Bigimarket is a new and fresh earning website that just landed days ago and it is very wise for you to read an honest review first from an existing member. review

This website looks like a very nice site that can make your online hustle very easy but the question is does looks like what it seems to?

We will find out in this detailed review.

To get the best out of this review we recommend that you take away every form of distraction and pay close attention.

Do not attempt to skip any part of this review so that you won’t miss any vital information about bigimarket that may be of help to you.

Why you should trust our review.

Some years ago when I started an online business as a newbie, I was looking for any possible platform where I can earn money online.

That made me join Every new platform I discovered on the internet.

Most of the time I got scammed cause I never read a review about it, so to help other people out there who may also be looking for earning platforms, I created this blog to help expose scam sites.

This blog is mainly to help people get out of scams and gain a financially free life by making money online.

So this is how we help you, we discover a new earning platform you may be interested to join on the internet to earn money.

We, first of all, took the risk to join and find out if it is a scam or legit, then after that, we publish our experiences with the website as our honest review on this blog to enlighten others.

We make sure that people don’t get scammed and at the same time teach them the legit and guaranteed ways of making money online. 

Below are a few sites and products like this we have reviewed in the past.

Our reviews are only written based on the real customer experience of a site and that is the reason you must trust our review today.


We want to state clearly that the content on this page should in no way be treated as financial advice.

Some links on this page may be affiliate links that can get you some great bonuses when you use them, and we may earn some little commission with no extra cost to you.

What is is an investment platform that allows its members to register freely on it, pick an investment plan, and get a daily return on investment.

You will be buying an Amazon bundle on this website and resale it to make daily revenue, for example, you can buy a bundle of 2000 naira and be making 250 naira daily.


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Is free to join

Most earning platforms like this usually offer different membership plans which consist of the free to the paid plan while some are free to earn.

In the case of, it is more like an investment platform where registration is free but to make money you must invest.

Investment ranges from a low amount of money to the highest.

We will discuss more on different investment plans in this review as we proceed.

How to earn on (how it works)

First of all, you need to register on the website by clicking on this link.

To register you need to just fill in some details they will ask you into the required boxes, then click on the register button.

The next page you will be redirected to after clicking the register button will be a page where you will be asked to submit your bank details for payments.

On completing the submission of your bank account details you will be taken to your dashboard(also you will receive an instant 2000 naira to your dashboard which you will use to buy Amazon bundle).

Click on product bundle and use your non-withdrawable welcome bonus to purchase an Amazon bundle.

There are different plans to choose from. I will discuss the plans later, but for this case, you will be able to be earning 250 naira daily in this free plan.

All you have to do to start earning is to click on the sell button on your dashboard and you will see a prompt to sell and earn 125 naira in two places, all you will do is to claim both sales and earn to get 250 naira daily.

Plans involved

Investment plan 1 (free plan)

Invest #2000 to earn #250 daily

Investment Plan 2

Invest #5000 to earn #460 daily

Investment Plan 3

Invest #10000 to earn #970 daily

Investment Plan 4

Invest #25000 to earn #2450 daily

Investment Plan 5

Invest #50000 to earn #4800 daily

The above plans are just a few of them, however, you can see all of their plans in the market section on their official website.

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Minimum cashout on bigimarket website

The minimum payout on this website is three thousand naira.

When once you have accumulated up to this amount of money in your wallet or account you will be able to cash out your money.

Is bigimarket legit?

Hurray! This is the most important part of review you have probably been waiting for.

Your whole reason for visiting this page might be to know if bigimarket is a genuine and trusted website.

At the look of things right now, bigimarket cannot be identified as a scam because there is no complaint of anybody being scammed yet.

At the same time, we cannot fully trust this site due to the high probability that it may turn out to be a scam like many other sites like it in the past.

No payment proof confirms the legitimacy of this site yet as of the time of this review.

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Conclusion on review

The above review has explained in detail all the necessary information you need to know about this new investment platform on the internet.

We have seen lots of Ponzi schemes like this in the past that ended up crashing with people’s money.

Bigimarket may not be an exception because as it is now we do not have any information about who is the CEO of bigimarket.

Another red flag is that the website is expiring in a year’s time which looks like something fishy is about to happen at the end of the day, although it can still be renewed anytime.

Our advice to you is to be very wise while investing with this website, do not spend a dime now, our recommendation is to start the investment with the 2000 naira they are going to give to you when joining newly as a welcome bonus.

Doing it this way will reduce the risk of getting scammed.

And also, if you try to make a withdrawal and you are asked anything that requires depositing of money or something that looks like that, do not do such.

Even though you do, always deposit what you can afford to miss.

That’s the end of our review, do not hesitate to subscribe to this blog so that you can have access to legit platforms to earn money online when we drop them.

Check out the video review below

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