Sometimes, to achieve our goals, we have to make an extra effort. The salary of formal employment is not always able to cover all expenses and, on top of that, leaves no room for saving! And if you’re wondering: how do I make money? We have some answers to that question and you won’t even have to leave your house.

Many people are managing to put their plans into practice working in their free time, from home. Incidentally, it should be said that many people leave their formal jobs to start doing business at home, improving their quality of life.

Want to know how you can work from home and gain financial independence? Check out the 9 tips to make money for a home that we have separated to serve as inspiration!

9 tips on how to make money from home in 2024

1. Do freelance work

What do you have experience with? Leverage your knowledge — the things you’ve learned throughout your life or in the classroom — to get some extra jobs! The tip is that, on the internet, there are many ways to do this.

Want an example? More and more companies are betting on content marketing, generating significant demand for interesting materials for their customers.

The objective is to approach the public, creating a relationship of trust and, at the same time, transmitting authority over its market.

If you understand a lot about a certain subject, know that it is possible to talk about it and still earn for it.

It is not just writing that count: there is a considerable demand for professionals for various activities, such as:

Text review;
Content layout;
Creation of graphic arts;
Translation of content from (and into) foreign languages;
Elaboration of slide presentations (PowerPoint or Prezi type).
Where to start looking?

It is not difficult to find options on the web. There are specialized platforms that rely on the work of freelancers to produce texts and other materials to feed institutional blogs.

In addition, some sites specialize in bridging the gap between freelancers and companies interested in the service. Want some examples? Check out Rock Content, Workana, Freelancer, Fiverr, and GetNinjas.

Furthermore, it is worth frequenting LinkedIn and keeping an eye on connections and proposals that may arise on the network.

Many agencies, companies, and even niche professionals are looking for someone to develop some freelance work. Networking event opens many doors to get more customers!

2. Provide consultancy in your area

A good tip is to teach other people what you’ve learned throughout your life. Do you have a university degree in a specific area or have you already accumulated a lot of experience in a certain sector? How about helping other professionals and companies to continuously improve and earn higher profits?

Offer online consulting services! You can prepare presentation material, and make a Facebook fan page and a YouTube video channel. Thus, you demonstrate your knowledge and gain customers!

The best thing is that, as you get space and gain prominence, your added value increases — consequently, it increases the financial return of your work. This way, you can work from the comfort of your own home and still earn extra money.

3. Offer courses and video classes

Since we are talking about passing on knowledge, some need that little help with Excel, Corel Draw, Photoshop, or even personalized classes on the most difficult subjects in high school/college.

And you can be the solution to these problems! The good thing is that this is independent of your background.

By choosing this path, it is possible to help those in need and still have an extra income.

But keep an eye out: there is already a lot of free material out there on all sorts of subjects.

One way to stand out is to offer virtual classes, in a videoconference with the student, teaching in a personalized way and focusing on what he has the most difficulty with.

Think about it: if you needed help, wouldn’t this be a great resource?

This individualized performance is a little more work and takes time, but it generates a better income.

There are a lot of people willing to pay for good quality services! This can boost your financial planning.

4. Sell products on a marketplace

Marketplaces have been gaining a lot of space: they are those stores that people and companies use to sell their products on the Internet.

Warrior plus  and Jvzoo are examples of marketplaces. You can enjoy all the reputations of these companies and sell simply and easily, from your home.

The advantage of this alternative is that it offers an entire ready-made infrastructure, accepting receipts with cards, bills, and bank transfers, without having to buy machines or anything like that.

In addition, you can take advantage of publicity campaigns without paying anything and, as mentioned, take advantage of the fact that the marketplace already has a name in the market.

On the other hand, you need to transfer a percentage of sales to remunerate the site. This means that your products may be more expensive or that your profit margin will decrease.

It is worth investing in good pricing strategies to sell well and achieve a satisfactory return.

In addition to stores like the ones mentioned above, there is Mercado Livre — a platform where you can sell various types of products — and Elo7 — which allows artisans to sell exclusive items.

Other good tools are Enjoei — which works as an online thrift store — and the famous click bank.

The options are many, aren’t they? Just find the one that matches best with what you intend to offer. You can still be present in more than one and increase your chances of success!

5. Set up your virtual store

Several tools facilitate this process, such as Wix and WordPress. In general, you will need:

To register a domain — a web address, such as;

Pay a hosting service to keep the site up 24 hours a day;

Create the layout or hire a professional web designer to do it. You can hire us by contacting us now.

From there, the path is to register the products to sell to interested parties, regardless of where they are!

The more variety of payment terms you offer (including credit and debit), the more professional your website can be — especially if the idea is promising! It is also interesting to include more than one shipping option.

Don’t worry about having a giant website, as if it were a professional store. The important thing is to start! After the kickoff, everything gets easier.

Take the first step and stick with it, and little by little you will get a return.

6. Use your social media to promote products and services

If you don’t want to have your website or intend to sell your products on a marketplace, avoiding commissions, an interesting tip is to take advantage of the power of social networks!

Lots of people use Facebook and Instagram to promote crafts, catalog merchandise, handmade items, and even services like manicures and party decor.

Take advantage of your network of contacts and ask for publicity.

The more people share the posts, the greater the reach of your work. This is much cheaper than traditional marketing (flyers, folders, etc.).

Joining this strength with good quality products or services, you get good money!

7. Respond to online surveys

Did you know that you can earn money at home by answering surveys on various topics on the Internet? So it is! Some companies offer rewards for people to participate and answer surveys online.

Normally, registration to participate is free and you will get credits as you complete the survey you entered.

Thus, in the hours that are left over daily, it is possible to make good extra money to help achieve your goals simply and easily. Wonderful, isn’t it?


8. Sell with the DIY method

Do you know what DIY is? Despite the acronym being strange, this is the act of doing craft or manual work.

The term is an abbreviation and comes from the English “Do It Yourself”.

Thus, it is possible to earn more money by producing items and making sales.

Some tips can help on this entrepreneurial journey. It is worth planning what you are going to produce, diversifying your offers, and doing market research to see which products are most sought after by people.

That way, you get your production right, solve an audience’s problems, and start profiting from it. Consequently, you increase your income by working from home and in a practical way.

9. Create a blog

The creation of blogs or digital products is an excellent alternative to gain authority in the market and use that credibility to sell your own or your partner’s products.

Imagine, for example, that you have a blog about music.

By developing this communication channel, generating value for the audience, and producing content regularly, you gain authority in this segment.

Through this relationship with the public, it is possible to partner with device and accessory companies, music apps, and directly with artists seeking promotion, for example.

Conclusion on 9 tips to make money from home.

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