How to get free money in Nigeria for free as wazobet affiliate Are you looking for how to get free money in Nigeria as a student, a teenager, or a stay-at-home mum?  Have you been looking for an idea to make money online working from home? 

Making money online in Nigeria is very simple and easy if you apply the right strategies and ideas.

You are going to make a lot of money online if you will stick to what I will be sharing today with you in this article because there are different great ideas on how to make money online instantly by just applying some secret tactics and ideas.

With this wazobet affiliate tutorial, I will be showing you how you will be making money online in Nigeria without paying money to start.

I will be dividing this article into two, which include,

  1. Applying for wazobet affiliate
  2. Promoting the wazobet betting site

Applying for wazobet affiliate

Wazobet is a betting site in Nigeria with so many attractive features and bonuses that make it very simple to promote.

With these features, you can easily attract people to the site, and in turn, get paid in commissions when your referrals are actively using this site to place their bets daily.

This is what we referred to as passive income, where you get people to sign up on your link once and get paid in passive income for free.


Can we get free money in Nigeria online with this idea, how does this work?

The whole idea of this is that you get people to register on wazobet and you make passive income. 

According to statistics from NCC(Nigeria Communication Commission), 84% of Nigerians have access to mobile phones with internet access.

According to NAN (News Agency Of Nigeria), about 60 million Nigerians between the ages of 18 to 40 years spend up to 1.8 billion naira on sports betting every day with an average investment of 3000 naira daily.

Imagine how huge sports betting is among youth in Nigeria which is a very good explanation that it is very easy to get free money in Nigeria online using this wazobet affiliate strategies. 

In this article, I will show you all the strategies you need to get thousands of people to register on wazobet and make passive income recurring.

How to sign up as a wazobet affiliate 

The first thing you will have to do is to sign up to wazobet affiliate here and get your affiliate link to promote.

And scroll down to the bottom where you will see affiliates. Then you click on it and sign up for their affiliate program.

Wazobet homepage
Wazobet homepage

Get free money in Nigeria with affiliate marketing


Attractive features to use in promoting wazobet as an affiliate.

Like I said earlier, wazobet has a lot of great bonuses and features that are mind-blowing. Here are a few of them I will like to share with you, however, you can make more research on other benefits and features.

  1. With just 50 naira you can place a bet on wazobet. This is so amazing
  2. They have high odds 
  3. Monday free spin
  4. Free spinon your first deposit
  5. Saturday cashback
  6. Wednesday boost
  7. Birthday celebration bonus. You get a bonus each time is your birthday which is cool.
  8. And the greatest of it all is you get a 50 thousand naira welcome bonus on your first deposit.



promoting wazobet site, how to promote wazobet site.

There are so many ways and tactics you can use to promote this site. You can get your family members, friends, and colleagues to sign up and start betting on the site.

Don’t have any friends or family members who are interested in betting? lol, don’t worry.

I am here to help you because all we do on this website is to show you ideas for making money online and you must subscribe below after reading this article to get notified when we post new articles.

Back to the business of the day, which is how to get thousands of people to sign up through your link.

Facebook Group 👥 

This is the first traffic source and is very effective.

There an over millions of very active people on Facebook, and your target is to get people interested in betting, tell them how amazing it is, and every bonus available on wazobet, what makes it stands out from others.

Doing this will get them to register on wazobet to enjoy these benefits and you will get your recurring commissions, which is the best way to get free money in Nigeria online.

When you log in to your Facebook account, there are three methods you can use to get referrals.

The first method is to join as many betting Facebook Groups as possible, I mean join as many as you can, but be careful, while doing so that Facebook will not suspect or restrict you. 

I recommend you join like 15 groups centered around betting in Nigeria, you can find those groups by using your Facebook search bar.

After this, you go ahead to add up new and old members of this group, add many of them to be your friend, also be careful while doing this also. 

When they might have accepted your request, this is a good time to chat with them and get to know each other very well to build some level of trust.

The next step after getting their trust is to ask them friendly questions like how is their sports betting going, and what betting site have they been using to bet. Just try to be normal and natural.

When they might have responded, you tell them that you have been using wazobet for betting elaborating all the benefits of wazobet to them and telling them the need for them to start using wazobet for betting.

This process might be long but in truth, it works like magic. 

Another method is to post on these groups you have joined, post like 30 posts to different groups, you can just post about all the benefits of wazobet and ask them to comment interested, if they are interested.

When they might have commented, you reply to them with your affiliate link. And they are more likely to use your link.

Another method that is also mind-blowing is to run ads on Facebook educating people on the benefits of wazobet and get people to sign up through you.

content creation(writing reviews)

You can promote this also if you have a blog website but if you don’t have one don’t worry.

Click here and register on lodpress for free and you will be able to write reviews using lodpress as your writing platform. Writing your wazobet reviews on lodpress is very cool because your post is going to rank on Google, and not just only that, on lodpress, you are paid for writing articles.

So this is a two-way earning using lodpress.

You can also use medium, Tumblr, and so on to write these reviews if you don’t like using lodpress.


To sum everything up, this is a very great way to make passive income. You need to apply these strategies to get free money with hard work.










































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