If you have come across this investment platform online and you are here to make your research to find out if this website is a scam or not, you will get to find out in this dailynaira.com.ng review.

Many Ponzi investment platforms have come out recently to enable you to make double of what you invest on their site.

The following are examples of such sites that we have reviewed on this blog in the past.

Bigimarket.shop, weworknga, gain funds, etc.

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The content on this page is not financial advice and should not be treated like such.

We are not trying to promote or demote this platform reviewed in this article.

However, we present to you the truth about the website based on our research.

What is dailynaira

Daily naira is a Ponzi investment website that was launched in Nigeria and its aim was to help people who are in need of help.

The website creates a system where people can make fast cash by investing a token.

According to them, the website is not managed by the Investment made by members on their platform but they have an alternative way that they use to keep the platform running which forex trading is included.

How does dailynaira work?

The website works in three steps, first you need to create an account on their website, secondly, you will invest atleast minimum of 4k naira and within minutes you will receive four thousand naira from four people into your account making it 16k naira.

The 4k you invested will make you extra profit of 12k. Isn’t that cool? Don’t leave yet, still read further.

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Dailynaira signup

To join their official website you can join their site via this link and create your free account.

Is dailynaira.com.ng legit?

We have done our thorough research about this website and have found it to be associated with scam.

As the result, we do not advise any of our visitors to invest in such website.

If you are looking for a site that is legit for you to invest your money, you can drop a comment below in the comment box indicating that you need a legit investment platform and we will consider recommending you the legit investment platform.

Conclusion on Dailynaira.com.ng review

In summary, daily naira as of the time If this review is found to be a scam from our research due to many complaint of people lamenting about how they took their money without even replying to their messages nor picking their calls anymore.

If you feel that what we are saying is not true or you still feel like investing, then you can do that at your risk.

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2 Replies to “Dailynaira.com.ng review 2022. Is dailynaira investment platform genuine?”

  1. I need a legit platform that I can invest with, someone sent me dailynaira but I did not invest.
    So please help with a legit platform.

    1. Why not start an online business and grow it than look for a Ponzi scheme to invest in? Anyway if you insist, these are platforms you can invest in:
      Alat by wema website
      Piggy fund
      I hope this helps.
      If you have more query let us know

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