The easiest way a beginner can make money online without much skills and experience is by getting involved in GPT sites. Nevertheless, most problems encountered by people while trying to make money with GPT sites is the credibility of the site involved. Hence we introduce to you our honest Toloka Review

Toloka Review

Another GPT platform that promises to help people make a lot of money online.


We will explain in this Toloka Review how legit the Toloka platform is, how much you can make working on Toloka and how you can withdraw your earnings.


At the end of this Toloka Review you should be able to make an informed decision on if you should participate on this site or not.


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What is the Toloka GPT platform by Yandex?


Toloka by Yandex is a reputable platform that promises to pay people for completing several tasks on their app.


They have an app where users work to earn.


If you may ask what kind of tasks can you really do on Toloka?


You can do tasks like completing group surveys which can be used to train machine learning algorithms, you can also transcribe audio files etc.


There are many other tasks where one can do, things like correcting typos and other tasks.

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Does Toloka work in Nigeria and worldwide


Yes, Toloka is available to over 123 countries as of the time this Toloka Review was written.

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Is Toloka legit or fake? Can I earn money from Toloka


Based on our research, we have found this app to be legit but we have found two negative reviews that are questioning the legitimacy of this app.


Check below.

We therefore charge you to be careful while trying out this app.


Do not put all your trust in making money online from this.


How do I start earning on Toloka?


To get started you need to download their app in the play store.


Register and get started.


How long does Toloka withdrawal take?


Once withdrawal is placed it can take within 24 hours to get paid. Although is some cases, it may take longer than this.

You can always contact their support if it gets longer than a week or so.


What are the payment methods in Toloka?


You can get paid via PayPal, payoneer, papara, and Qiwi


Check the image below.

Toloka payment methods
Payment methods


How much can you make

Referral program?


You can make from 5 to 20 percent of the earnings your referral make while working on the platform.

What is better than the Toloka app?


Making money online with Toloka app is cool and works for most people but if you want to make reliable money online then this is not the best way to do it.


I am gonna tell you the best way to make real online money that can make you wealthy at the end of this article.


But for now, you have to understand the fact that working on Toloka will expose you to boring tasks with very little pay, the higher the pay the more laborious the task.


You cannot become rich by working on Toloka but can struggle to make some little cents to pay bills.


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