Welcome to our honest Newsnaira Review. Newsnaira is an income program that has been around for a long time. On this site, you will get paid to read news and comment on them. In the past, people have been cashing out 44k in a month from this website. The issue now Is, “is Newsnaira still paying?”.

You will definitely find the answer to that question in this article.

When it comes to top ‘get paid to read news’ platforms, Newsnaira can never be exempted from the list.

People have been making a lot of money online from this site just by enjoying the benefit of scrolling through news articles and getting paid even if you don’t read them.

I have personally made some bucks from this site when I got to the online business space recently before I engage in other stuff online.

The truth is that Newsnaira is no longer the Newsnaira you used to know, most of the reviews about Newsnaira on Google are outdated.

Things have changed over the years and that’s the reason I made this latest Newsnaira Review to guide you and reveal to you how the platform is now.

What I will be telling you in this review is what most people will hide from you. I have done research on the internet and found out that no one has really disclosed the present Newsnaira.

 Well, out of passion we have for you to succeed in this online money making journey, we won’t hesitate to be honest with you.

That’s why you must not skip any part of this review and follow me up to the end.

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What is Newsnaira all about?Newsnaira Review

Newsnaira is an income program that rewards you for your efforts in reading and commenting on news.


The site is constantly updated with news daily.


The platform aims at empowering the masses who have access to the smartphone but have no job or are in need of a side hustle.


Students and stay at home moms also can make money with this website.


As you can see, making money online has just been made easier by Newsnaira. 


All that is needed now is for you to tap in, but before you make that decision to join, it will be wise if you read this Newsnaira review first to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

How does it work?How Newsnaira works

First, you need to be informed that registration on the Newsnaira income program is not free.


You will have to pay a registration fee of 1600 Naira to fully become a member.


There is no need for too much explanation here as all you will be doing is to engage with fresh news articles.


That is, news that has not been more than 3 hours since it was published.


Reading and commenting on old contents will not earn you any money.


It is important you know this to avoid time wastage.


As we proceed we will be giving you a breakdown of the earning structure.



As a member of the Newsnaira income program for more than 2 years now. Below are the benefits you will be getting for joining:

  • Ability to make your easiest money online.
  • For news lovers, you have now seen the opportunity to monetize your passion.
  • Ability to post your own article and voice your opinion.


How to make money with Newsnaira


Here is a breakdown of the earning structure of the Newsnaira income program.

There are three plans available on Newsnaira and you will earn according to the plan you choose to register with.


Your welcome bonus is 50 Naira



  1. Reading News – Earn ₦2 per fresh news. 
  2. Comment – You will ₦3 per comment you drop for a news article. If you read and comment on a news article that will make you 5 Naira. That can amount to 1000 Naira or more daily as there are many news items always updated hourly on this site. You just have to check in constantly.
  3. Receive A Comment Like –  You will get paid ₦10 per like someone droo on your comment. However if you try to ask people to like your comment you will not be rewarded as it is against their policy.
  4. Post Article –  You will earn ₦10 for each post you make.
  5. Daily Login –  You will get paid ₦50.(once a day)
  6. Sharing Sponsored Posts –  You make ₦100 per share of sponsored posts on your dashboard (once a day).
  7. Registration Bonus –  You will get paid ₦50 upon sign up.(once)
  8. Invite a bronze member – You will Make ₦1000 per user. This is unlimited earning.


  1. Reading News –  You will earn ₦5 per news read.
  2. Commenting – You will earn ₦10 per news article you comment on.
  3. Receive A Comment Like – You will earn ₦20 per like your comment attracts.
  4. Posting Article – You will earn ₦50 for each post and the limit is ten in a day.
  5. Daily Login – You will earn ₦100 daily login.(once a day)
  6. Sharing Sponsored Posts – ₦100 per shared post to your social media platforms (once a day)
  7. Registration Bonus – Get paid ₦200 when you sign up via this plan (once)
  8. Invite a Silver member – ₦2000 per user invited through you.(unlimited)


  1. Reading News – You will earn ₦10 per news read. 
  2. Commenting – You will earn ₦20 per comment you drop on any article.
  3. Receive A Comment Like –  You will Get ₦30 per like.
  4. Posting Article –  You will make ₦200 per post you publish and you can make ₦2000 daily.(10 a day)
  5. Daily Login – ₦200.(once a day)
  6. Sharing Sponsored Posts – You will earn ₦100 per share (once a day).
  7. Registration Bonus – ₦500 (once)
  8. Invite a Gold Member – ₦4000 per user(unlimited)


Newsnaira withdrawalNewsnaira withdrawal

 Withdrawals on the Newsnaira income program are usually processed on Fridays, although you can request a withdrawal any day provided the minimum payout is reached.


What is the minimum payout for Newsnaira?


When once your earnings (both affiliate and activity are added together) reaches 5000 Naira you can place a withdrawal request.

Is Newsnaira legit?

Yes, but don’t get over excited. There is a reason I am saying this.


Read on to find out the reason for the ‘BUT’

Is Newsnaira real or fake?

They are real and their mode of operation is clearly stated. I don’t think they should be referred to as a fake platform based on the fact that they do pay their members.

Is Newsnaira safe?

This is what I can’t really tell at the moment, maybe you can do more research on this if you are so eager to know how safe they are.


But I have been using them to make money for more than two years now, no harm to my device, no bad complaints or whatsoever.

Is Newsnaira still paying?

As I said earlier, Newsnaira pays even until now but there is one thing most people will hide from you.


Here on this blog we say everything the way it is.


That’s why you should join our telegram community for more updates.


To be frank, the Newsnaira income program does not pay you if you do not earn at least 2000 Naira from affiliate earnings.


That is, for every 5000 Naira you withdraw, 2000 Naira will come from affiliate and 3000 from activity earning.Is Newsnaira still paying?


I hope you understand. You can drop a comment if you do not get it clear. We will be happy to respond on time.

Conclusion on Newsnaira Review

Generally, making money online requires a positive attitude and right mindset. One of the reasons you find it difficult to make money online is because you don’t emphasize the positive.


Some of you may be afraid to join the Newsnaira income program because they pay you only when you make 2K in referral.


If you’re one of those guys that are always afraid of Referral programs, let me sound it out now to you. I have been in this online business space for more than 2 years now and I can advise you that making money online without referral is hard.


Every company now is very generous when it comes to getting people paid to bring in more people to their platform.


Just like other high income skills, referral marketing is one of them and can make you real money online.


I teach this on my telegram group, you must be missing a lot if you’re not among the group.


So if you ask me, is the Newsnaira income program worth my time? I would say yes if you desire to step out of your comfort zone and make real money online.


You can join them now via the links below


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