Am sure you might have heard a lot about this great online affiliate marketing course from expertnaire that is making a lot of waves in the online space.


A lot of young guys are already cashing out millions with the help of this WhatsApp affiliate marketing course by Toyin Omotoso.


And also some people are still yet to make a penny after purchasing the course.

72ig implementation program review

We have decided to make this detailed 72ig implementation program review to help you know all the important information you need to know about this online affiliate marketing course before making a purchase.


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You must take your time and read this 72ig implementation program review before you take a step further.


This review will let you know if you truly need this course or not and also what you should expect from this course.


We want to state clearly that the content on this page should in no way be treated as financial advice.

We are not in any way affiliated with any third-party company for this article, and this article is not a product promotion but a real honest review of our experience.

The ultimate aim of this blog post is to help and guide you make the right choice.

Why should you trust this 72ig implementation program review?


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There is no review on the internet right now that is as honest as this one.


This 72ig implementation program review was written to guide you to know the real truth and not to sugarcoat anything about the 72ig course, hence we are in no way affiliated with this course or the expertnaire platform, please take note.


We have painstakingly put out this 72ig implementation program review to help beginners in Nigeria out there who are looking for a way to make money online as an affiliate marketer.


Giving you the whole truth about this platform without any aim of promoting it to you should be one of the reasons you must trust this 72ig WhatsApp income generator review.


What is the 72ig implementation program about?


72ig which stands for 72 income generator implementation program is a WhatsApp income generator online affiliate marketing course.


This affiliate marketing online course was created by a great Nigerian digital marketer and owner of the expertnaire affiliate platform named Toyin Omotoso.


The course was created to help young aspiring digital marketers with the skills they need to take advantage of WhatsApp affiliate marketing to generate some cool cash.


The owner of this course has proven how these skills have helped him and his students in the past years before he converted these skills into a course that will be of great help to others.


The 72ig implementation program course is packaged with lots of modules and skills needed in the digital marketing world.


72ig WhatsApp income generator has been awakening the zeal and passion among many young Africans for affiliate marketing, and many youths have now seen the advantage of the affiliate marketing business and at the same time have been empowered.


The course without disputation has been the major trend now in the online space.


Nearly everyone wanna promote this course on social media, but wait, is this course worth it?


You will get to find out as we proceed further.


Brief information about Toyin Omotoso


Toyin is a Nigerian affiliate marketer, internet marketer, business consultant, and the owner of a Nigerian-based affiliate program known as the expertaire affiliate program.


This man has made a lot of fortune in the affiliate marketing industry over the years.


Toyin has trained great numbers of successful affiliate marketers both in Nigeria and beyond on the internet for a long period.


When it comes to affiliate and digital marketing in Nigeria, this guy is one of the most talented in the industry.


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What will you learn in the 72ig course


The course is divided into two main parts which are the 72ig WhatsApp income generator and the 72ig implementation program.


Like I said earlier that the course is packaged with many profitable skills which I will love to list very few below so you can check out what you will gain if you buy this course today.


The original 72IG training course – worth ₦62,500

1-year affiliate account on Expertnaire – worth ₦10,000

Webpage Builder & Pre-designed Templates – FREE

Email Marketing Templates – worth N250,000

Access to the FB 72IG Support Group – FREE where you will be practically mentored and guided

50% Commission on the 72IG Implementation Program

2 in 1 Exclusive Bonus – worth ₦15,000


To tell you the truth, this course is very loaded with affiliate and digital marketing skills like product research, presell secret, trojan horse email follow-up, how to profit from ghetto banners, black mirror facebook advertising, webpage creation tutorials, and a lot of bonuses.


Other things you will get when you join:

Deep Training


72ig will teach you from scratch everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.


Quality Teaching


You will learn from Toyin as he passes on his tried-and-tested techniques to enable you to improve in a collaborative, educational, supportive engaging.


Supportive community


You will Get access to an incredible society, where you’ll be able to get advice and response, connect with other students and find friends.


Ongoing Support


Toyin’s course is not “Finish and forget”. The courses are regularly updated with the latest methods.


How much is the 72ig implementation program course?


The course over time has been rising in price as of the time of this 72ig implementation program review the price is 62,500 Nigerian naira.


However, if you are already a member of the expertnaire affiliate network you can get the course at a cheaper rate of 52500 or so.


Buying the course will also allow you to get a 50% commission on everyone you promote the 72ig course to.


How the 72ig WhatsApp income generator works


This is how it works, when you buy the course you will get access to the expertnaire affiliate network for a year.


The next thing for you to do is pick a well-to-do digital product on the expertnaire platform to promote.


Set up your WhatsApp business account and apply the skills in the course to get massive sales.


What you should expect from the 72ig course and why a lot of people are disappointed with this course.


Although many people are making it big with the help of the 72ig WhatsApp income generator course, a good number of people are very disappointed with this course and regret ever buying it.


You may be wondering why on earth are they regretting buying the course, could it be because the course is a scam or not good enough?


No, the main reason people are disappointed with this course is that they expected the course to be a money-generating magic power (lol, if there is anything like that).


The truth is that the 72ig implementation program is not blood money that will start producing millions of naira the night you just purchase it.


Neither is it a Ponzi scheme that will pay you or double your earnings in any way when you get the course.


The course is just like the normal way of gaining profitable skills which will earn you money when you implement it over time.


Well, we can not blame people who got disappointed with the 72ig WhatsApp income generator because of the name of the course itself 72 hours income generator, an average person or beginner may be forced to believe that the course will perform magic under 72 hours, and when the magic is not coming they feel disappointed.


Another reason that brings about many people getting disappointed with this product is also traced to all these Nigerian affiliate marketers looking to promote the product.


These guys are like charming you with sweet words to make sure that you purchase the product while they get the money.


Even if it means for them to promise you that with the course you will start getting rich in three days, they don’t hesitate to.


All these things make people get disappointed after getting to the product and they are not making money quickly like the speed of light.


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So now what should you expect from the 72ig course


72ig implementation program course is just an online digital marketing course just like other courses on the internet and not 72-hour money magic.


If you are interested in buying the 72ig course,  you should just prepare your mind to learn highly valuable skills that can be monetized with time, the truth is that there is no fastest way of making money online.


You need to see it as a skilled course to be implemented with time to yield results and not a get-rich-quick trick or magic.


Is 72ig implementation program legit?


If you have read this 72ig implementation review to this point, then you will be aware that the 72ig course by Toyin Omotoso (CEO of the expert affiliate network) is a legit online course that teaches you digital marketing skills.


Should you buy the 72ig course or not?


If you are still thinking about whether you should buy the 72ig WhatsApp income generator course or not.


The best advice I can give to you now is to go to their official landing page or you can check above in this review to look at everything that will be taught in the course closely.


If you feel like all the things listed there are things you might have already known, then I think there is no need for you to buy the course but if you think you need them and have not known any of those things then you need the course.


Or if you don’t have the budget to get the course yet, that can’t still stop you from doing affiliate marketing.


Just check out our blog post on how to do affiliate marketing with no audience and you will be able to get a working affiliate marketing method that works.


You can also check our article on how to make money as a jvzoo affiliate for free.


More so, you can just check out our affiliate marketing category on this blog and read helpful articles that will help you make money online as a newbie in affiliate marketing.


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Most importantly, if you want to make money online as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria but you don’t have the budget to purchase this 72ig implementation course.


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We would have given out this course for free despite how expensive the course is, but the truth is that most people just don’t value free things nowadays, hence we have made this course affordable for all.


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The course will teach you everything you need to know about combining affiliate marketing and blogging to make $1000 every month online.

Check out the video review below

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