Gone are the days when you must show your face on a video before you can make money on YouTube.

In this blog post, you will be exposed to no face YouTube channel ideas that will enable you to join many content creators who are making huge amounts of money on YouTube.

There are many people out there who are interested in making money with YouTube but they are hindered from fulfilling their dreams and reaching their targeted audience on YouTube because of one thing or the other.

Some of these things include, a lack of confidence to appear on camera, a lack of good cameras to record high-quality videos, a lack of microphone speakers to record your voice, a bad voice, and so on.

Whatever may be your reason for not appearing on camera to record your YouTube videos can not stop you anymore from making money uploading videos on YouTube.

What am about to teach you today in this article is what many people have made thousands of dollars from their homes doing it.

Just think of how you can make from $200 to as much as you can monthly with a faceless YouTube channel, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make with this strategy.

And the most interesting thing is that you can start this no face YouTube channel now as a business.

If you have never made any money online before, then I promise you this article will be your breakthrough to financial freedom online, trust me.

To get the best as I have always said, just follow me bit by bit, and do not skip any part of this article so you will not skip any important details that can be of tremendous value to you.

But if you are the type that believes that you can’t make any money on the internet then I don’t think reading this article is good for you.

Just stop reading right now and go do something else with your data, maybe chatting with friends on Facebook or watching TikTok videos.

No face YouTube channel success


That may sound harsh, but the truth is that success begins from the mind, make your research about this, when once you don’t program your mind to succeed then you can never succeed.

But for those who believe they can do this, I guarantee you that this is gonna be your easiest money made online because all you gonna do is to be using creativity to produce content.

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12 no face YouTube channel ideas to make money

Like is often said by late pastor Myles Munroe, poor people pursue money, (and the funny thing is that they will never get the money they pursue), rich people pursue material things and wealthy people pursue ideas.

That’s just how money-making online works, many people want to make money online on the internet without pursuing a business idea.

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There is no way you pursue a YouTube channel idea and grow your channel with consistency that you will never make money. Nothing can stop a man running after an idea from making money.

The following are the top twelve no face youtube niches to make money on youtube without showing your face.

You are advised to pick one that is conversant with you and run with it. Hope you grab the point. Let’s go…

Examples of top faceless YouTube channels that make money

I will be listing out the niche and at least an example of a no-face YouTube channel on that niche that is making money.

Gaming no-face youtube channel:

For those who are passionate about playing video games, this is a big opportunity for you to use your hobby to make a living online.

With this kind of channel, you do not need to show your face, all you need to be doing is to pick up a game you are good at, it may be a PES game or wrestling.

Make a Live stream of the game as you are playing or simply record your screen and upload it on your no-face YouTube channel.

You may be wondering how will people be interested to watch this kind of faceless youtube channel.

Let me not talk much, but I think is best you could see for yourself.

Here is a very good example of a channel in this niche that is making thousands of dollars doing just this.

The channel is main event games where they stream live wrestling games

Examples of faceless YouTube channels

You can click on this link to see the channel and check more about them.


Faceless music vlog

If you are a fan of music this can go well with you a lot. This kind of Vlogs allows you to upload your music without showing your face to your channel and make money.

This is a pretty good example of a YouTube channel that is doing this.

Faceless music channelyou can visit the channel here.


Audiobook and stories faceless Youtube channel

Many people love listening to interesting audio stories that contain some moral lessons in it. To tell you the truth, I am a big fan of audio stories and I watch this kind of channel a lot.

The majority of people can’t just resist fascinating tales and I must confess, this is one of the easiest no-face YouTube channel ideas to go after cause all you need is a story that must be in an audio format that you need to use as voice-over for your video.

You can choose to use your voice to make videos like this or use an AI voice-over to do the task. I will explain later on in this post how to create a faceless YouTube channel with no face and no voice.

With consistency, you will be surprised at your level of success and growth over time.

A good example of a YouTube channel in this niche is the word of wisdom YouTube channel.

In the case of the aforementioned Faceless YouTube channel, they focused on motivational stories, so you have the freedom to sub-niche your YouTube channel to stories more specific niche.

product review

This type of YouTube faceless channel has to do with reviewing of product you have used in the past based on your honest experience while using them which may be very helpful to people who are considering such products and you may influence their buying decision and guess what?

There is a huge opportunity for affiliate sales and sponsorship deals in this kind of niche and much money to make as the amount of money to be made is directly proportional to the number of opportunities.

However, your ability to niche down to a particular hot set of products will give you a boost.

How much you niche down will determine how much serious audience you will be having on your channel and subsequently how much money you will be making.

Make money online channel

 There are youtube channels with no face and voice in the make money online niche that are making thousands of dollars online.

I don’t know if you have come across these channels before Finance Girl, The prodigy and Everyday money.

These channels are the top faceless youtube channels in the MMO niche.

The owner of these channels use the power of creativity to build valuable content without showing their faces and even recording their voices.

Spirituality Niche

This type of no-face youtube channel deals with spirituality contents.

List of Other Top faceless youtube channel ideas to explore

    • Mystery Unboxing

      : With this kind of faceless youtube channel you can be opening different mystery boxes without showing your face.

    • ASMR Soundscapes:

      You can create relaxing ASMR content that has to do with sounds like tapping, scratching, and whispering without showing your face on the channel.

    • Cooking Without a Chef:
    • You can make videos around cooking without showing yourself just focusing on the cooking procedures.
    • Ghost Story Narrations: Do you know you can Share horror ghost stories using deep sounding AI voices with your identity hidden, you can make it more mystery and interesting.
    • Art and Craft Tutorials: Are you knowledgeable in art and craft? Then why don’t you start a faceless youtube channel around this niche and start teaching different art and craft with just your hands doing the action without showing your face.
    • Science Experiments: This type of no-face youtube channel idea is basically for people with good knowledge of science and technology.
    • Travel Adventures: You can make videos about places you visited, tourist attractions, beautiful places in the world and so on without showing your face.
    • Instrumental Music Covers: Do you know you can create an instrumental music cover of famous musics on your channel and get lots of views?
    • Miniature Creations: Make awesome videos about small houses, train and so on.
    • Educational Whiteboard Animation: You can monetize that skills or knowledge you have by making educational whiteboard videos.
    • Nature and Wildlife Filmmaking: You can make videos about wildlife and saying some facts about them without you being the centre of focus.
    • Puzzle Solving and Brain Teasers: Showcase your Brain power by creating useful content, solving riddles and difficult puzzle.
    • Product Reviews: You may have bought and used many gadgets and items from popular marketplaces, why not create a channel around it and start making honest review about them for people to have pre-knowledge of those products before making purchase.
    • DIY Home Improvement: Do it your own videos about anything at all can be a very helpful and profitable faceless youtube channel idea.
    • Language Learning Tutorials: Thousand of people are willing to pay just to learn that language you are speaking. Why not create a channel around this and teach them for free and at the same time make money online from home?
    • Historical Reenactments: There is one faceless channel I watched and almost forgot myself because of how interested the channel was. What made it that interesting was the creative skills that was used in creating content about horrorful historical leaders that did some bizarre things and ruled harshly.
    • Documentary-style Videos: With some good story telling skills you can make a fortune out of this.
    • Fitness and Workout Guides: With concise demonstration and explaination videos you can successfully build an interesting channel by creating content around fitness schedule and guides.
    • Time-lapse Artwork: You can be creating art work with time-lapse technique in your videos.
    • Satisfying Compilation Videos: Compilation of visually appealing videos can make a good youtube channel with no face.

    Conclusion on Profitable No face Youtube channel ideas

In summary, to stand out and make the most money on youtube you need to offer valuable content irrespective of whether faceless or non-faceless channel.

If you are so much interested to implement what is been taught in this blog post today and start making a whole lots of money for yourself on Youtube without showing your face and recording your voice.

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If you must make money online, you must do away with procrastination.

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Let’s go.


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