a laptop.

To sign up you must click on this link

And fill in your details to sign up.

Using my referral link to sign up will earn you cool bonuses.

And is also another way of telling me “thank you” for making this detailed nairaworkers review for you to earn.

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Nairaworkers alternatives

Some other websites work similarly like naira workers. They include.


Owodaily is another freelancing and digital marketing platform that is Nigerian-based however, they require a registration of 3 thousand naira for you to be their member and start earning from their website.

You can check out their full review by clicking here.

This is a website that can be used to make money by doing social media tasks which include getting paid for Instagram and Facebook engagement.

Please read out the full viraltrend review here.

Viraltrend is not also totally free.


Sproutgigs which is formerly known as picoworkers is a global freelancing and micro-tasking site like naira workers in Nigeria.

They share almost the same features and is totally free to sign up and make money.

You can read the full review here to learn how to make $10 daily with sproutgigs.

Another site that operates only in Nigeria just like nairaworkers.

You will have to make money by doing tasks for free on this site.

You can click here to visit their official site and learn more about them.

Conclusion on Nairaworkers review 2023

You have seen above all the necessary information you need to get about this earning site.

Based on the information you can now be guided if to join the platform or not.

If I were you, I would join the platform as fast as possible to make my money asap.

Do not leave any money on the table.

Although, you are in your position to make your choice to join or not.

Thanks for reading our nairaworkers review 2023 and we hope that this article is of great value to you.

Please do not hesitate to drop us a comment if you have any questions.

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