One of the greatest desires of most African youths is to have a successful online business that pays them from home. You need to take this advice on making money online in Nigeria very seriously if you have that desire to earn money online.


Many people are finding it hard making consistent money online because they are not ready to obey the laws that lead to success in the online business world.


As it is often said, “Information is power”, this post is guaranteed to empower you to start earning massive money online.


All you need to do is to have the following in place:

  • A smartphone or laptop with internet connection.
  • A positive mindset
  • Focus
  • Discipline 

If you have those four things in place then making the best out from this blog post will be an easy task.


Out of passion to raise online entrepreneurs, I am presenting this course to you on How to earn money online for free without you paying me.


Years ago, I was very broke and I never knew what to do. I got introduced to online business opportunities via Articles from opera news.


And I asked myself, How can I make money online honestly? I did a lot of searches on google. How will I start making money online was my thought all day long.


In my ambition to make money online in Nigeria I joined many scam sites and got disappointed.


As a young teenager who was just done with his secondary school education I was depressed due to how many times I tried and failed.


Added to the fact that I came from a background that had a very negative view of anything online and they perceive online business to be a waste of time and energy.


I got no support because no one believed in what I was doing at all. Sometimes, I felt like commanding search engines to just tell me one site on how to start making money online right now.


Eventually, I understood what I am about to share with you in this blog post and my online business story changed for good.


Since then I have been making consistent money online as a teenager and getting peace of mind.


Indeed, what we don’t know is greater than us and we can’t make an impact beyond our knowledge.


Before I go ahead to discuss the advice on making money online in Nigeria I want to welcome you if this is your first time visiting this website.


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Advice on making money online in Nigeria

In case you have been asking, Why do I struggle to earn money? What is the best online money making method?


I have been in the online business space for years now with knowledge and experiences.


Here are my expert advice on making money online in Nigeria below:


Identify your passion and interest:

Donald Trump, former president of the United States once said to the youths, if you want to be rich, do what you love doing.


When you are earning money by doing the things you love, you will definitely not get stressed out as you are not seeing as boring work.


One unique thing about making money on the internet is that there are many opportunities and there is a high probability of making real money doing the things you love.


For example, I love writing Articles to impact people, that’s why I started this blog.


What do you love doing? Find yours. It may be creating videos, dancing, singing etc.

Have a high income skill to offer:

Maybe you haven’t come across this Before, there are skills, and there are high income skills.


What differentiates them is that while people can make decent money from skills, high income skills make you money that an ordinary skill will take 6 months to pay you 1 day or a week depending on how good you are.


Start creating content:

Many young Nigerians have gotten wealthy with this online business. Many call this business model, the new oil well. 


If you have any expertise in any field of life, you will be surprised at the number of people who are interested to learn from you.


Why don’t you start a blog or a YouTube channel now and teach what you are good at then monetize your content when you might have built enough audience.


Popular content creators in Nigeria are Linda Ikeji, Blessing Kolawole, Daniel Umeh, Mark Angel etc.


Content creation has changed many people from a poor background to creating sustainable wealth.


You too can be part of this. Just visit our shop now and get a content creation course at a very affordable price to get started.


With the help of digital marketing and Social media like instagram and Tiktok, you can drive massive sales to your ecommerce site.


You may need some capital to start this business.

Start affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing can be the easiest or the hardest way to make money online in Nigeria depending on your approach.


Many Nigerians usually make the mistake of starting affiliate marketing without having any audience, no copywriting skills and no good product to offer.


To succeed with affiliate marketing you need to own a blog or have a good following on social media like YouTube or Tiktok.


The Articles can add some values to you


Cryptocurrency trading:

This may be a bit risky business idea but it is profitable if you can handle the risk involved.


You need to have a good understanding of how the market operates before starting this business online.


Digital skills training:

With the rise of digital marketing and online business. Almost Everyone is very interested in learning a high income digital skill.


If you have one, why don’t you get people to pay you to teach them? I have made a lot of money teaching people several digital skills I have learnt over the years.

Virtual assistant:

There are hundreds of businesses established on a daily basis and these businesses need virtual assistants to do tasks like social media manager, work as customer care agent, or data entry.


You can register on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Sproutgigs or gigwalker.

Stay informed and avoid scams:

Information is power, and we empower you on this blog with up to date online business strategies and ideas that are working for me and my students.


One of my greatest pieces of advice on making money online in Nigeria is to get attached to an honest source to learn the new trends of online business.


And we have a telegram community just for you, why not join now if you must make money online.


You will be notified and get legit updates weekly as our goal is making you earn money online.

Leverage social media:

It is obvious that many Nigerians are using social media to watch entertaining videos to get them temporary excitement.


But the truth is that lasting happiness only comes when you fulfill your goal of making enough money on your smartphone to pay your bills.


The day I stopped using my social media accounts for personal chats, I started making money by using it to market to my audience.


We are complaining of time but busy spending over 7 hours scrolling unending feeds that are harmful to our brain cells.


Wake up from this bondage, your smartphone is a good servant and a very bad master.


Visit our shop now to get started with any online business of your choice and start making $200+ weekly or monthly.


Conclusion on advice on making money online in Nigeria

Understand that making money online requires consistency ok?


Let us educate others, why don’t you share your own advice on making money online in Nigeria in the comment section of this blog post.


I can also be learning from you and others can tap current too.


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