Can you get paid up to $200 for just engaging with companies adverts on rateglo? Let’s find in this rateglo review. I will be taking you through step by step on everything you need to know about this platform in question.


Now rateglo is an online platform that claims you can earn money on the internet by working with them. 


If you are familiar with income programs you will know how platforms like this tend to lure people with fake promises.


At the end of the day, with the hope of making real money online, you get disappointed or get scammed.


I have been in the online space for long and I know how painful it is to get scammed on the internet, yes I do.


Many have been victims of this many times till it gets to the point where they no longer believe money can be made online.


If you are part of these people, I want to assure you that money can be made online.


You just need a good source of online business information, your success lies in the kind of information you are exposed to.


Maybe you were taught the wrong thing, or your approach was wrong. On this blog we teach you the latest working methods of making money online that have worked for us.


And we review earning platforms to help you know if they are real or fake, just like the one you’re reading now.


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With that said, let us continue.

What is it all about?

Incase you are not still getting picture of what this platform has to offer, rateglo is an earning website that claims to work with reputable companies like afternic, name pros, brandpocket and many more.


According to them, They make earning money with your smartphone easier and achievable by connecting these companies you see in the image above with those who are interested in making money online like me and you.


The whole idea of how they operate will be fully explained as we proceed in this article.


Do not skip any part to avoid missing details that may be relevant to you. I will do my best to make sure the post is concise.


At the end of this blog post I have a gift for you.

How does it work?

How does rateglo work? You can earn money with rateglo using any device at all and for availability, I don’t really know if they are available worldwide.


You can always try and see as there is no harm in trial ok?


Let’s move on buddy to the cynosure of rateglo.


The whole idea about this site is that you will be able to earn money in USD when you interact with advertisement on the site.


Several companies pay rateglo to advertise their businesses and your work is to engage with them by giving an honest review of their business plan or strategy as posted on the platform.


This looks like a very easy job to complete from home right? Sure, it is enticing.


You know what? Don’t get too excited yet, let’s explore further if rateglo is worth your time and energy.


We care about you and we wouldn’t want you to get trapped by fake sites, that’s why you must read this rateglo review to the end ok?

How to earn money with rateglo

Rateglo Review

There are only two ways to earn money with rateglo which are the companies review and referral program.


Let’s discuss how money can be made in these two ways.


Reviewing companies:

There are many company business ideas and strategy, business logos, slogan and so on that are posted on this site frequently.


To earn, you are required to rate these businesses by giving them your honest review to help them better optimize their business strategies via your opinions and views.


The purpose of this may be because of the fact that you have some thing valuable to contribute that may not be in their mind or what they think is cool might not be cool to their target customers.


But I have been seeing something that look like a red flag. This site is reportedly known to publish virtual adverts that are made from them.


These ads are not real, weather you do them or not, the companies are not aware of them as it wasn’t from them.

The claim to partner with the following companies

Companies to review on rateglo

Referral program:

Another way to sum up your earnings on rateglo is by referring your friends and family to earn with you too.


You can do that by by sharing the unique affiliate link given to you when you were signed up to their platform.


Upon successfully referral, you will be able to earn up to $1 when your downline has been able to be active on the site.


How much can you make in a day?

I can’t tell your earning potential by working on this site but they claim you can make real money from this site.


I will only advise you to take away much expectations from this site to avoid having heart attack ok?


This may sound funny, but may also be real.

Minimum withdrawal

Just like most earning sites, they have a minimum payout amount, but theirs is so high.


You will only be able to withdraw your money to Paypal or Skrill when you have made up to $80 on this site.


when a site has such a high withdrawal threshold, it is suspected to be a scam.


So is rateglo legit or a scam?

Is rateglo legit or a scam

Before now you should have a feeling that this site must be a scam based on the rateglo review so far.


The site has no proven way they get the funds to pay their members, although you can make withdrawal request, the fact is that you won’t be paid at all.


So why waste your time. But wait, don’t go yet, I have a better way of earning for you at the end of this post. 

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Is rateglo safe?

No, the site is insecured and has no SSL certificate.


Do not put in any of your private data or credit card info on the site.

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Is rateglo real or fake?

To be short, yes there are.

They are just there to waste you time with huge expectations.


To wrap up this rateglo review, you have seen how this site works and the outcome of joining them now.


You may be disappointed but is good you know the truth.


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