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Making money online is what I teach here on this blog and I will be showing you the reasons why you should make money online in this article.


Many people had the aspiration to start an online business but on the way got confused and decided to quit because they were not able to get access to adequate information about online business.


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Why do I need to make money online?

You may want to ask, why do I need to make money online? Like it is often said, the internet is the greatest innovation in the 21st century that has changed lives.


The power of the internet can never be underrated. The easiest way you can become wealthy fast is through online business.


I couldn’t imagine how I would have been if I had never taken advantage of the online opportunity.


Here are a few reasons you must make money online today:


  • Financial freedom:

Make money online while you sleep

I don’t think there is anywhere else you could ever have financial freedom as an ordinary person without fame and support like online business.


It gives you the ability to become your own boss, make passive income from home and achieve your financial goals.


With online business you don’t need to work from 9-5.


You have the time to travel and spend time with your family as you like.


  • Side hustle: 

Side hustle online

Some people are not just happy with their 9-5 job, maybe they are not making enough money that can take care of them financially or otherwise.


People like this need to start an online side hustle and grow it alongside their job.


In the long run, you will discover that you are gonna quit your job because of the massive money you are making in passive income online compared to your job.

Here on this blog, we make over $1000 monthly and that’s is a decent amount of money for an average nigerian. If you are not in nigeria I don’t know how much that is in your own currency but it is 1 Million naira in my own currency as of the time this blog post was written. Am quite sure that no company pays 1 million naira as a month salary.


  • Flexibility:

why you can't make money online and the solutions

Have you ever been called by your boss unexpectedly at a particular time when you were having some important time with your family to appear immediately in the workplace?


Have you ever been shouted at in the workplace, embarrassed and treated badly? 


With online business, you work in your own time, you have no boss to shout at you, embarrass you or ill-treat you.


You can operate your business anywhere in the world as far as there is access to the internet.


  • Passion and gift pursuit:

While jobs make us use our gifts and potential to benefit other people’s business, online businesses provide opportunities where one can make a living doing what he loves.


There is nothing you can’t make money online doing, all you have to do is to do research about them.


Many jobs prevent us from discovering our true potential.

The internet gives us the power to use our creativity to make wealth. That exact creativity God has deposited inside of us.

  • Global reach:

Online business enhances global reach due to the fact that everyone in the world can be reached by your business without them needing to be physically present.


You can make a lot of sales to Americans as a Ghanaian with just a click of a button.

This is a kind of business introverts will have more interest in.

  • Self development:

Online business provides you the opportunity to keep developing yourself daily, keep learning to stay up to date and becoming smarter.


Is it actually easy to make money online?

The easiest way to make money online from home

This question is being asked daily by beginners wanting to earn money on the Internet. 


I would say yes and no. Yes in the sense that if you understand the principle of focus, work, patience and consistency.


And no if your mind is after quick money. 


Generally, making money online is not a rocket science at all, there are people all over the internet that are not as smart as you are making a lot of dollars on the internet.


You just need to know what they know and play by the rules.


Guess what? I will be exposing their secrets today for you for free.

why making money online is hard

It is very important you read this point below…

Tip of iceberg

Just like the picture above, many people may envy the fact that a young adult like me at my twenties making 1 Million naira monthly from a single blog.

However, they don’t know the secret sacrifice of rejection, failures, sweat, sleepless nights, risk, discipline and hard work I put in from scratch to amount to success people are seeing today.

If I take time to tell you how I started online, how I was mocked and called different names but anyway that’s my past but it is inspiring.

One of these days I will make a full story about my past online struggle on this blog. Just subscribe so that you won’t miss it when I drop.

You might be thinking why making money online is hard after trying some couple of things online and failing.


You might have lost all your hope on online business after pondering on your poor results in the past.


If you tried out something and it didn’t work out it means there is something you are not doing right.


I don’t know if you are getting my point clear. In the online business space, the more you learn, the more you earn.


That’s just how it works. That is the reason it is a must for you to subscribe to this blog so you get to learn new updating online money-making tips and methods weekly and join our telegram group for mentorship.


By doing this you will have the opportunity to learn from my experience and implement it to see great results.


It is difficult to do it on your own and you need to be guided.


On this blog, our goal is to hold you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know to earn money online from home.


why you can’t make money online and the solutions

  • Doubts: this is normal for everyone. While trying out new things our brain tends to doubt the possibility of it working out or not. This doubt can reduce the input we give to our business and as well reduce the results we may have.


It is difficult to get an outstanding result out of a business you are not sure if it will work. 


Our minds are so powerful, the bible has stressed that “whatever a man thinketh in his heart so he is”.


The mind and our imagination have the creative power to affect our reality.


Many of the wealthy people we celebrate today had a clear mental vision of their wealth yesterday.


  • Negative mindset: the climax of entertaining doubts in our minds can result in negative mindset. You cannot make a dime online when you do not believe that you can do it.

I had this mindset problem when I started online business back then but thanks to the books I read that killed my negative mindset and gave me a positive mindset.


I have been able to make hundreds of dollars online with just having the right mindset.


If you have been struggling with a mindset problem, I am giving you more than Ten of my books on mindset that I purchased on Amazon that changed me from emphasizing the negative to emphasizing the positive.


These books are worth more than $85 and I am giving you all for free just for reading this blog post.


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  • Lack of specialization: you can’t make a dime online if you are doing everything at once without picking a niche.


Picking a niche has to do with specializing on what online business to do.


What niche or topic or problem you are gonna be solving, and learning as much information as you can daily in that niche.


You can specialize on the following online businesses like blogging, affiliate marketing, Amazon kdp, YouTube marketing, TIKTOK marketing, crypto, freelancing, forex and so on


On this blog, I share information on different topics on how to make money online, you can pick a topic to follow diligently and implement to get results.


  • No proper information: another important reason you are still not making money online is that you are not getting valuable and accurate information.


We make sure that we feed you with the accurate information you need to start making lots of money online.


What makes us unique from numerous blogs out there trying to teach you money-making online is our passion and honesty.


We are not crazy about self gain but your success in making money online, that’s why you must always drop testimonies of how our blog post has been able to help you in one way or the other.


Just like the body needs food to grow, you need more accurate updates weekly to grow your online income.


  • Lack of patience: making money online is not a get rich fast scheme am sure you should know that by now.


You need to be able to wait while you are consistently working to be able to create the wealth you desire on the internet.


Many online businesses you see on the internet including blogging, Amazon kdp, youtube and content creation etc takes time before you can make a dollar from it.


If you can continue to ignore the fact that you are not seeing results as fast as you expected you will end up overtaking your peers financially like the cedar tree.


Trust me, that’s how online business works.


  • Get rich quick scams: 

Online scams

many people who might have fallen to the hand of scammers in the past will find it still difficult to have a good mindset for online business.


They may develop a belief that everything about online business is a scam.


Take this from me, I am a living testimony of the power of online business to transform people to wealth.


The reason you fell into a scam is that you don’t accept the simple truth that I preach on this blog almost daily.


Making money online is not a get-rich-quick business, let me tell you one secret online that is worth you knowing.


Let me use YouTube for example. Do you believe that if I make a video and I title the video “make $1000 in 5 minutes by clicking a button”, I am gonna have thousands of views to my video.


But if I post a video about how to start content creation online business and make money, trust me I won’t be getting even up to 59% views of the first video.


People like lazy things, the truth is bitter, there is no easy and laziest way of making money online, let this sink.


As a result of many beginners’ mindset of making quick and lazy money online, many YouTubers and bloggers are forced to teach nonsense quick online money making strategies that will never work.


Things like watching videos to make $1000 in a day, who does that?


We care more about you making money online rather than views. That’s why we share only what works on this blog.


And you must change your mindset about making money online now for your own good.

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Why is your online business failing?

I will be discussing some few vital reasons on “why is your online business failing”.


No mentorship:

 It is incontestable that people with mentors have higher chances of success than people who do not.


You cannot make money online easily without having someone who is teaching you the right things, motivates you daily and tells you what to do to become successful.


We have a growing telegram group that is exclusive to followers of this blog. In this group we mentor our members and drop more valuable updates that can help them make money online.


We motivate them by telling real life stories of how we made it online from scratch, we also share secret sites to make money fast online for beginners and premium online business tips.


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Lack of focus:

Just like the lion will see a group of sheep gathering at a place, the lion as usual will only focus on one sheep and will do anything within its power to make sure it catches the prey.


You have to operate with this principle while doing your online business. How focused you are will kill all the other distractions available in the online space as well.


You can’t be doing online business and be watching movies 8 hours daily. Pleasure and business just can’t go together.


You need to step out of your comfort zone and take action.

Lack of discipline:

How disciplined you are determines how great your results will be. You can make your research many online business gurus are highly disciplined people.


You can’t spend more time on social media chatting than you should on your online business.


You must understand the value of time and maximize it.

You don’t read:

Reading allows you to access other people’s ideas. If you must go far in your online business journey you need to start developing the habit of reading today.


There is a limit you can’t exceed without reading, reading books and articles written by successful internet marketers can provide you with invaluable insight to their experiences.


So doing, your chances of making mistakes are reduced. 


Always read books that specialize in your niche or topic.


You don’t invest in valuable online courses:

All these gurus that have successfully made a fortune online were just like you back then.


They tried out things they learned and they might have passed through failures and tough times while on their way to success.


After they have finally succeeded, they put in all their experiences, mistakes they made and how you can avoid it, things they learn and other vital information in a course.


By investing in courses like these will speed up your online business journey and increase your speed because you will be taking advantage of the knowledge they have gathered over the years.


That’s why it is very crucial to invest in online courses because it increases your chances of success in online business.


Are you so serious with your success in the online business? Why not grab any of our expert courses and start making thousands of dollars monthly right from home.


Visit my online store and get my expert online business courses today at affordable Price


Our courses have produced over 100 successful entrepreneurs so far and you could be next.


What makes our courses special is the high quality and affordability you can’t find elsewhere.


Series of comprehensive videos that even a 12 year old can understand and implement to make money.

One of the things hindering beginners from creating wealth online is spending more on liabilities than assets

The above quote is very true, I used to be very broke cause all I knew then was working 9-5, spending my little salary money on watching entertaining videos on the internet.

Buying trending clothes to impress girls but deep down my account balance reads 20,000 Naira monthly ($20 monthly as of the time this article was updated)

Until I read a book that change my life, I started spending my money on books that talks about making money online, I bought valuable courses and read articles on make money online blogs.

Today my story has changed due the decision I made from that book RICH DAD POOR DAD CASH FLOW QUADRANT BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI.

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Lack of business goal:

No business makes much of an extreme impact and success without clear goals and vision.


You need to set your business goal, set your working hours and be strict to it.


Lack of capital:

Although most bloggers will tell you that you need no capital to start an online business but take this from me you need capital.


Before you misunderstand me, here is the reason I am saying so.


For offline business you need more capital to start a business while in the case of online business you may need very less.


The more capital you have, the more successful your business becomes.


You need capital to invest in learning, buying courses that will guarantee you success in your business, and for data bundles to run the business as well.


Do you need more money to use as a capital for online business? What if I show you a secret site that will allow you to earn instant money online for free.


And you can earn as much as you can.


This could be the best way for beginners to kick off their online business journey.


If this is what you need, then you have luckily found it, I will be dropping the secret at the end of this article.


Don’t try to skip so you won’t miss other important details ok?

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What are your biggest fears about doing business online?


Most beginners have this fear of “what if it doesn’t work?”


What if I fail? The more you keep doubting the more negative you will become and the further you are from making money online.


As a follower of this blog, you have no reason to doubt or fear because we are constantly updating you with the latest strategies that have worked for us and our students and yours can’t be an exception.


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Things I need to start an online business

Do you know they are essential things you need to start an online business? Check out below:


  • A mentor or role model
  • Business idea or niche idea
  • Continuous learning
  • A device with good internet access
  • Consistency
  • Business plan etc

Which website is best for earning money fast for beginners?

If you can remember somewhere in this article I promised to reveal my secret site that has helped me make over thousands of dollars online.


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Here is the screenshot of their earnings

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Let’s go.

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