Getting paid in dollars to work from Nigeria can be a dream of every Nigerian. Now you need to see how to work online and get paid in dollars that works all the time.


One dollar is currently over 1500 Naira and who knows, it may rise higher in the future.


It is a must to make money in dollars here in Nigeria.


Someone once said that the feeling of getting paid in dollars for working in Nigeria without having to travel is sweeter than orgasm.


This is so crazy, I mean, why wouldn’t you feel that crazy when the $100 you make in Nigeria can turn to 150 thousand Naira.


Isn’t that mind-blowing. What if you can make $1000 which is possibly achievable in a year or more?


Whatever is stopping you from not getting paid in dollars this year “I urge you sef no gree for am at all”.


I wanna make it clear that this post is not only Directed to only Nigerians but to all African countries and people wanting to work online and get paid in dollars.


So you need to take anything that may distract your attention from following me through this blog post.


What I will be sharing will impact your financial life.


As usual, I feel like introducing myself to you at this point just in case this may be our first time meeting.


My name is Ima-Abasi Sunday and I am an online business coach whose passion is helping beginners start a profitable online business.


On this blog, we publish valuable content around making money online for beginners. 


If you are interested in making real money online then you need to stay updated with the latest money-making ideas and trends.


Join our telegram community to get notified when we publish new posts and access to a lot of tremendous gifts I have shared on the group for free.


With that said, let us ride on.


5 Best ways to work in nigeria get paid in dollarshow to work online and get paid in dollars anywhere in the world

I have spent years in the online space and I have tried out several things that can make me dollars online.


These 5 ideas are guaranteed to help you start making real Dollars in Nigeria with your internet connection.


And if you need help, you can contact me via the link I will drop at the end of this post to get my book that will reveal to you the secrets of how I am making Dollars on the internet.


Without wasting time, let get started:

Create video content:How to create content and get paid in dollars

Any platform you are conversant with be it YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.


You need to create awesome content around a particular niche or topic you are passionate about.


Grow as much audience as you possibly can and monetize your audience. 


This may be a difficult task to do most especially if you are shy to stand in front of the camera.


You know, I was very shy and I didn’t want to record videos of myself but that did not stop me from making real money in dollars by creating videos on tiktok.


Do you know what I did? I started creating faceless valuable tik tok videos with my smartphone.


I made a goal of posting one video everyday for the next 9 months and guess what?


At the end of the 9 months I was able to create 270 videos that made me over $250 in affiliate sales.


Do you think I would have made such an amount of money if I was afraid of taking that bold step to start my content creation journey?


No, I wouldn’t. You don’t know how much money you are losing by procrastinating what you would have done.


If you are interested in starting content creation then am a dm away to help you make that money online.

Affiliate marketing:

Get paid in dollars with Affiliate marketing

If you have been reading my post on this blog, you will never cease to see me preach about affiliate marketing.


That’s because I know the magic this business model has done in the past and is still doing now and will continue to perform the magic.


You just need to learn the basics of what works. There are many lies people are telling today about making money with affiliate marketing.


No doubt, affiliate marketing is a profitable online business but the truth is that you must have a good audience to make this game easier for you.


Creating an audience on any platform for affiliate marketing is not rocket science. 


Is not something you can’t do, see guys, I was once a beginner to online business and I know how newbies reason.


No matter how you doubt your possibility of succeeding in affiliate marketing, you will still remain where you are.


Making real money online requires a mindset. You need to put in your mind to make the dollars you need, to keep and maintain your body.


However, if you have some bucks to spend you can run adverts on facebook or any social media platform you love to, as this will make you earn in dollars doing affiliate marketing fast.


This is a hack that will help you make real money and succeed in this affiliate marketing.


Let’s assume you have picked a niche on relationships and dating, and you are very good at teaching people how to toast girls, how to make them happy, how to have a happy relationship etc.


My brother and sister, that knowledge you have, millions are looking for it out there, why don’t you start creating content and promoting affiliate links in the description of your videos to premium courses on your subject matter.


The secret here is that, once people see how your free content is valuable, I bet you, they will buy your premium courses and you will make affiliate sales.


That’s how it works. You can contact me to learn more on my book at the end of this post.


Watch video and get paid in dollars:Watching videos to get paid in dollars in Nigeria

Can you watch videos and get paid in dollars?


If you search online about how to make money by watching videos, you will see a lot of fake websites that claim to pay you $1200 daily for watching videos.


All these are lies. I want to tell you the truth, there is no website outside there that will make you rich by watching videos online.


If you wanna know the best way to make money by watching videos then you need to read this post.


Freelancing:How to work online and get paid in dollars Freelancing

Freelancing is offering your services and skills in exchange for money.


Below are steps to take in order to work online in Nigeria and get paid in dollars:


First you need to Sign up on freelancing platforms with low competition. Create accounts on platforms like sproutgigs, Legiit, Freelancers,


These platforms allow you to offer your services to clients worldwide and receive payments in dollars.


The next thing you wanna do is to set up your payment method that will let you receive dollars to your local domiciliary account.


Create a very seducing profile with a perfect portfolio. To get this properly, just look at what the big boys are doing and try to imitate them in your own way without copying them blindly.


Do not forget to include your previous works and clients testimonials on your works.


Bid on projects, browse through available projects you can help with and try to understand the exact pain point or what the client needs to be done.


And communicate to them that you can help them, put their needs first, explain to them why you are the best person to take on his task.


Once you have been given the task, try your possible best to deliver a very high quality service at the fastest time possible. 


Maintain good reputation and reviews while growing.


When you are finally done with the task or project, you can get paid in dollars and withdraw the money to your local domiciliary account.


Always play by the rules and guidelines of the Freelancing platform you are working with.

Writing: amazon, copywriting, blogging, content writing:Best ways to work in nigeria get paid in dollars

Do you have a skill for writing? Gone are the days when writing was just an ordinary skill.


Today, people are making a living writing online, be it blogging, content writing, copywriting, Publishing Amazon kindle books etc.

Conclusion on how to work online and get paid in dollars

Before I draw the curtain for today, I wanna ask you this important question.


Which of the above mentioned ways to work online and get paid in dollars got you interested?


Are you going to go for it and make your dream of getting paid in dollars come true?


If yes click on this link now to get access to my book that will teach you everything I do online to make real money online.


Alternatively, you can read this post to learn how you can start making an unfailing 3000 Naira everyday with a single website using your smartphone.


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