Am sure you wanna engage in some online business but don’t have the start-up budget. I will teach you how to raise funds for business online for any online business like blogging, virtual online shops, and others.


If you have been asking questions like how can I raise capital for my business Online, how to raise capital for a startup business online. This article will show you lots of secret methods to raise capital for your online business.

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Without wasting much time let’s get to the business of today.


how to raise funds for business online with these money-making websites


These websites will help you make money you use to start any online business.

Viral trend

Do you love being on social media, liking and commenting on people’s posts? Would you love to make money just by liking and commenting  on social media posts?


Viral trend is an amazing website that will pay you for each post you like on Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

If you wanna learn more about how to make money with viral trend website.

Click here to read full viral trend reviews

However, to make money from viral trend you need to pay a registration fee of 500 naira and you must be from Nigeria or another African country.


If you are not from Nigeria, don’t worry, read on, we have other websites on our list that will work for you perfectly.


You can join viral trend by clicking here

Kuda banking app


This is an online mobile banking app and it works only in Nigeria and the United kingdom.


This app is really cool. You can make as much as ten thousand naira daily with this app.


Each person you refer to kuda you will earn 200 naira and the person you referred to will also earn 200 naira.


To start making money on kuda you have to take the following steps.


All you have to do is to Download Kuda here: and join with this code: RvmIfX98.


Submit your bvn and NIN to them to prove that you are a real human being.


Don’t worry about the safety of this app while submitting your bvn because it is very safe and approved by the central bank of Nigeria.


Whatever I am listing in this article is what I have done before and see results.


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This is the third on our list, this website pays you to click on websites and you get paid for it.


If you wanna learn more about ojooo you can click here


Ojooo works worldwide.



If you want to get more experience and definitely raise money for your blogging online business then lodpress is surely for you.


With lodpress you can make money by simply writing articles and more so you will improve on your writing skills as you write more.


Before I started my blog, I was a lodpress writer.


It helped me a lot cause I really get more experience that was preparing me to be a good writer as I was getting paid for writing for this website


If you are passionate about blogging you can raise money for your blogging business with this website.


You can click on this link now to learn how I made a hundred dollars in a month writing for lodpress.


You can also check out other cool websites that pays you to write articles.


Lodpress works worldwide.


Wazobet affiliate


Do you know that you can make a whole lot of passive income as a wazobet affiliate.


If you are wondering how, wazobet is a betting site like betnaija and kings bet.


If you love making passive income I will teach you everything to do to succeed as wazobet affiliate and how to succeed and make money.


All you have to do is to click this article and learn everything you need to know to make money on wazobet.


This is a very great get paid to perform tasks website that is very pays very high per tasks.


However, this website does not work in Nigeria.


But you can always use a VPN.


If you are interested to learn more about how to make money on this website let me know in the comment section.


You can click here to register if you are from the USA and other first-world countries.


Use a VPN if you are not allowed.


On this website, For each referral that becomes active, you will earn a signup commission of $0.10 or $0.30 from select countries (see details).

 Once your referrals earn their first $5.00 (excluding commissions and bonuses) you will also earn an extra $2.00* bonus!.


 6.  Freedoge

I made a lot of dollars with this website.

To learn more click on this link to know how to make real money on this website for free.


It works worldwide.

Don’t forget to check out how to make free 1000 dollars from PayPal.

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