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You might have in one way or the other heard of or come in contact with star clicks and you are curious if it is legit or a scam or crashed. In this review, I will reveal to you the truth and give you detailed answers to questions like star clicks still paying, star clicks minimum payout, what is star clicks website is, and so on.

what is star clicks website

Star clicks is a PPC(pay per click) advertising company based in London the U.K.  This company was founded in 2005.

Star clicks is a website that stands as a mediator between publishers and advertisers, where advertisers put their ads and publishers are paid to view the ads.

Star clicks as PPC site has a 3.5-star rating on trust pilot, which shows that it is a good money-making site if not the best.

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is star clicks genuine

A lot of people are very uncertain and anxious about this website, many people do ask if star clicks is a scam or a genuine site as it claims to be.

Well, based on my experience with this website, it is very genuine and also they are paying.

how do star clicks make money?

If star clicks pay people to click on ads on their website then how do they make money?

Remember, I said earlier that star clicks us just a mediator between advertisers and publishers. They make money from the cash paid to them by advertisers and they pay a little part of that money to their publishers.

They also make money from membership upgrades.

is star clicks still paying

Star clicks have been around for years and counting. They are still very legit and paying.

Here is a screenshot of what I made recently.

Star clicks payment proof.

Star clicks membership


There are 3 kinds of membership plans on this platform. How much you earn really depends on your membership plan.


Silver membership plan

This is a free membership plan you Will get as a new member. You are only allowed to click on 11 ads a day at this level which Will earn you only $0.11.

To make money as a silver member, you will need to do more referrals to this site, as referrals will earn you $0.08 per person.

This is really cool, you don’t have to pay anything for registration, making the referral program interesting.

Just imagine, if you can refer like 50 people a day that is $4 just for referring, and if you can repeat this process for a month, you can earn up to $120 in a month.

what a free money, without much work, all you have to do is to refer people, and they sign up, and you get your commission, that’s it.

Don’t forget to also click on all your 11 ads available for you each day to boost your income.

And you can upgrade to silver to earn more.


Gold membership plan

This is the second level, as a gold member, you can earn from $3-$7 a day by clicking ads.

It won’t even take you up to thirty minutes of your time to click on these ads.

This is the screenshot of my balance on star click as a gold member.



I made $42.86  just by clicking ads as a gold member.

To be Frank, you can make more than what you are seeing above, it all depends on your hard work and dedication.

It took $19 to upgrade to a gold membership plan and within a few days, I made forty-two dollars and eighty-six cents.

That’s how interesting this site is, just by clicking ads.

And I made sure that I clicked on all the available ads daily without skipping a day.

Star clicks gold membership

Platinum membership plan

Platinum is the highest membership plan on star click, to upgrade your free account to platinum membership plan you need to pay an upgrade fee of $49.

Here you can earn $7-$11 a day. Imagine how much you will be making in a month.


This is very important, I want to state here that star clicks membership upgrade is only active for a month, after that your membership will return to silver.

However, you will make reasonable money if you click on all the daily available ads for that month.

How to register on star clicks

Registering on star clicks is straightforward.

Click here now to register for free.


In conclusion, making money on star clicks is all about viewing ads and getting paid for them.

However, to tell you the truth, you are not going to make reasonable money from star clicks as a free member except through many referrals, and their referral payout is very low.




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  1. That’s a great experience. True, Star-clicks have been around for years. However, per my experience, it requires hard work to get referrals and time to click each day. Nevertheless, their payout is ok than other PTC sites that pay 0.0001 per click. So if Star-click is paying 0.01, then, their offer is high. It not a bad idea to try your hands on it.
    To your success,
    Sir Fynn @legitebusiness

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