Have you been looking for a platform you can trust to help you build a converting shopify storefront and great looking landing pages, read this gempages review to see if gempages is worth it or not.

Gempages review

It is indisputable that an appealing shopify storefront with an attractive look can create credibility in the minds of your potential customers.


They have that good impression of your business which increases your leads leading to an increase in sales.


A good page design can build brand trust and loyalty. As an internet marketer, you need an excellent landing page or store builder that is of very high quality, affordable, and easy to use.


We will be using the three yardsticks to judge gempages in this review to see if they are good for you to use or not.


So follow us as we take you step by step in this article.

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What is it all about? How does it work

Gempages is a Page building site that helps you build, customize, and optimize your business pages to make more sales and get more customers.


The site has a 4.9 star rating from over 3800 reviews on shopify app store.


You can create the following using gempages.net:

  • In building landing pages
  • In building homepages
  • Shopify blogs
  • Etc


You can click here to sign up on their site


Take a careful look at some cool features you will have access to with gempages:


Optimization for mobile:


Over 60% of your customers may be using mobile phones to access your store or page and it is very essential that your page is optimized for mobile to attract them.


With gempages.net, this is assured as you can build mobile responsive pages.


No coding required:

You don’t need any skill in programming or coding to build a perfect page for your business.


Gone are the days where you can only do this only if you are a good programmer or have to pay one to do it for you.


With this page building site, you can achieve your goals without coding.


AI feature:

You can convert images or URLs to editable layouts.


Visual editor:

Get access to an intuitive visual editor with over 100 marketing elements and templates to make a converting page.


This is just a few of their features, you can explore further by visiting their official website.



Gempages is a very unique platform with many beneficial bonuses you can’t find easily elsewhere.


You can read them below:


  • As a new user, you will be out in a full tutorial on how to use gempages to optimize your business for massive sales and success. Why they do this is because your success is directly proportional to theirs.


  • You will get access to friendly support, live chat, and video calls to help you anytime you need help.


  • They have an online community of over 5000 members already, you can greatly benefit with these dudes by getting access to what they are gonna be sharing as tips and their secrets to making it big with gempages. You can also ask them questions too.

Is gempages free?

Gempages is not free but for the sake of putting everyone in mind, they have provided a free version to taste their services and upgrade if you love the taste.

Gempages affiliate

Gempages affiliate program

You will be able to earn money as an affiliate for gempages. You have a high potential of earning recurring $$$ by promoting this platform.

How to make money with gempages.net

There are over a million marketers who are in need of services like landing page building, blog and other related services offered by gempages.


With your marketing skills you can promote this page to them and make money.


You will get paid 50% commission for each sale you make. To me that is a decent pay and the most interesting thing is that, this is a recurring payment.


To get started, click here now and sign up to become an affiliate.


You will be paid via PayPal or any other payment option agreed with you.


Gempages pricing

You can get started with a free plan to check things out.


What I love about them Is that they have different plans to fit in your budget and you have the ability to widen your business as you get profit.


Below are gempages plans you can choose from and what you will be enjoying with each of those plans.


The free plan: 

Gempages freeplan

You will be paying zero dollars to get started with this plan, I think this is generous.


You will be able to:

  • 1 published page
  • Premium templates
  • Global styles
  • You will get email and chat support too

This plan is for new start ups who may not have enough budget to invest.


Gempages build plan

This plan is priced at $23 per month and is for small businesses who are just starting up.

Below are the features you will be getting:

  • Everything in free plan
  • Unlimited published pages
  • High speed CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Image to Layout: 300 Sections / Month
  • Theme Section, Publish 20 Sections


Optimize:Gempages optimize plan

This plan is worth $47 monthly and is optimized for small and medium enterprises.


You will be enjoying the following features:

  • Everything in build plan
  • Pop up element
  • Schedule publish
  • Image to layout: unlimited sections
  • Theme section, publish 100 sections
  • Priority live chat support

Enterprise:Gempages pricing enterprise

This is for big enterprises who want to take their internet marketing to the moon.


It is priced at $159 per month.


Features include:

  • Everything in optimize
  • All unlimited features
  • Video call support


Another amazing thing is that you can get a refund if you don’t like the service under 30 days.


Is it worth it?

Gempages is optimized to serve you what you need be it building shopify storefront, landing page and homepage.


They have awesome features and benefits and you can maximize your investment.


If you ask me, is gempages worth it, i would say yes, they are, at least you can give them a try by using their free plan or build plan to see how cool they are.


You can get a refund if you are not comfortable within 30 days of purchasing any service from them.


There is no risk involved.


You have finally arrived at the end of this gempages review. We have been able to discuss based on our experience with their site the features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of gempages in this blog post.


The essence of this article was to help you make a better choice.


Although they are a reputable platform, the choice on joining them or not lies on you.


You can also take advantage of their affiliate program to make some cash.


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