You might be looking for a good survey site to make money online and you’ve probably come in contact with metroOpinion and are not sure if it is legit or not. This metroOpinion review is fully written based on experience to let you know how trusted the site is.

Making money online via answering surveys is not a new thing when it comes to the online space but one of the major set back is always ‘how genuine is this site? Does it work worldwide?’.

To solve this issue, it is always recommended to read an honest review of an already existing member to find out the whole idea about an earning opportunity before joining.

And I believe that is the step you’ve just taken right now to find out the truth about metroOpinion in this MetroOpinion review.

MetroOpinion Review

Why should you trust this metroOpinion review?

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What is this platform all about?

For those who don’t know much about this website, metroOpinion Is a survey site that pays its members for their opinions through surveys and answering questions.

The purpose of this was to build a solid and perfect product or service from numerous feedback and answers from different people.

Many companies come to this website to conduct surveys for this same purpose.

This website stands as a mediator between companies and people who want to make money doing surveys online.

According to them, their survey is related to everyday life and no question is too hard for you to answer.

All questions are simple and precise that require people’s opinions to be given to their partnered companies to understand the bigger picture.

Normally, we do take surveys on Facebook, and YouTube for free but this website has just decided to pay us for our time in participating in the survey.


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How does this website work?

A lot of you, you may begin to be wondering, how this website works, whether is metroOpinion a trusted or genuine site and how much can I make on metroOpinion in a day.

Why do they pay money for surveys and how do they earn to maintain the site?

Looking at the site closely, it is obvious that they make money by partnering with different companies that supply the surveys.

And at the same time, they pay part of this money to its members for answering the surveys.

There are three main practical steps of how this earning website works.

The first thing is to sign up right now and the next thing is for you to confirm your account and the last is to complete your profile and start earning.

When once you are registered on the website you will be eligible to receive notifications in your mailbox of available surveys to be answered.

The availability of surveys to you is based on your profile information like your sex, passions, hobbies, country of residence, and other related details.

With all this information, you will be required to fill in your profile when creating your account on the website because they will determine what kinds of surveys they will push to you.

How to join

Creating your account on this survey site is not a difficult thing, it takes about 30 seconds to a minute to do that.

I will take you through each step to create your account.

First, you need to click on this link to take you to their official website and click on sign up.

When clicking on the sign-up, you will be taken to a page similar to the one below.

Metroopinion signup pageon this page, you are asked to select your country and move on to the next page below.

The list is the number of countries accepted on this platform.

When you choose your country it will take you to the next page where you will need to put in your details.

On this page, as you can see in the screenshot below, you are only required to put in your email address and password for account creation and then click on register.

Registration page of metroopinion

After you clicked on the register, you will need to go to your mailbox to check for a confirmation email that will be sent to you and click on confirm your account.

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After confirming your account, you will then log in to your account and see your dashboard.

The above screenshot shows some of the questions you will likely be asked in your profile setup.

is metroOpinion a legit site?

An earning site is said to be legit whenever it fulfills its promises to its members.

So in the case of this website metro opinion, can we boldly say it is genuine and trusted?

How trusted is metroopinion?

Based on my own experience as a member of the platform, I will tell you that metroopinion is very genuine and pays into PayPal.

However, people in first-world countries seem to be making more money on this site due to the availability of high-paying surveys compared to others.


does metroOpinion work in Nigeria

Most people are asking if is metroOpinion available for Nigerians.

When the website came out very new, it was obvious that Nigerians were not having access to create an account on this website.

The only country that was accepted by then in the African region was South Africa 🇿🇦.

But now as you are reading this metroOpinion review, I can boldly and joyfully break this good news to Nigerians that metroOpinion now accepts and work perfectly in Nigeria.

If you are a Nigerian who has been using a VPN before to access this site, you do not need a VPN anymore to do so.

So is this metroOpinion available in Pakistan now and worldwide?

Although metroOpinion is now available in more countries than it was before.

Still, this website is not yet available worldwide.

Another glad news to our Pakistan brothers, this website is available in Pakistan.

You can check below to know if this website is available in your country or not.

If you can’t find your country in the below list, that means your country cannot access the site now.


Minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on this site is between $5 to $10 depending on your location or payment gateways.

how much metroOpinion pays per survey

As a new person to this site who is interested to know more details of how it works, you will need to be informed about how much money you can realistically make on this website.

The truth is that you can not make hundreds of dollars weekly on this site.

Do not also try to take this site as your main work-from-home hustle online because this website pays between $0.25 to $5 per survey.

And trust me, surveys that pay in cents are more frequently seen than high-paying ones and people in tier 1 countries tend to qualify for more high-paying surveys than others.

The screenshot below is a practical example of what you could earn, when I log in to my account today, I screenshot the number of surveys available today. You can check below.

And you may get rejected for a survey you were invited to take part in your mailbox.


  1. It offers a way to earn from answering simple questions.
  2. It takes 30 seconds to join and participate.
  3. It pays via pay pal


  1. You have a very limited amount of cash to earn here.
  2. You are more likely to find high-paying surveys if you are in a tier-1 country
  3. You may get rejected for a survey you were invited to answer in your mailbox

Conclusion of metroOpinion review

This is our final verdict of the metroOpinion review.

After everything, you have read above and you still feel like going ahead to register on this website and answer surveys.

You are free to do so based on your decision and we do not force you to make any choice.

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