Legit Platforms To Make Free Money In Nigeria (Secret websites to make money online)

Do you want to make money online for free without spending a dime In Nigeria, have you been searching for legit platforms to make free money in NigeriaDon’t worry anymore, you have finally found the solution, in this article, I will be revealing to you trusted online money-making sites that will help you earn money online. All you have to do is to take some snacks and a Cool drink then relax while I show you how to make money online in Nigeria and anywhere you are in the world with any device connected to the internet.

Legitimate earning websites in Nigeria For Free


The name of the first platform on our list is nairaworkers. This is a platform that will help you make some cool money online by just doing some simple jobs.

As the name implies, you are going to work for the naira and to be frank with you these jobs are very simple.

They are just simple tasks we found ourselves doing every day on the internet, on social media, etc.

These jobs include simple sign up to a website, subscribing to a youtube channel, liking and commenting on posts, and so on.

What are the benefits of working on nairaworkers

Working on nairaworkers can just help you like a side hustle to make extra cash doing your free time.

It can also help you make money anywhere and anytime provided you are connected to the internet and dedicated to work.

Working on nairaworkers is also a way we can monetize the things we do daily online for free. Now that you know the benefits of working on nairaworkers let’s find out how much you can earn per day on this site.

 How much can I make a day with nairaworkers

Like I said earlier, you can make up to 30 thousand naira in a single month which is one thousand naira in a day.



One thousand naira is just an average of what you can make in a day, the fact is that you can make far more than that one thousand naira if you are serious, it all depends on you because there are a lot of tasks on the site to be done and get paid for them and these tasks are simple and straight forward

perform task and get paid for them
nairaworkers tasks


As you can see above a bunch of tasks with the amount of money you will be paid for completion of the task. From the screenshot above you can see Instagram follow, Palm pay sign up, joining of telegram group, etc.

How to work on nairaworkers

Working on nairaworkers is as simple as ABC, there are plenty of tasks on nairaworkers to be completed for cash. To complete a task successfully, you need to follow strictly the instructions given to you, these instructions will serve as a step-by-step guide that will help you get it done successfully.
legit platforms to make money online
how to perform tasks successfully on nairaworkers
As you can see on the screenshot above the task above is just to sign up for a website known as the net forum. The instruction there is to use the link provided and after that, you prove that the tasks were successfully done and the proof is just a screenshot and your name, that’s all, you submit proof and get your cash.

After making a reasonable amount of money at the end of the month, you can withdraw your money to your local bank.

however, the minimum cash out is not up to two thousand naira. Join nairaworkers now and start making real cash with any device.


Just like nairaworkers, picoworkers is a similar website where you can also make a lot of cash for actually free completing simple tasks. Picoworkers pay you in dollars to complete certain tasks. However, picoworkers has lots of tasks as well to be done. If you want to make money freely in your free time, coworkers are a very smart site to achieve that. I won’t say much about picoworkers here but if you are interested in doing tasks on picoworkers, you can click on this link here to see how you can make ten dollars in a day working on picoworkers. Picoworkers is open to everyone worldwide and the minimum payout is five dollars.

If you want to start making ten dollars now with picoworkers click here.

Star clicks

Another great site you can make money online is clicking on ads on star click.

Starclicks pays you to just view ads. They have three membership plans which are silver, gold, and a platinum membership. Here is the screenshot of what I earn with star clicks.

Star clicks payment proof.

Silver membership plan
This is a free membership plan you Will get as a new member. You are only allowed to click on 11 ads a day at this level which Will earn you only $0.11. To make money as a silver member, you will need to do more referrals to this site, as referrals will earn you $0.08 per person. This is cool, you don’t have to pay anything for registration, making the referral program interesting. Just imagine, if you can refer like 50 people a day that is $4 just for referring, and if you can repeat this process for a month, you can earn up to $120 in a month, what free money, without much work, all you have to do is to refer people, and they sign up, and you get your commission, that’s it. Don’t forget to also click on all your 11 ads available for you each day to boost your income. And you can upgrade to silver to earn more.

Gold membership plan
This is the second level, as a gold member, you can earn from $3-$7 a day by clicking ads. It won’t even take you up to thirty minutes of your time to click on these ads.

I made $42.86 just by clicking ads as a gold member. To be honest, you can make more than what I made, it all depends on your hard work and dedication. It took $19 to upgrade to a gold membership plan and within a few days, I made forty-two dollars and eighty-six cents. That’s how interesting this site is, just by clicking ads. And I made sure that I clicked on all the available ads daily without skipping a day.

Platinum membership plan
Platinum is the highest membership plan on star click, to upgrade your free account to a platinum membership plan you need to pay an upgrade fee of $49. Here you can earn $7-$11 a day.

you can also read my full-star clicks reviews here.


Another vital information
One important piece of information about this site, you need to know is that the gold and platinum membership plan has an expiration date. They only last for a month however, if you endeavor to click on all (you are eligible to click on all the ads on star click as a gold and platinum member) the ads you see daily on star click for thirty days, you will gain much profit. Let’s take, for example, if you upgrade to a gold membership with nineteen dollars for thirty days, you can earn up to $3-$7 as a gold member (the minimum you can make per day is $3). Using the minimum amount of money you can earn to make some calculation of how much you will earn in that thirty days) $3*30 days=$90 in a month, which is very lucrative with a $19 investment. If you subtract your upgrade fee, your profit is going to be $90-$19=$71, which is a very easy way to cool profitable investment.

register on star clicks now.

Other ways to make money with your phone as a student


There are many other free money generator sites you can take advantage of to make extra cash online as a student which is mentioned below.


For many of us who haven’t heard about this platform before, this is a big site that everyone in the world no matter where you are, can make money online and it also works for all devices that have an internet connection. To make money on Alamy is free and you don’t need to pay to start up. All you have to do on Alamy is to post beautiful and high-quality pictures on Alamy and when people buy your pictures you make money. This platform is more lucrative to photographers as they can make cool cash uploading their photos to this site, and another interesting thing about Alamy is that it has thousands of people who need that kind of picture and are willing to buy anyone that attracts them. You can post beautiful pictures of animals like cats digs etc. and the most interesting part is that people love photos of cute animals and so on. If you are wondering how can or where will I get these images and pictures to post on Alamy when am not a photographer, the answer is that you can take pictures with your phones, just stand outside where you can be exposed to natural sunlight and take a photo of anything that seems attractive to you, it can be nature, people, animals, etc. If you want to start making money with Alamy click here now.


Lodpress is very recommended for everyone out there who is interested in blogging but doesn’t have the money to buy a domain name and hosting or is not ready to go through the thick way of starting up a new website and growing it from scratch. If you are passionate about writing an article and getting paid for views lodpress is ultimately for you because the amount of money you will be making on lodpress is limitless, the more articles you publish, the more your earnings, like I have always said you are going to make more money here depending on your hard work and consistency. I have been writing on this platform and getting paid a decent amount of money here. You can start making money writing on lodpress for free, nothing like a registration fee. Click here now to register and start getting paid for articles.

You can also click here to read my free guides that will make you make more than a hundred dollars in a month or weeks on lodpress.


Making money online is very simple and interesting, we have revealed some great and legitimate sites to make some cool cash online and the only thing remaining is for you to take action and take advantage of these sites and start making money online for yourself that’s all for today’s strategies on how to make money using legit paying platforms.


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