Weworknga is another investment program that has been launched a few weeks ago in 2022. This weworknga.com review will reveal every secret of this website to you.

This website was founded to help everyone put in their money to work for them and bring in more money.

Just like other investment platforms like bigimarket.shop, solar power, runrun, etc that works similarly.

If you have been searching for weworknga.com review, how does weworknga works, is weworknga legit? And every other important details about weworknga investment platform.

This article will be of help to you, so I will like you to away with any form of distraction right now and be completely focused as I am going to painstakingly tell you all you need to know about this investment website.

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What is weworknga about?

According to the faq pages on their official website, they describe themselves as follows.


As you can see above, they are trying to tell us that they already existed in some other countries like New York🗽.

And that they are trying expand their opportunity to reach everyone worldwide.

The main thing about them is that they provide members with different investment plans on their official website.

You will invest and get daily profit for the next 120 days.

I will explain more about different investment plans that are available on their website as we proceed.

Weworknga.com review


Please take note that the content on this page should in no way be treated as a financial advice.

How does weworknga works?

This website is very simple to understand and is free to join. All you need to do to make money online on this website is to put in your money to work for you.

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Weworknga has many features on their platform which include the investment plans, the deposit menu, the withdrawal option and so on.

Their investment will require you to put in a particular amount of money to invest known as space value and the investment will have a validity period of 120 days minimum(days where the investment is still valid)

Within this investment validity period you will be receiving some amount of daily profits till the end of the validity period.

To know how much you will make in all after the investment in total you will have to multiply your daily profit with the number of days the investment is valid.

Different investment plans on weworknga.com

The following are different investment plans you can choose based on your budget.

simple office A-3000

Space value 3000

Daily profit 150

Hourly profit 6.25

Validity period of contract 120 days


simple office B-10000

Space value 10000

Daily profit 540

Hourly profit 22.5

Validity period of contract 120 days.

simple office C-25000

Space value 25000

Daily profit 1452

Hourly profit 60.5

Validity period of contract 120

standard office A-60k

Space value 60k

Daily profit 3720

Hourly profit 155

Validity peroid of contract 150 days.

standard office B-120k

Space value 120k

Daily profit 8040

Hourly profit 335

Validity period of contract 150 days.

standard office C-240k

Space value 240k

Daily profit 17280

Hourly profit 720

Validity period of contract 150 days.

senior office A-500k

Space value 500k

Hourly profit 1604

Validity period of contract 180 days.

You can check out the rest of the investment plans on their official website

Weworknga signup

If you are interested to take the risk to enjoy the benefits of this website now that is still very fresh.

You can click on this link to sign up on the website and get a 200 naira instant bonus for joining.

Weworknga.com welcome bonus

Minimum withdrawal and deposit

The minimum amount of money that is aloud to be withdrawn on we work is one thousand naira.

When your money amounts to 1k you will be eligible to withdraw.

While the minimum deposit on we work is three thousand naira.

The withdrawal hours is 9am to 6pm from Monday to sarturday.


Weworknga.com referral program

On this website you can be able to copy your unique cookies tracking referral link in the member’s dashboard to promote it to your friends and family members who may be Interested to invest.

But always advice them to only do that on their own risk because we do not fully trust this Ponzi scheme to stand the test of time.

The more referrals you have under you, the more commission you will receive from weworknga.

Is weworknga.com legit

As of the time of this review, we can’t conclude that weworknga.com is legit or a scam due to the fact that this website is still very fresh and has not reach 120 days yet, meaning no one has reached the point of withdrawal first to know if they are scam or not.

We promise to update you in days later of how legitimate this site is as it grows older but for now we advise you to invest what you can afford to lose if you are interested in trying out this platform.

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final words on weworknga.com review

You have read the above weworknga.com review and have gotten some honest information about this investment website known as we work.

The decision is now left for you to be made weather to try this out or to just forget about them.

However, we advice you to invest what will not give you blood pressure if you are scammed at the end of the day.

The reason we are saying this is that we have seen a lot of platforms like them in the past that was working while it was new but later crashed and went away with people’s money.

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