Here is an article where I will hold you by the hand, show you all my secrets and take you through how I rose from an ordinary teenager from a poor background to making more than $2000 in monthly revenue.


It is 100% guaranteed that reading this post to the end and implementing my exact secrets outlined in this article will attract my same kind of success.


With the every day inflation and rise of price of products in the market, increase fuel price and continuous rise of dollar against naira. It is incontestable that if one must survive the harsh economy you must find a way to earn in dollars here in nigeria.


Even if you’re not from Nigeria, is a must you make money online because globally, the economy is getting tougher, even in the united States.


If you’re in Nigeria or Africa and you don’t have a skill that is earning you dollars then am afraid you will be consumed by rate of hardship that is coming up, you better learn a digital skill now to take control of your financial freedom.


Have been in the online money making space for a long time, and I have helped hundreds of people make money online with my expertise.


One of the most discouraging things I have seen people done that has cause them to almost begging is procrastinating opportunities like learning a digital skill.


I have seen some category of unwise people who are in my dm daily begging me to teach them digital skill that they are totally broke, they can’t even afford a three square meal, my girlfriend has abandoned me because am broke.


They bomb my inbox with lots of messages that touches the heart, one question I use to ask them is that “why didn’t you take action while the sun was still shinning, when your boss never sacked you from job?”


Some of them will realize they were procrastinating their lifesaving opportunity.


You can be wiser than this set of people by implementing what I will be teaching you in this article now.


I use to teach people if you must succeed and become a millionaire then you must obey the rules that will take you there.


As a young person you have no business chasing the love of girls, extravagant lifestyle and so on.


There are three seasons in Life, the morning season, the afternoon season and the night season.


The morning season is when you put yourself up to learning in your specific area and mastering lucrative skills as much as you can.


This season can begin from 12 to 25 years of age.


The afternoon season is your time of manifesting what you learned to the world, making impact, giving out your values to your world and making wealth out of those skills you learned. This ranges from 26 yrs to 49 yrs


The night season is when you have build the successfull life you have been dreaming about while you were teen. This time you might have become successfull in your business, marriage and other things in life.


You are now a legacy and inspiration to your world. It ranges from 50 yrs to your year of death.


What marvels me is seeing our youths using their morning energy and season to pursue irrelevant things like women, flashy materials and so on.


90% of women out there will never find you attractive if you’re broke. Be wise, learn digital skill, make money, then trust me girls will chase you like mad


Am telling this out of experience, I can’t count the number of people’s girlfriends developing huge desire to have me as theirs.


Great men attract women and not chase them. However, this is not my topic for today.


Tell me, you are hell broke and you are chasing women, what the hell will make me ever believe that you will ever stick to your wife when you eventually have money and married. No way.


Let me not ponder on this again


Listen to me, God has given us everything that we ever need to succeed in this life and that is our MIND.


Trust me, this is the greatest asset a man could ever owned. It is famously said that what we see with our mind is greater than that we can see with our eyes.


I started making money online when I dealt with my mindset.


Maybe you might have tried making money online in the past and you are tired of failing.


Maybe you failed while attempting making money online, making money online is hard yes, but we say that something is hard when we can’t figure out how it is done.


I have passed through this and I promise you making money online is not as hard as you think it is.


I will be teaching you how am making nothing less than $2000 via affiliate marketing and blogging, freelancing and Amazon KDP.


These are top hottest digital skills that will print you dollars on a daily basis if you will invest in your future and learn it, remember what I said about seasons earlier. 


Invest in yourself, no Short cut to SUCCESS.


In a world where opportunities often seemed distant, I, a Nigerian teenager, defied all odds to rise from a humble background and become a wealthy online entrepreneur. 


If you check out the photo below, that’s the revenue this blog you are reading on is making me on a monthly basis.

Imagine what this amount of money can do for you. I just wanna remind you that the fruit am eating now is just as a result of the tree I planted years ago.


Below are my affiliate commissions and payment proofs of monies have made in the online space.

This is to kill your failure mindset that making money online is possible and not some kind of a show-up ok?


Now let me take you through my humble beginning of how my online business journey started.


My name is Ima-Abasi Sunday and I’m a passionate writer and affiliate marketer. This is the story of how I harnessed the power of blogging and my trusty phone to unlock a path to prosperity.

When I graduated from a community secondary school with a very good waec result and brilliant brain with huge desire to further my education.


I told my dad that I want to go to the university to study computer science. My dad told me he doesn’t have any money to send me to the university that am going to learn barbing skill.


I cried bitterly because this was never my dream, I never had the passion to cut people’s hair.


I was just imagining how a very intelligent boy like me back then in secondary school will now stop my passion for reading of books and lose all my brain freshness and engage my self in something that I don’t even love.


I cried deeply, I wish words can explain how I felt that day, truly in this life, lack of money can force handsome looking man to clean up the gutters just to earn a living.


There was nothing I can do so I resumed my apprenticeship with a part payment.


Since I never love what I was doing I found myself going to work very late and my boss will be complaining.


After more than three months of learning the barbing with my boss, I was very bad at it, I couldn’t even fade a customer’s hair.


My boss suspended me for owing him some amount of money which I need to pay to complete my training fee and for coming to work late.


I dropped out from that work and continued staying at home with my grandma.


I got a job at a local government area next to mine.

Having been in the house for sometime, My uncle(not my biological uncle) who was a nurse helped me by using his position as the then LIO to include me among those who will be administring covid-19 vaccine.


So my duty was manual recording, I make some little money then but things were so tough at home that I had to borrow my dad some money to put into his business.


I was not paid monthly, we were only paid each time they will be campaign.


There were times where I worked for three months and I spent all my money that I was paid on transport fare.


I quited the job because I was only making money for the okada men and if you minus my transport fare there was nothing left for me to do something tangible and beside the work was very stressful. 


A call to online business

At this point when I quited my job, I was very desperate to Make Money Online because I had a smartphone. Many of my friends called me lazy because of my intense passion to make money from home.


I had this love for passive income. While trying to make money online from home my initial approach was not right and that’s what most beginners are still doing today and that’s one of the reasons they are yet to make money online.


I wasted my data on a daily basis searching for a ponzi scheme that I will join that will make me at least 100k a month. I spent a lot of money joining many platforms like owodaily, viral trend(now Viti Social), newsnaira and so on.


To cut the story short, I was scammed by a lot of ponzi platforms, at this point my hope of making money online was almost gone.


My dad will shout at me that am lazy, what do I spend money doing?

I can remember clearly, what I told him then was that, is gonna profit in the future.


(And it is a thing of great joy, that am making money online today, my word has come true).


I was very depressed almost to quit, but I came through an online course on blogging and affiliate marketing but my mind was polluted with get rich quick sites that my eyes never saw the opportunity when it first presented itself.


Despite my dad’s complaining of my online spending habit I purchased this course with my last card and that was the best decision I am still proud of even until today.


I made my first $500 not quite long after getting the course. That changed all my story of being a lazy boy to money man as many people called me.


In this life, poverty can make even a mad man to advice you. People will always call you names whenever you’re broke.


Results stop nonsense.


Having made a lot of money on the internet I realized that they are millions out there who are surfering the same thing I passed through and I have built this blog to raise online entrepreneurs that will make even more money on the internet.


If truly you are tired of brokeness and shame you are passing through because of lack of money then here are the secret courses I took that made me who I am today.


Purchase any of these courses today at affordable price and you will be exchanging $30 for a recurring monthly $2000


Our list of passive income online courses for you:



Any of the above three courses is guaranteed to make you $500+ in the next 30 days of implementing.


You will never see offers like this elsewhere.


There are people who make things happen, they are people who watch things happen and they are people who don’t even know what’s going on.


The above courses are created by experts that have made millions and the courses have helped me get to where I am today.


I have done my best dashing you recurring monthly $500(500k Naira) in exchange for tangible $30(30k Naira)


If you like play around by saying:


I was not online,


I was in the rain,


I forgot the time,


How does it work


I don’t have time


All these excuses are slowing down your income


Sometimes might be relevant but you have just lost money, value, focus alot more


Excuses are valid reasons you will not do what you are supposed to do


VALID? Yes they can be. 


But did you DO IT? NO!!


Kill your excuses and DO IT!!!


If you don’t want to do something, you will look for excuses


If you really want to do it, you will look for reasons 


Don’t let anything stop you from grabbing any of the above courses and start printing your dollars where ever you are in the world.


Below are testimonial of my students who took the best decision of their lives by taking my courses.

We are waiting you testimonial like this.


If they can achieve such success, so can you. All it takes is to take action now. 


Remember, the power to transform your life is in your hands, quite literally, with just a phone and an unyielding spirit.


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