Making money online can be fun if you are opportuned to find a good money-making site that pays. There are over hundreds of sites launched on a daily basis that claim to help people make money online. 

Taskpay review

While browsing the internet I found this app known as taskpay, as usual I tried them out to check if you can make real money online from taskpay.


After my careful research about this task pay earning reward app, I have painstakingly written out my results here to help you make a better informed decision.


In this honest taskpay review I will be exposing everything you will experience if you start using this app to earn money online.


As a beginner wanting to make money online without wasting your time or getting into a scam.


It is always a wise decision to read an honest review of any platform before joining to avoid stories that touch the heart.


At the end of this review you should be able to know if taskpay is real or fake?


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What is taskpay?

Taskpay is a mobile app in the finance category with over 100k downloads that claims you can make real money on the internet by just completing simple tasks on their platform.


Just like the name sounds, the whole idea of how this app works is just performing tasks on the app and getting paid in points which according to them can be converted to cash.


It is not always a good idea to get excited when hearing of sites or apps like this because there are many questions you should ask.


What kind of tasks will I be doing? Are they tasks that are easy to be done or spammy tasks? How much do they pay per task? Is it something that will waste my precious time and mobile data?


If you have all these questions in your mind, don’t hesitate to read further to get the whole information about taskpay app

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Taskpay signup and loginTaskpay login

To sign up on taskpay you need to go to your android google play store and download their app.


Sign up after successful installation of the app and login to reveal your new account dashboard.


I am not aware if this app is available on apple store, you can check that out if you are using an IOS.


Taskpay earn money, how to make money with taskpay

There are several ways they claim you can make money. Let’s check them out.


Scratching of cards:Taskpay scratch card

One of the ways to make money on taskpay is by scratching cards for reward.


Initially, when you register as a new member you will be given a free card to scratch.


You can earn from $0 to $0.2 for doing this. After your free card, to scratch more cards you need to watch more ads thereby making the owners of the app more money.

Reading of articles:

You will earn 0.1 cent for reading an article on this platform and you are only allowed to be rewarded for one article daily.


Reading tons of articles on this platform doesn’t count.


Solving captcha:

You can also earn by solving captcha on the app.


Spinning the wheel:Spinning the wheel on taskpay app

Just like scratching cards, you will be given a free wheel to spin initially which can earn you from $0 to $0.2 based on luck.


After you might have used your free spins, to spin more, you will be forced to watch more ads.


Referral bonus:Taskpay app referral program

The last way which is actually the highest way of earning with this app is via referral program as you will be paid a whooping $4 per referral.

Is taskpay app free?

It is not a surprise that most sites that present themselves as money-making sites do charge a registration fee before one can earn from their platform.


So is taskpay app free?


Yes, it is free and contains ads for monetisation purposes.

Is it available world-wide?

Sure it is, as long as you have access to download the app, you can make use of it no matter which country you are in.

Is taskpay real or fake?

While trying out this app, I spent almost a month trying to make $25 on this app, after accumulating lots of points on the app.


I found out that this app is a total waste of energy and precious time. The app was only designed to lure people based on their desire to Make Money Online and keep them busy on the app, hence making money only for the owners of the app while you are the product they are taking advantage of to make money.


Am sure you wouldn’t want someone to take advantage of your time and energy to use you as their product of making money on their app via advert.


Then making real money on this app is not possible.


Don’t feel disappointed if you were expecting to make money with the app.


I have something much better for you at the end of this taskpay app review.


Just read on. You will find my secret sites I use to make money online.


Can you make real money on taskpay app?

Although, while I tried out the app, due to how boring the app was and how it took advantage of me to make them money instead I quited.


From my experience, I can tell for sure that you cannot make real money on this app.


I have been in the online business space for years and have made a lot of money online.


Based on my expertise, I do not advise any beginner to depend on apps like this to make money online.


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Taskpay payment proof

I have searched all around the net and I haven’t found any payment proof of this app.


If you have been paid, let’s know in the comment section.

Taskpay withdrawal methods

Taskpay withdrawal

According to them, their minimum payout is $25 and you will be paid to your PayPal account or via gift card.


Conclusion on taskpay review

Am sure by now you have been informed about taskpay app and you are at the point of making a better decision.


If you’re still willing to try out the app, I am not in any way discouraging you.


My duty is to inform you with facts and not to force any decision on you as you have your right to make your choices.


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Ten years from now, it is estimated that the economy worldwide is gonna get tougher.


Secure your financial freedom by starting a real online business today and stop depending on ponzi schemes and fake apps that will only take advantage of your ignorance to make themselves money.


The opportunity has presented itself above.


It is your responsibility to grab it.


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