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There are many legit online businesses where people are making thousands of dollars on the internet but what marvels me is that our newbies prefer readymade and fast money.


As a result, they join many income programs being launched every month that promise them lazy money online.


Don’t quote me wrong, I am not against this, but if you’re still utilizing this method, you won’t make lasting money online.


Have been in the online business space for years and I know what I am telling you. Most of these platforms come with mouthwatering income potential but they end up draining people of their money and run away.


This is so sad, although some of them are legit but will end up crashing in three months.


If you must make money online today on the internet, you need to be as smart as your smartphone. Do not join any income program without reading an honest review of it to avoid being scammed.


Out of our deep passion to help you make money online from home without getting scammed, we have painstakingly made a thorough research that most blogs out there will not bother wasting time to do.


But we did this because you are our priority and your success in the online space is our joy.


This is the latest Miscochat Review and we will be answering questions most of you guys are asking like what is Miscochat all about, how does Miscochat work, how can we make money with it, what is their minimum payout, is Miscochat real or fake, is Miscochat still paying and lot more.


Just stick with me to the end of this review and never skip any part of this article to avoid skipping important details that may be of help to you.


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What is Miscochat all about?How does Miscochat work?

Miscochat is a social media earning platform that was launched 18th of March, 2021. 


They claim that the platform was created by a team of well experienced entrepreneurs with the aim of creating a means where their members can learn digital and entrepreneurship skills.


And also earn passive income online easily with their smartphones.


From my experience, everything written above that they claim to be are all lies, hey, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they are not legit, we will know that later as we proceed in this Miscochat Review.


First, they claim to be a platform that teaches digital and entrepreneurship skills, while in reality they pay members to do activities and read articles on their platform.


There is no place on their site where you can learn any of the above mentioned skills. If you have seen such, you can prove me wrong in the comment section.


Second, they claim to enable members to earn passive income online. If you truly know the meaning of passive income, I think you should know that actively reading articles on a site and sharing sponsored posts to your social media accounts is not passive income.


Do not let these guys play around with your brain. 


You are not learning any skill but are only gonna be doing activities you are used to, and get paid.

How does it work?

If you are familiar with sites like the chatmogul, newspay, newsnaira etc.


Then understanding how this site works will be intuitive and straightforward, as they share similar functionalities and earning structure.


Miscochat is a social media platform where you will be paid in naira for everything activities like reading, commenting, daily login, sharing of sponsored posts etc.


I will elaborate more on their earning structure, just follow up with me jejely.

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Who can join miscochat?

Their target audience are mainly young youths with the interest to make money online, people like teens without jobs but have access to a smartphone, students, and people looking for online side hustle.


If you’re among these people then this platform is for you.


But wait, it will be so unwise of you to leave this Miscochat Review right now and go straight up to register.


To avoid surprises that may bring regrets, why not take your time and read this article to the end.

How to make money with Miscochat

Let’s break down the earning structure of this site for you to know how much you can make a day with Miscochat or even a month.


    • Welcome Bonus: you will instantly see a 1200 Naira as your registration bonus, although you can’t withdraw this money instantly like that because it is not up to the minimum payout.
    • Daily logins: as you login everyday to your Miscochat dashboard, you will be rewarded with a 200 Naira bonus. That can amount to 6000 Naira in a month.
  • Whatsapp status sharing: you will get paid 20 Naira for each viral post you share on your whatsapp status.
  • Sponsored post: for every sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline, you will get paid 20 Naira.
  • Reading Articles: do you love getting paid to read? For each post you read you will receive a 20 Naira reward.
  • Sharing of Articles: if you share any Article, you will be rewarded with 20 Naira to your earnings.
    • Commenting: if you drop a comment on any post, you will earn 20 Naira.
  • Referral program: the highest way of earning is via their referral program. You will get paid a commission of 1400 Naira for each fully registered member via your unique referral link.

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Is Registration free?

No, you will be required to pay a registration fee of 2500 Naira before you can fully benefit from what they offer.


Before the registration fee was N2000 but they have added N500 now making it N2500.

Is Miscochat available world-wide?

The platform is open to anyone from anywhere in the world.


But if I may ask, who the hell from the first world countries like the US and Canada will waste the hell of their time on this site earning depreciating Naira?


Miscochat sign up and loginMiscochat registration

To sign up to the site, you can type the url below on your browser:


After that fill the required info as seen below:

Miscochat minimum withdrawal

The minimum payout for referral earners is 5000 Naira. You can’t withdraw below this minimum payout. Withdrawal can be requested any day.


As an activity earner, you will be getting paid monthly when you reach a minimum payout of 15K Naira.


Is Miscochat still paying? You will get to know this very soon. Let’s take the Miscochat Review bit by bit ok?

Payout Method

You can withdraw your money to any bank of your choice.

Who is the founder of this platform?

The founder of Miscochat is not known.

Is Miscochat legit?

Before now, they were legit, but what is happening now, are they still paying?


Their platform is not fully legit as before, they are now operating what we call MLM. Payment proof

There are many payment proofs that prove the authenticity of this platform. Below is one of them:

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Is Miscochat real or fake?

They prove to be registered with the CAC and also showcase their registration certificate on their official website.


Below is their certificate:

Miscochat CAC Certificate

But are they real or fake? Due to many people’s definition of real or fake, I can’t really tell.


But I hope you will have your answer as we keep on revealing them step by step.

Is Miscochat still paying?Miscochat Review

Here is where it gets interesting the most.


The short answer is they are no longer paying for activities like reading posts and commenting.


You will only get paid when you refer up to a certain number of people to the platform before you can get paid.


Pure MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

Is safe?

I can’t tell how safe this site might be to be honest, but you can do your research on this to find out.

Can I get paid without referral?

No, you can’t. 


Before people were able to withdraw without referral but now no more.

Conclusion on Miscochat Review

To round up, we will love to give you a piece of advice.


As you can see we have done justice to this Miscochat Review, and have revealed the vital information you need to know before joining.


We recommend that this site is not worth your time if you want to make real money online.


But if you’re still insisting on joining them, get your 2500 Naira and go ahead.


We only inform and advise, but we do not force decisions on you as you are responsible to make your choices.


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