Vitisocial formerly known as viraltrend is a Nigerian based fast growing social media platform and in this vitisocial review we will get to find out everything you should know about them.

Vitisocial review formerly viraltrend

You may be looking forward to knowing the answer to the following queries like what is all about? How does vitisocial work? How to sign up on vitisocial, Is vitisocial legit or a scam? How to make money online with and many other queries.


If you have been asking any of the above questions, then you are at the right place as we will do justice to all your queries concerning vitisocial in this vitisocial review.


All you have to do to get the best from this blog post is to avoid anything that will distract you and focus as I will be taking you through on how you can make money from this site.


Trying to skim through is not gonna be helpful as you will be skimming through some valuable details.


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What is vitisocial all about?

Just like Facebook and Instagram, vitisocial is a social media platform that connects people and gives people the platform to share their heart and impact others with what they know.


You can connect with others on this platform and you get paid also for being a content creator. There are many features that make this website a unique one.


I will be revealing these features to you in full so that you know exactly what this social media platform has to offer.


How does it work?

Every Social media platform has a way they operate and algorithm. Vitisocial has two main ways to benefit as a member.


You can create a publisher account or an advertiser’s account. As an advertiser, you will get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel or follow your social media handles.


On the other end, as a publisher you will get access to a wide range of opportunities to earn including content creation and completing advertiser’s tasks.


But the interesting question now is that “is vitisocial worth your content creation effort? Can you make real money like content creators on facebook and youtube on vitisocial?


Is it faster than facebook when it comes to getting monetized? How much will I make if I finally get monetized?”.


This vitisocial review is gonna be a very interesting one and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family who may be interested with sites like this.


Without wasting much time let us jump into the features of vitisocial in detail.

Features of vitisocial

Although some of the features on vitisocial are displaying “coming soon” meaning that they are still undergoing some development process.

Below are some features of the vitisocial platform:

Blog post:

As a member of vitisocial you can start Publishing your content inside the platform and build up your audience as time goes by you can monetize and make money via donations and affiliate marketing.


Don’t forget you will also be getting paid as a content creator on vitisocial.


You can create and join forums with similar interests to yours.


This is another opportunity to expand your content reach.

Get a skill: 

This feature is yet to be launched. 

Find job:

This feature is also coming soon, it is best you join vitisocial now and check on the feature frequently to find out when it is launched.

Sell products:

You can open up your online shop and sell your products. This feature will work best if you have a good audience on the platform.


How to register

Registration on vitisocial is simple and straightforward.


All you need to do is to click on this link now


And follow the procedures as seen below.


How you can earn with

There are three main ways of earning from the vitisocial social media platform which are 

  • Content creation:

There are a variety of ways to earn as a content creator on vitisocial. If you are skilled in digital marketing this platform can be a goldmine for you and is still fresh with no competition. 


You can monetize your vitisocial page when you have successfully gathered up to 2000 followers and got verified.


The criteria to get monetized is shown in the image below.How to make money with

  • Social media tasks:

You can access simple tasks to be completed by clicking the icon below as shown in the screenshot.

When that is done you click on the promoters dashboard to access the social media tasks.How to complete tasks on vitisocial


Before it was only these tasks that were available for members to complete and earn.


  • Advertisement:

You can reach thousands of people by advertising with vitisocial and in turn make huge profits.


Although, as an advertiser, you will have a different account entirely from the publisher’s account.

Vitisocial withdrawal

As of the time of this vitisocial review, the Wallet is different for both content creators and promoters who complete social media tasks.


As for promoters, you will get paid to your bank account when you have reached the minimum withdrawal which is N5000.


For content creators, you will have to provide your bank account for payment. 


Is vitisocial legit or a scam?

Viraltrend has existed for years and has grown so fast and they have now evolved into a full social media platform known as vitisocial while still maintaining the old earning opportunities too.


If you have read my full viraltrend review you will know more about how this site was before.


Enough of the story, the main question is, is vitisocial legit or have they now developed into fraudulent websites?


Well, having tested the site and work with them I have confirmed vitisocial to be legit as of the time this review was published.


Paul Omogie (CEO of vitisocial) must be doing a great work behind the scene

Is vitisocial safe?

Concerning your safety while using the site, the site is safe to earn with.


How much can I make?

This is a bit complex to predict as this may rely on various factors such as earning methods, hours of activities, consistency and skills in crafting unique content.


Let’s say that you specialize in completing tasks on this platform daily. From my experience, you can earn from N50 to N500 daily just by completing very simple tasks.


You just have to check in from time to time for availability of tasks.


And if you are into content creation, to be frank I don’t know how much you can earn because the truth is that content creation normally takes time before your efforts turn into money.


You just need to try this platform out as there is no harm in trying.


I urge you to be consistent in publishing like one Article everyday for one month and see how far your growth is to determine if the platform is worth putting in more effort or not.


Conclusion on vitisocial review

To conclude the vitisocial review, I would say that vitisocial is a brand new fast growing platform that one can build an audience on.


If you are looking to start content creation on vitisocial, have this in mind, content creation is not a get rich quick business even on popular platforms like Facebook and YouTube.


You need to offer consistent value with Patience before hitting some dollars.


I recommend this site if you are looking for an extra side hustle you can do with your smartphone.


Instead of using your smartphone as a liability to watch senseless dance on tik tok that offers no value to you except temporary pleasure why not join vitisocial via this link now


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