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Sabi2earn review

Why you should trust our sabi2earn review

Some years ago when I started an online business as a newbie, I was looking for any possible platform where I can earn money online.

That made me join Every new platform I discovered on the internet.

Most of the time I got scammed cause I never read a review about it, so to help other people out there who may also be looking for earning platforms, I created this blog to help expose scam sites.

This blog is mainly to help people get out of scams and gain a financially free life by making money online.

So this is how we help you, we discover a new earning platform you may be interested to join on the internet to earn money.

We, first of all, took the risk to join and find out if it is a scam or legit, then after that, we publish our experiences with the website as our honest review on this blog to enlighten others.

We make sure that people don’t get scammed and at the same time teach them the legit and guaranteed ways of making money online. 

Below are a few sites and products like this we have reviewed in the past.

Our reviews are only written based on the real customer experience of a site and that is the reason you must trust our sabi2earn review today.

What’s sabi2earn all about

This website is a Nigerian-based website that was created to encourage the learning culture in Nigeria.

According to them, they are gonna pay for answering paid quizzes on their website as a member.

Sabi2earn (know before earning) just like the name implies, wants to empower the youths and students who are in their learning season to learn more and also test their knowledge with quizzes rewarding them if they won the quiz.

They provide quizzes on different topics which include current affairs, entertainment, brain teasers, and sports.

They only have one paid quiz every week where members can participate to qualify for the raffle draw.

They have an email address where members can reach out to them concerning any issues they may have.

Their official email address is [email protected].

Sabi2earn review of how it works

On this platform, they have two sets of quizzes which are the fun quiz and the paid quiz.

You can not make any money while answering the fun quiz because you are not paying anything to get these quizzes.

However, If you can answer 80% of these fun quizzes in a week you will get paid 0.5 sabi2earn coins.

These coins are just transactional coins used in the platform which are worths 14 naira per coin.

The other quiz which is the paid quiz is what you will get paid for having it correct.

This paid quiz is usually one multiple-choice question or theory that comes up weekly on the website.

For you to participate in this paid quiz you need to pay 5 sabi2earn coins worth 70 naira.

To purchase these coins you need to contact their vendors to make a purchase.

You also have the opportunity to give as many answers as possible to the paid quiz of the week which is usually one, provided that you have enough sabi2earn coins to pay for each answer.

You can use 10 sabi2earn coins to give two answers to the question of the week.

You can as well use 15 to answer three times, the fact is that the more answer you give in a quiz may increase your chances of getting it correct.

And when you get the quiz of the week correct you will be able to appear in the list of the week’s raffle draw.

As you can see below the list of some people who got the paid quiz for this week is in the below raffle draw list.

Your name appearing in the list of the raffle draw for that week does not mean you will be qualified to get paid asap, no, it doesn’t work that way.

According to the sabi2earn platform, they openly announced on their official website that their system will automatically choose only ten people out of the list and reward them.

They have an algorithm that they use to select the top ten winners from a list of the raffle draw.

And these ten selected winners will be paid 2500 naira per person for winning the quiz.

Is it free to join and who can register?

This platform is free for all who are eighteen years and above to register, you do not need to pay any registration fee.

How much can you earn on this website?

If you want to know how much you can earn with this site you need to also consider that this platform is just like gambling.

You have to pay a sum of 70 naira to get the chance of answering a question for the week.

And not just that only, if you finally succeed in getting the right answer to the question, that has not yet guaranteed you win as you will go through another step of appearing in the raffle draw list.

Their system will automatically select ten people from this list.

Which in my own opinion is totally by luck. And the more you pay to answer the quiz, the more chances you may have and the luckier you may be.

So the amount you can make on this website per day, week, or month can not be estimated.

 Is sabi2earn a legit platform or not?

I haven’t cashed out yet on this website and I haven’t seen any payment proof on this website that shows that it is legit.

At the same time, I have not heard nor seen any bad reports about this site yet, you can bookmark this page and I will update you if there is any scam associated with the site.

There is a saying that says there is no harm in trying since the website is free and to participate in the paid quiz you only need a sum of 70 naira.

I would say that if you wish, you can give it a try, there is nothing much to lose at trying.

How to join

If you are interested to join the sabi2earn website and give this website a try, you can click this link to join.

Sabi2earn review, the final verdict.

Although, from our perspective, sabi2earn maybe somehow a time waste and you do not have any guarantee of making any money and if you do, you might only earn an average of 2500 naira per week.

To conclude our honest sabi2earn review, we want to advise you to follow your mind, but if you think that sabi2earn is not the website of your choice then we have alternative earning sites that can pay you to do simple tasks here in Nigeria or any African country.

You can read our blog post on how to earn doing nothing or check out the easiest sites that pay to do tasks online in Nigeria.

Furthermore, you can also join sproutgigs to complete simple tasks and get paid.

Before joining sproutgigs you can read more about how it works here

That’s the end of our sabi2earn review, please do not forget to subscribe to this blog so you will get updated on new earning platforms weekly.



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