With the present economic situation in Nigeria, there is a high demand to earn steadily in the US Dollars without having to travel to work in the US.


Many households have been badly affected by the continuous rise in prices of goods nationwide.


If you’re dependent on one source of income, you’re at a very high financial risk.


While we still hope for a better Nigeria it is also a very wise decision to prepare yourself and start up any of these legit online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria to prepare for any kind of inflation that may come up in the next four to eight years.

Online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria

I have been in the online business for years now since I graduated from secondary school and have made a lot of fortune for myself on the internet.


I am always grateful to God for opening my eyes to online business early. If not, I don’t know what kind of business I would have done now to survive, sincerely speaking.


When I see my mate as smart as they are working under people and earning 7000 naira monthly, some of them 10k Naira monthly.


I do feel for them because in this present economic situation in Nigeria their salary is not even enough to pay their bills, not even to feed them.


My name is Ima-Abasi Sunday, the founder of this blog. What if I told you that this blog you are browsing makes me over $4000 on a monthly basis?


That sounds huge right? check out the screenshot below.

Freelife.com.ng worth, blog revenue earning

I used to tell people that you can’t earn more than what you learned. A medical doctor is paid huge money for his knowledge he acquired in school.


People who know the opportunity of the internet are making it very big. 


Presently now, $1= N1200, earning in dollars is achievable with these 10 lists of online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria.


Before I go deeply to reveal these legit online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria I want to warmly welcome you if this is your first time visiting this blog.


We publish valuable content centered around helping people make money online from home and get financial freedom.


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With that said, let’s continue with our business of the day.


10 lists of online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria

Finally let’s dive into my top ten recommended list of legit online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria.


These businesses can make from $100 on a low end to $4000 on the high end monthly.


Selling Digital products:

Online business that pays daily selling Digital products

Toyin Omotoso, one of the nigerians internet marketer and founder of Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform once described in his book ‘where the money is and how to get it’ that informational product is where the money lies.


You can join my telegram group to get access to the book for free.


There are many ways you can sell digital products like ebooks, courses, web development services, graphic design templates etcetera.


You can leverage the Amazon Kindle store to sell your published ebooks or D2D platform.


Platforms like Selar.co can help you sell your online courses and membership subscription.


These articles below will teach you more about making money with Amazon KDP selling ebooks.

Make $1000 Selling Ebooks On Amazon without writing them. No failing

How to make money with ebooks online: earn more writing

Ink AI Review| I paid $16 and here is my results.

If selling ebooks on Amazon is what interests you, I have a fantastic offer for you at the end of this article. Offer that will make you wealthy at ease.

Domain flipping:


Domain flipping has to do with buying domain names at a cheaper rate and selling it out at a higher rate for huge profit.


I have personally not done this business model before but have seen people make a lot of money from it and I believe this to work too.


People buy domain names for as low as $10 and resell them for $700 for profit.


You can also start this business model by leveraging platforms like afternic, and Godaddy.


If you want to venture into this business model you can let me know in the comment section below so I can put you through.


Graphic Design:

In most of the freelancing platforms graphic design stands as one of the most sought after skills.


You can get paid daily in Nigeria by offering your logo, flier, thumbnail and other designs to clients on social media or even freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.


Tools like Canva can help you create stunning designs for your client.


You can earn up to $100 daily if you are very good with this business although the competition is high and you need to stand out and be unique to beat the competition.


It may take some time to be good at it and you need some marketing skills to scale through and get high paying clients.


If you’re interested in this business, we can help you with further full information you need to succeed.

Just let us know in the comments

Websites that pay you a lot of money, get N5000 daily.

Ecommerce store:

Opening an online store is part of the List of online businesses that pays daily in Nigeria.


You can open an online store to sell digital products or even physical products if you can handle the shipping responsibilities.


This is how this business model works, you do research about profitable niches and find out what is the deepest problem people are having in that niche.


You create digital products in that niche for example if I am a medical doctor, and I choose to sell products in the health niche.


I can open an online store and sell ebooks on fertility, how to cure erectile malfunction, weight loss etc.


You have to have this knowledge that people will not locate you as you start, you need to blow your trumpet loud to get people to know about your business and availability.


There are many ways you can push traffic to your ecommerce site which are paid traffic, blogging, Youtube, Tiktok etc.


Having a blog as an ecommerce site owner will allow you to utilize the power of content marketing to educate the world on what you are offering and how your offer can give them value.


Ecommerce + valid traffic source= huge sales daily.

Check outLegit Platforms To Make Free Money In Nigeria (secrets websites to make money online)

Content Creation:The easiest way to make money online from home

The internet has created a great opportunity for anybody to use his/her God given talents or creativity to make wealth.


Many people were born with talent to make people laugh, many were born with the talent of wisdom to give people good advice, many were born with great gifts to showcase to the world.


Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok have made many smart Nigerians millionaires in dollars.


What on earth could make little Emmanuella of Mark Angel comedy to make such wealth without a degree if not for content creation.


Even our celebrities are now leveraging content creation to make a huge amount of money in addition to their fame.


Many of our musicians and artists now have YouTube channels and social media pages where they monetize with content.


Content creation is the new oil well for ordinary people to make wealth without involvement in political activity.


The earlier you awake to this reality the better.


You can click here to visit my online shop where you will access my different content creation courses at discounted prices.


Mobile apps/games creation:

These two skills can make you crazy money passively. Creating addictive mobile apps is a very legit online business that pays daily in Nigeria in dollars.


You just have to create the app once, launch it on Google play store and Itel palm store.


Run a little advert on YouTube to have more visibility to your app, monetize your app with google admob ads or its alternative.


Sit back and watch the money rolling into your account.


You can turn this into a full time business model, one app you create can make over $500 monthly when monetized, imagine having like ten apps or games fully monetized with massive users.


That’s blood money, lol.


However you need a good knowledge of programming and computer science with marketing skills to succeed in this business.


Web development:

There are two kinds of web developers which are wordpress site developers and coders.


If you can combine both skills, you are more than a hot cake.


Each website you create for a client can earn you from $100 upward. Web development is a legit online business that pays if you know how to market your skills.


I create sites for clients and I know how profitable this business is most especially if you have a blog to promote your service.


If real and legit online business that pays daily in Nigeria is what you’re interested in, considering web development is a very wise decision.

How to make money online from home easily. Easy $1000 online

Freelancing:Freelancing as one of the online business that pays daily in dollars

Gone are the days where you must have a solid skill before you can start an online freelancing business.


Many people are making real money on the internet by offering services like changing of image background, converting of pdf to epub, blog comment etc which does not require any skill to offer.


If you have a high demand digital skill, that’s a great advantage.


Freelancing cannot only be done on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Guru.


Checkout freelancing platforms to make money online in Africa.


You can get high paying clients on social media platforms and your blog as well if you play your marketing well.


Everything that has to do with online money making revolves around your ability to market, copywriting skill.


I have a course that can help you on this which will be introduced at the end of this article.



Free blog maker

Blogging has to do with having a website that is constantly updated with valuable information centered around a particular topic or niche.


The list of online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria cannot be complete without including blogging.


Making money from blogging is simple but not easy.


An average blogger works at least for a year without making any money to build his/her blog from scratch and can monetize after getting traffic.


Not everyone can be that patient, that’s why most people fail in blogging.


I believed I revealed how much this particular blog is making in a month, that’s how profitable blogging is.


A blog can be monetized in different ways be it sponsored post, ads, affiliate marketing, premium content, CPA marketing, or selling of digital products.


Popular bloggers in Nigeria that have made a fortune in the online space are blessing kolawole, Linda Ikeji etc.


You too can be among them if you venture into blogging today.


You can read the following articles that explain more about blogging:

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How blogs make money, how do bloggers make money from blogs, click to see

Affiliate marketing:Affiliate marketing as the best online business that pays in dollars daily

Many people say this is the easiest way to make money online but trust me if you don’t know the onion behind it you are not gonna make a penny.


Affiliate marketing involves the selling of other people’s products using a given unique link known as the affiliate link.


Affiliate marketing can make you consistent daily income in dollars.


You just need to have the skills needed.


This is the best business model I can recommend to a beginner who is interested in making money online.


If you can master the skills involved in affiliate marketing business trust me there is none of the businesses above listed that you can’t succeed in.


Affiliate marketing is the best start up point if you are passionate about upgrading your financial status and earning in dollars.


Here is the best course that can help you get started

How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria for beginners & earn $1000 from home

Easy affiliate marketing tips to make $500 to $1000 monthly.

What is the best way to succeed as an affiliate? 3 easiest ways that works

13+Free affiliate programs in nigeria and how to promote these affiliate products

free online business that pays daily in nigeria

Even in Free town nothing is free. The course of starting any online business is less than that of starting an offline business.


Many people classify blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, content creation etc as online businesses you can start for free.


You and I know that this is not totally true, for blogging you need hosting, huge amounts of mobile data, and skill acquisition.


All these cost money.


For affiliate marketing you need mobile data also which is not free, a traffic source, learning the skill etc.


These online businesses demand some little capital, do not be deceived by anyone.


 Conclusion on 10 lists of online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria


In a nation with harsh economic situations and financial struggles, having a daily-paying online business that pays you in dollars can never be overstated.


With the present economic situation having an online business that pays daily stands as the only hope to wealth.


It is very important that nigerians utilize the power of the internet to rise above the devaluation of Naira.


Out of passion I have painstakingly written down my top 10 lists of online businesses that pay with dollars daily in Nigeria or anywhere you are.


This article is not only centered to Nigerians only but to everyone who wishes to make money online from home.


If making $3000 monthly from home is your dream, do not fail to check out these opportunities now. Taking any of the following courses will make you super wealthy.


How ordinary people like you are earning six figures with Amazon KDP


How to make $3000 monthly with affiliate marketing


How to make a living freelancing with Upwork


Ten years from now, it is estimated that things will be ten times harder in Nigeria than it is today. To prepare for the future you must find a way to earn in dollars.


And the opportunity has presented itself above.


If making fast money is what you’re looking for check the following site below.


How to make 3k daily with a single site


How to $250 monthly with sproutgigs


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