Do you know how to earn money in line  with google for students without any investment? As a young person have you ever thought of how to Make Money Online with google for free?

Weather you are searching for how to make money with google in india or the US, irrespective of where you are this blog post is for you.

Many people are struggling unnecessarily while the solution to their financial struggles is GOOGLE.

Many sees google as just an ordinary search engine to find answers to their queries but lacks the knowledge of how this giant company can change their life forever.

Many people are earning thousands of dollars online with google for free without any investment on a daily basis.

It is high time you stopped asking google questions like “google please help me, I need to make money urgently and start putting your brain to utilize how you can take advantage to become wealthy using Google.

The truth is that is not google that will help you but you are the one responsible to help yourself make that money you need.

If you have made that decision to help yourself then am fully ready to expose to you the secrets on how to earn money online with google for students.How to earn money with Google for students

What is Google?

Like many people know, google is a search engine but not just about being the number 1 search engine in the world but a very huge brand name with hundreds of businesses, services, and products to his name.

Google owns your chrome browser, the android company, the bard AI tool, google cloud, google play store, YouTube, google assistant, màps, google news, adsense, Admob

Of all these top big companies owned by Google there are huge Google online income opportunities for students and young people to take advantage of.

Ways on how to make money online with google for free without any investment

Here are a list of ways on how to make money online with google for free:

  1. Google adsense
  2. Google opinion reward
  3. Google certification
  4. Google translate
  5. Google bard AI
  6. Google maps
  7. Google news
  8. Google ads
  9. Blogger
  10. Google site
  11. YouTube
  12. Google Admob eetc.

I will be explaining more on each of these earning methods on how to make money online with google for free without any investment.

Powerful working ways on How to earn money online with google for students

Generally, students have a lot of need for money probably to pay up bills, buy text books, pay school fees, rent, feeding and so on.

As a student, you can’t depend on your parents to provide all these needs.

Sometimes, due to arising needs like these may lead to depression, anxiety and loss of hope.

Why put your self through all these stress and depression when the internet is there to make money-making easier.

Is time to stop that anxiety that won’t solve your problem and focus on the real deal and that’s using GOOGLE to make money online from home or anywhere in the world.

The following are ways that explains how to make money online with google for free without any investment.

Although, I will be telling you my top three ways that is very easy and you can start right away.

Trust me, they are all guaranteed of making you wealthy even though non of them is a get-rich-quick method.


1. How to earn money online with google adsense:

The number 1 way on our list is the famous Google adsense. Some of you may have heard this before, while some people may probably be hearing it for the first time.

Google adsense allows online publishers to make money from their content, what this means is that, as a blogger or website owner you can apply for adsense to make money while they display ads on your site.

To make money with google adsense you need a blog.

These contents below can help you get more information about blogging.

Top 18+ Free blog maker; start your free online blog & make $500 monthly.

How blogs make money, how do bloggers make money from blogs, click to see

Blog ideas that make money and how much do bloggers make.

Smart passive income ideas

If you are interested on How to earn money online with google for students using adsense as a blogger do let me know in the comment or send me an email.

My team and I can help you create a sustainable passive income blog that can start printing you dollars in no time for an affordable fee.

We will also mentor you until you succeed.


2. How to make money online with google certifications

As a student who is interested in cloud computing you can enroll for the google cloud certification course online and make money from the skill.

Google also offers other courses even for free, you can just research your way out.

3. How to make money online with google translate

You can make money as a translator without necessarily having to be multilingual by using Google translate., peopleperhour, Fiverr and Upwork are a few of sites you can offer this service and get paid in dollars.

4. How to make money online with google maps

There various ways you can monetize and leverage your google maps app.

Below are a few

  • Local business listing
  • Delivery service
  • Location based apps
  • Real estate listing
  • Geo-Analytics etc


5. How to make money online with google news

To make money online with google news is still tied to blogging. You can get your blog featured on google news and get lots of traffic to engage with your content.

And you are gonna be making more money as your blog gains more viability.

6. How to earn money online by google ads

This is for those who have high budget to invest in their business. You can run adverts about your business and get customers in nano seconds.

7. How to earn with blogger

Blogger is a free tool created by google for people to get a free hosting for their blog and express their opinions and thoughts.

If you are a beginner with no money to pay for wordpress hosting then starting from here is not a bad idea even though I recommend wordpress hosting.


8. How to earn with google site

Just like blogger above, google site allows you to create a blog for free in matter of seconds.

You can always grow your blog and monetize.

9. How to earn with google search

Students can work as google search engine evaluators to enhance search results’ quality and applicability, making money for their assistance.

10. How to earn with YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel and growing your channel can give you an opportunity via their partnership program.

You can be earning up to $1000 monthly as a YouTube content creator.

Click here to learn content creation .


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