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What is scribie?Scribie Review

This is a freelancing site just like Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru. In the case of scribie, what sets it apart from the above freelancing platforms is that scribie only focuses on transcribing jobs.


It has been around since 2008 and has paid over $4 Million Dollars to its transcribers, and has over 50k certified transcribers with over 9M minutes transcribed.


The platform was founded by Rajiv poddar in 2008.


Different people work on this website and get paid hourly from home.


Transcribing on scribie can be less competitive than Fiverr if I am not mistaken.


Although you will be competing with over 50 thousand people if you’re transcribing on Scribie compared to Fiverr where you will be competing with over 68k people as you can see below.Fiverr vs Scribie

How does it work?How does scribie works

This platform stands as a mediator between employers and transcribers looking to get paid from home.


In order to offer the best service to its clients, they have set up a set of processes and requirements one needs to possess before he/she can get accepted to work on their site.


Before you are accepted, you need to be given a test to prove how skilled you are before they can expose you to work with their clients and earn money.


Passing the test will help you get certified on the platform, even after being certified, each work you do is rated by the platform.


The grade given to you based on your performance ranges from 5(excellent) to 1(poor).


To get promoted on this platform to higher levels which will land you higher paid jobs you need to maintain a good average grading.


On the contrary, if your average grade falls below 2.5, you may be demoted and that can result in reduction of money that can be earned.


If you can work very hard on this site and take it very seriously to deliver outstanding services, you can be promoted to a proofreader, and from there to QC and super QC which is the highest level.


Also take note that the more hardworking you are in getting grades, the more difficult tasks and lengthy tasks you will have access to and the more $$$ you will earn per hour.


Requirements to make money 

To make money with this transcribing site, you must make sure you have the following requirements:


  • A laptop or desktop
  • Verified PayPal
  • Ability to apply context and identify mistakes
  • Broadband connection
  • Headphone or Headphone
  • A good understanding of English language
  • Able to interpret conversations

How to make money with scribie? Scribe jobs from home

According to them, You will get paid from $5 to $20 per hour of transcribing with Scribie.com.


As a certified transcriber on scribie, you will get access to different transcribing jobs and files.


How much can a beginner make on Scribie?How much can you make on Scribie

How much money you can make from scribie depends on many factors like your skill and expertise, your number of working hours, and your level on Scribie.


As a beginner who is working part-time, and putting in 1 hour daily, you can make $50 at the end of the month.


If you can double or quadruple your effort and put in 4 hours daily working on scribie, you can make up to $200 monthly.


This can be a very good side hustle.

How much can I make on Scribie per month?

As an expert, you can make from $200 to $3200 monthly by putting in 1 to 16 hours of work respectively.


Is Scribie legit or a scam?

Scribie has existed for too long to be seen as a scam.


They have been working and paying their freelancers.


There are freelancers secretly making thousands of dollars from this website.


There is so much money to be made here.

Is Scribie worth your time?

If freelancing is what interests you, then I think this is worth your try because this is a real business model and not some kind of watch videos and get paid scams.

Is Scribie hiring worldwide?

Yes, they accept freelancers from all parts of the world provided you have a valid or verified PayPal account.


If you are in a country like Nigeria where PayPal is not allowed, you won’t be allowed because even if you make money, you will not be able to withdraw your money, to prevent that, they recommend that you find a way possible to have a verified PayPal account before you can be accepted fully to work on scribie.com.

Can I use scribie on my phone

No, if you checked the requirements listed earlier in this Scribie Review, you will notice that use of phones was not in the list.


You can’t transcribe on Scribie with your phone unless you use a laptop.

Is scribie good for beginners?

Making from $50 to $1000 monthly is a very good start for beginners online.


Looking at the competition, if you are focused and offer the best you can and beat down the competition.


You can make a lot of money.


Scribie is a good start for beginning freelancers with transcribing skills.

Scribie withdrawal

There is no minimum withdrawal limit on this platform, as a result of that you can withdraw your money any time via PayPal.


It takes 24 hours(1 business day) to process your withdrawal.

Scribie sign up, how to get startedScribie sign up and login

To get started on scribie, you need to click on this link to sign up.


After that, you confirm your email.


Login to your account and set up your PayPal account.


Take a test


And get certified.

Scribie Reviews complaints

You can check out some of the complaints and other things people are saying about this site.

Conclusion on scribie Review

We have finally arrived at the conclusion of this Scribie Review, we have discussed a lot already about this site.


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