Deciding on a good web hosting company for your business is one of the great decisions you need to make right. To guide you make the right decision, here is the full and detailed whogohost vs blue host vs true host review.


In this review, I will be comparing these three great hosting companies and tell you their different features, benefits, and differences between them.


At the end of this article, you will be able to make your choice on which of these hosting companies to go for and which one is best for your business.


If at the end of this article, you finally made your decision on which one to go for, either whogohost, blue host, or true host.


You can click on any of my links in this article to purchase so that you get a discount on your purchase.


You can also share this article with other people who are looking for a trusted and good hosting company for their business to help them make a better decision on which to go for.


Based on my experience with these three hosting companies, here is my honest review of them.


But before I go on, I want to list out some of the factors that influence the choice of hosting company to go for.


What determines the choice of hosting company


There are so many things that can influence your choice of which hosting company to go for which include the following:


  1. Speed: everyone’s dream is to get their website to appear on the Google search engine. Google does not rank slow sites because it is ruining the user experience. People need their site to rank hence, they go for a hosting company with good speed.
  2. Back up: before choosing a hosting company, it is very important to go for the ones with a good backup system.
  3. Website builder: a good hosting plan with an easy website builder that can help make your site very easy is also one of those factors that can influence your choice of hosting company to go for.
  4. Customer Support: how responsive and active a hosting customer service is can make people either go for it or choose some other ones. Nobody will go for a hosting company with poor customer service, even me, to be frank with you, I hate poor customer service.
  5. Domain name: domain name also matters when choosing a hosting company. Some companies come with a free domain name while some do not.
  6. Budget: Your budget can determine the choice of which hosting plan you should go for. The fact is that you can never afford what is above your budget.


Whogohost review


Whogohost is a great and affordable web hosting company in Africa. This company combines tremendous quality and affordability in its hosting services to customers and business owners.


It was created by Opeyemi Awoyemi in the year 2007 and is based in Nigeria. They offer affordable web hosting packages that would fit anyone.


Whogohost offers shared hosting, email hosting, WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting which I will be discussing their purchase plan later in this article as we proceed further.


Before we move further, let me describe or explain different types of hosting for clarity and understanding.


Explanation of different types of hosting provided by the hosting company.


We have different types of hosting which include:


  • Shared hosting:


This is a hosting service that supports the sharing of one server with an Internet connection by different websites. However, this can also be used to host a WordPress site.


  • WordPress hosting:

WordPress hosting is a hosting service that is optimized basically for WordPress websites where it can run smoothly and perfectly. It is usually recommended for WordPress websites.


  • Email hosting:

This hosting is mainly for email services. It is a service where your email content is stored on a server. If you need to operate email services on your website, then you will need to purchase email hosting alongside your web hosting.



  • Cloud hosting


This is simply the hosting of a site across multiple servers in different locations.


With that taken care of, let’s get into the different hosting plans and pricing offered by whogohost hosting company.


Whogohost hosting price


Whogohost client area
Whogohost client area

Whogohost has four different hosting services which I mentioned earlier in this article. The hosting services include Cpanel hosting, WordPress hosting, email hosting, and cloud hosting.

Cpanel hosting

The Cpanel hosting has different plans which include

The aspire plan(currently this one is no more available)

The premium plan, costs #800 a month and #8000 a year(20% off the annual plan).

This plan is suited for basic websites with a few pages like four to six.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it comes with a 6Gb web space and 30GB bandwidth with just right thousand naira in a year.

The next plan is the pro plan. This plan is suited for an average blog with decent traffic. This is recommended for new bloggers who are just starting up.

It cost a sum of 1100 a month. Anyway, you can go for the pro plan as a new blogger without much traffic but this plan is however recommended for you.

Whogohost pro plan

Supreme plan

Whogohost supreme plan plan

You are entitled to unlimited webspace and bandwidth with the supreme plan which is primarily plan suited for popular blogs with numerous contents and traffic. It cost #2800 naira for a month and #26,880 in a year.

More so, we have the deluxe plan for e-commerce websites. The price for this plan is shown on the screenshot below

Whogohost deluxe plan

All these plans come with a free .ng domain name, unlimited emails, and databases.

Having looked at the Cpanel hosting plan, Let us move straight away to email hosting plans available on whogohost.

Email hosting

They have the business email and the enterprise email pricing.

Both email hosting services have four levels.

The business email has the following price range to fit all budgets.

BE(business email) level 1

It cost 750 naira per email monthly and it comes with a free .ng domain, starting from 1 email, up to 5 email accounts, and 5GB storage per account

BE level 2

With this plan, you will be charged 730 naira per email monthly, and it comes with a free .ng domain, starting from 6 emails, up to 25 email accounts, and 5GB storage per account.

BE level 3

It cost 700 naira per email monthly with a free .ng domain, starting from 26 emails, up to 49 email accounts, and 5GB storage per account.

BE level 4

It cost 670 naira per email monthly with a free .ng domain, starting from 50 emails, up to 200000 emails, and 5GB storage per account.

Enterprise Email pricing

Just like the business email, it has four levels of subscription, which include,

EE level 1

It cost 2000 naira per email monthly, it comes with a free .ng domain, starting from 1 email, up to 6 email accounts, and 5GB storage per account

EE level 2

It cost 1970 naira per email monthly, and it comes with a free .ng domain, starting from 6 emails, up to 25 email accounts, and 5GB of storage per account.

EE level 3

Enterprise Email level three costs 1930 naira per email monthly, with a free .ng domain, as usual, starting from 26 emails, up to 49 email accounts, and 5GB storage per account.

EE level 4

It cost 1880 naira per email monthly, with a free .ng domain, starting from 50 emails, up to 200,000 email accounts, and 5GB Storage per account.

All the above plans, come with all these features which you will be enjoying no matter your level of subscription. These include,

Personalized emails

Work with any desktop email apps

Anti-spam protection

Email encryption

Additional storage blocks

99.9% uptime

Administrative area

And 24/7 customer service( I really love their customer support like crazy)

WordPress hosting

Who’sohost hosting company has three WordPress hosting plans that I will be discussing below.

WP beginner

It has the following features,

10GB SSD storage

100GB monthly bandwidth

Zero additional website

It cost 1800 naira a month

WP standard

It is priced at 2800 naira a month

The features include,

25GB SSD storage

Unlimited SSD bandwidth

2 added  websites

WP standard plus

You will be paying a monthly hosting fee of 4500 a month.

The features of this great plan are:

Unlimited SSD storage

Unlimited monthly bandwidth

4 added  ( you can host up to 4 websites) which are pretty cool for multiple blog owners.

It is very important to note that all these plans come with

WordPress preinstalled

Powered by Nginx

Hosted on AWS

Free domain with annual plan

Unlimited MySQL databases

Free hosting transfer

2x faster than shared hosting

Cpanel Access

And the almighty 24/7 customer support( lol )


Cloud hosting

Whogohost can help with moving your project to the cloud without much stress. What I really like about them is that they are really there to help you out with any issue.

They have several cloud hosting plans that can suit your budget which include the following:

MCH LEVEL 1 — 8800 naira per month

1GB memory space, 1 core processor, 25GB SSD disk space, 1TB bandwidth

MCH LEVEL 2 — 12500 naira monthly

2GB memory space, 1 core processor, 50GB SSD disk space, 3TB bandwidth

MCH LEVEL 3 — 16000 naira monthly

2GB memory space, 2 core processors, 60GB SSD disk space, 3TB bandwidth

MCH LEVEL 4 — 19500 naira monthly

4 GB memory space, 2 core processors, 80GB SSD disk space, 4 TB bandwidth

MCH LEVEL 5 — 34000 naira monthly

8GB memory space, 4 core processors, 160GB SSD disk space, 5 TB bandwidth

Also note that no matter which plans you are going for, you will be given the following service.

Power management

Configure backups and snapshots robust

DNS management

Resize and expand easily

24/7 support available

Whogohost customer support contact

In terms of customer service, whogohost is amazing. You can even call them at 2: a.m and they are there just for you.

You can contact whogohost customer service at [email protected] and 070022332233 is their official number.

What I love about them


  • They have a smart and responsive customer support
  • They have numerous amazing plans that fit into every budget
  • Based on my experience with them they are a reliable hosting company in Nigeria
  • Their plans are very affordable and excellent
  • They are going to give you 20% off when you purchase an annual plan via my link in this article. (20% discount)
  • You are entitled to a free .ng domain name forever.

What I hate about them

I have been using whogohost for a while now, i haven’t seen any flaws with them yet.

That is all about whogohost features, if you are interested to purchase any of their hosting services, you can do so by clicking on this link so that you get a discount on your purchase. If you are not comfortable with its services you can check out my honest reviews and experience with  blue host below


Blue host detailed reviews

Blue host is another great hosting company, I have hosted one of my blogs.

When it comes to the top most popular web hosting companies, we can never do away with this hosting provider known as the blue host.

I will be telling you all my experience with blue host and the different hosting plans to know before you go for it.

If by the end of this review, you make your choice of going with blue host, I recommend that you click on this coupon link to get a discount on your purchase.

Blue host is a very outstanding hosting provider that is recommended by WordPress.

Based on my experience with them I will let you know if they are worth your money or not.

Blue Host is a web hosting company that is owned by the endurance international group based in Orem, Utah in the United States of America and was founded in 2003.

Subsequently, it was in 2015 that blue host was considered one of the 20th largest web hosting companies hosting millions of domains.

The official blue host customer service contact is as follows 8884014678.

Having introduced you to blue host and what it is and when It was founded with some of its basic details.

It is now time for us in this review to closely look at their respective hosting plan in comparison to whogohost

Blue host shared hosting

Try bluehost now


Bluehost Pricing


BASIC. US$9.99/month


50 GB of web space and 100 MB of space for email accounts. Just a website.


PLUS. US$13.99/month


For Websites and web space and for unlimited mail.


ChoicePlus. US$18.99/month


In addition to the Plus options, they give you 1 year of automatic backups (after which you have to pay for it).


Pro US$28.99/month


All of the above plus dedicated IP and premium SSL encryption.


The above are the prices in US dollars for annual plans, you have to pay the entire amount in advance.


The truth is that the Choice Plus package does not make much sense, if you are evaluating this I would suggest that you hire the Choice package (cheaper) or the Pro (more expensive). 


Really, when you renew, you don’t offer anything of value beyond what the Choice plan offers.


Qualities of bluehost


  • Easy to use


Registering is more complex than it should be, it seems to me that their system is designed so that you end up buying hosting extensions that you don’t need. 


In 2019 they released a new interface which is a simplified version of cPanel, it is relatively easy to use and intuitive. 


  • domain names


All of their plans include a domain name, but this is only free for the first year. Keep in mind that with the basic plan you can only have 1 website, with the rest of the unlimited plans.


  • E-mail


Yes, you can have up to 5 email accounts and 100 MB of space with the Basic package. 


All other packages offer unlimited accounts and space. 


At most you can send 500 emails per hour with Bluehost, this should only affect you if you are going to do email marketing with their server (there are better alternatives for this).


  • Databases


It is possible to have up to 20 databases with the Basic plan, and these are unlimited with the rest. 


With Bluehost your databases cannot occupy more than 5 GB (per database), and they must have less than 5,000 tables.


Other features of bluehost


  • Through its one-click installer you can add apps like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others.


Keep in mind that Bluehost adds some plugins to WordPress that you don’t need, and during installation it shows you paid templates that you probably don’t want.


  • Web space limit


With 50 GB of space in the Basic plan and unlimited space in the rest of the plans. Keep in mind that all the files in your hosting account with Bluehost cannot be more than 200,000 (300,000 with the Pro package).


  • Monthly data transfer limit


No plan limits the monthly traffic that your website can receive.


  • Secure FTP and FTP accounts


They only allow SFTP to be used with the main account. There is no limit to the number of FTP accounts you can create with them. Having SSH access is also possible


  • where your servers are


Bluehost does not have servers outside of the United States. If your audience comes mainly from other continents (eg Europe) it would be better to evaluate other alternatives so that your users receive it faster.


  • security aspects


Through cPanel you can integrate SiteLock that scans your website to find vulnerabilities, keep in mind that this is a paid option. 


All of their packages come with free SSL (https) encryption. You can also enable 2-step authentication to add an extra layer of security to your hosting account.


  • server speed


Having the servers in the US, it is not as fast as it should be. Actually, there are much better alternatives on the market.


  • server availability


They are one of the providers that have given the best availability figures in our tests.


  • Backups


They make a monthly, weekly and daily backup that you can ask them to restore. So you will only have 3 backups. By contract they do not assure you to have them at your disposal either.


You can integrate SiteBackup Pro for more advanced features, but this is only available on the Pro plan forever. If you want to use it with other packages it will cost you extra.


  • CDN (content delivery network)


Although it does not offer its own CDN, it pre-integrates Cloudflare’s content delivery network. It even offers a free package.


  • Server features


Bluehost supports PHP 7.3, 7.4 and 8. Other programming languages ​​like Perl or Ruby on Rails can also be used. The databases run on top of MySQL.


  • Money back and guarantees


There is a 30 day money back policy.


  • Help and Support


They offer support by phone (US number) or via live chat. In our experiences, the attention was a bit slow and not very resolute. Of course this will be in English only.


Bluehost’s speed can be improved, although other aspects are acceptable (eg availability). You should only hire him if you feel comfortable with English.


Truehost review 

The next hosting company on our list is true host,



















































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