This is a site that has existed for a long time now and we brought this latest Naira4all review to enable know:


If Naira4all is still paying, is the site real or fake, can money still be made on Naira4all or not, has it crashed?


All these questions and more are what we Will be discussing in this article.


So if you were in search of the latest information about Naira4all, then you’re at the right place.


Take a soft drink and wet your throat with some snacks and follow me gently while taking you through all the details you need to know.


It is imperative that you do not try to skip any part of this article to avoid skipping important details that can be helpful to you.


Now let me explain briefly how I got to find this site some years ago.


In 2019, I was deeply in search of sites to make money online and I came in contact with many sites.


Many of these sites were scam and some were not worth my time and money.


As I was very broke and I needed an urgent site to make urgent money online.


After many times of consistent googling of money making sites, I came in contact with


I was very happy like someone who have found his lost sheep 🐑. 


You can read my full story of how I went from broke to making money online.


I made a lot of money on this site that year and till today, I am still a member of Naira4all and as a real member of this platform, I will be exposing to you the whole truth you need to know about them.


But before we continue, I want to warmly welcome you to this blog if this is your first time of visiting this blog.


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With that said, let’s continue.


What is Naira4all?

Naira4all Review

Naira4all is an online Income program in Nigeria that was designed to help the youths who are in hunger of making easy money online very fast without any experience and knowledge.


The platform boast of helping you make money online in 5 minutes after you have successfully registered.


Could this claim be true?


If this is your question, let me quickly give you an answer, YES, it is very true. You can make money online within five minutes on this site.


There are people who haven’t made a kobo online Before, if you’re part of this people, you can possibly make your first dollar online with this site.


Click here to join Naira4all now


How does it work?

Naira4all, a site that was launched in 2015 has two membership packages which are the free and premium.


There are many ways you can make money from this site. I will be carefully listing them out as we proceed in this Naira4all review.

Is it worldwide?

The site was mainly for Nigerians who are interested in making money online from home but the good news is that you can start making money online with this site even if you are not from Nigeria. now operates worldwide.


Alternatively, Here are sites that can pay you from anywhere in the world

Is it free to join?

Naira4all has two membership packages which are the free membership and the premium membership.


You can’t make any money as a free member on Naira4all. You need a 3000 Naira registration fee to upgrade to a premium membership.


As a premium member, this is where you will be making tons of money online with this site. 


In the next sub-heading, I will be telling you the full details on the benefits of Naira4all premium membership.


But if you may ask, why do we need to pay before making money online with Naira4all?


Here are the reasons as stated by them:

  • Naira4all has partnered with many other companies and they spend a lot of dollars to keep the site running just for you keep on earning.
  • Creating a site or a blog for US based clients can earn you hundreds of dollars consistently. Naira4all has a very expensive course and they have made it free for all premium members. If you were to pay to learn this skill it may cost you over hundreds of dollars. Your 3000 Naira is never worth the value of this skill.
  • Naira4all has no profit by you paying 3000 Naira to join their platform because out of the 3000 naira you will be paying to join, 1500 will be paid to the person who referred you. The remaining 1500 Naira is worth nothing compared to the packages you will have access to, the reason is that people do not value free things, the payment will have to bring out the seriousness in them. I hope you get the point I am trying to make here.
  • If incase you are afraid to create a site/blog for your client or yourself after taking the course, Naira4all has got you covered as they are willing to help for free in creating any blog you choose to. Isn’t that amazing? Am sure it is.

What are the different ways to earn with naira4all?

How to make money online with

Below are ways you can make a lot of money from Naira4all both locally and internationally:


Getting paid to tasks: has partnered with top get paid to task sites that will pay you in dollars just to complete easy tasks.


You can make from $1 to $10 daily on each of those sites if you are skilful enough to complete tasks fast and accurate.


Tasks include liking a facebook page, signing up to a website, download of apps, submitting of email address and other simple tasks that can be done on the internet.


In a month, you can earn up to $30 in the lower end and up to $150 in the upper end using these sites.


The truth is that, is the only site in Nigeria that allows you to make money both in naira and in dollars.


As a member of this site for more than 4 years now, I will rate this earning option 7/10.

Referral program:

Each person you refer to join via your unique affiliate link will earn you 1,500 Naira. Imagine inviting up to 10 people daily, that’s a whooping 15,000 Naira daily.


Imagine yourself earning 15K daily by just telling your family and friends who may be interested to make money online about and ended up making 15K when 10 of them signs up and upgrade to the premium membership.


This is a very simple task if you’re in Nigeria, even if you’re not good at referral marketing I will teach you today because I am passionate about your success in making money online.


There are thousands of people out there who are looking for a way to make legitimate money Online. These people are on Facebook, Twitter, quora and on Google.


You need to use a platform to reach them which I will be revealing the whole secrets I have been using to make a lot of money via my telegram community.


To access my full tutorials on how to get nothing less than 10 referrals daily join us now as I will be dropping the tutorials very soon from now.


Creating a free blog with Naira4all 

I am just a teenager earning in dollars from my room just by writing articles like the one you are reading now.


I am sure you must have known how profitable blogging is before now, if not do your research about people like Linda Ikeji and how she became a millionaire blogging.


A lot of smart Nigerians are cashing out massive money from the internet by just owning a blog where they post articles on it.


See guys, I have never seen a site like Naira4all before in Nigeria, trust me. Many sites pay peanuts that can’t even pay up your Billings but in the case of, they introduce you to a real online business that can birth wealth in time.


I started this blog as a result of this platform’s help and today my blog is worth over $7,000.

My Blog worth

This can also be your testimony too if you take action now.


For further guidance do not hesitate to drop a comment or contact via our contact page.

Web development:

For each site you create for your client can earn you up to $100. You will be taught the full skill on how to create a full responsive website for US clients.


You can monetize this skill on Fiverr, Upwork and Guru. You can also meet clients on facebook groups.


Here is what I was paid for my first work I did for my client and I was so happy I had this skill.Blog service

Ecommerce ebook store:

Amazon KDP is a very profitable business that is making thousands of dollars in passive income and guess what?


As a premium member you will have access to over 3700 books in different niches that you can choose to post anyone on Amazon KDP.


Although, you need to make those books a bit unique before you can publish them just in case your fellow Naira4all member might have used it before you to avoid plagiarism.


Even if you just want to sell these books on your blog and make extra money, you can also sell these books by creating your ebook online store, everything will be done for you by Naira4all.

Bulk SMS reseller account:

If you are interested in this business you can make a lot of money by reselling bulk SMS to organizations, churches and companies with a huge audience.


The website will be created for you and all the technical work will be carried out by Naira4all to make sure that your business is successfully set up.

Sharing links:

There are sites that pay you to share links and you can earn more than $5 for 1000 people that click on your link.


Do you have a large following? why not join Naira4all now and start sharing links and get paid?

Naira4all sign up

To sign up to this site click here now and fill in your information as required by the platform and proceed to signing up.


After your registration you will automatically become a free member but you need to upgrade to the premium version to enjoy full benefits.

Naira4all sign up

How to withdraw

Withdrawal on this site is very simple and you need to have a bank account that is functioning.


Unlike sites that pay via PayPal and Paypal is not working in Nigeria, is a site that pays you directly to your bank account in Nigeria.


You do not have high pressure of thinking on how your money will get to you without stress.


However, for other sites that Naira4all is in partnership with, all your earnings will be paid by them when you reached the minimum payout.

Minimum withdrawal

There is nothing like minimum payout on this site, the money you make will be paid automatically to you on a weekly basis via the account number you provided to them.


This sounds like a good news to some as you do not need to quit your money inside your dashboard if you are unable to reach the minimum payout.

Advantages of joining their premium membership

The following are the advantages of

  • You can make money online in 5 minutes
  • You can make money in naira and dollars depending on your choice
  • Many earning options
  • Opens our eyes to the real online business model that can fetch us thousands of dollars in a long run


Disadvantages of joining naira4all

Like they say, “everything that has advantages also has disadvantages”. Naira4all is not an exception.


Below are some of the disadvantages I discovered.


  • It takes 24 hours to get the customer service support to reply to your message. In most cases, it may not be up to 15 hours and does not exceed 24 hours.
  • They don’t have 24/7 customer care service
  • They only show you a reputable online business and provide you with resources and free service to create that online business but they are not responsible to train you on skills like blogging and how to grow your blog.

Is Naira4all legit or a scam?

It will be a very big mistake if I call Naira4all a scam a site. Naira4all has proven beyond measures to be very legitimate earning site.


They have several ways in which members can make real money on the internet.


And they pay for real.

Is Naira4all real or fake?

Naira4all is a real Income program that can make you money as a beginner on the internet.


When I was hunger to make a dollar online back then, this was my first site that made me smile to the bank.


And you could be smiling too if you make the bold step to sign up for a premium membership now.

Is Naira4all still paying?

Since 2015 was launched, it is normal for people to question this site of their consistency in paying members.


If you are still asking questions like is Naira4all still paying? Can we still make money online with


The answer is Naira4all is still paying till now.


And judging by their consistency so far, I am sure that will never crash at all.


If there is any changes, I will be updating you guys on this page.

Conclusion on Naira4all review

If you’re interested in making money as a beginner online I believe Naira4all can help you for sure.


On a scale of 1 to 10 I will rate this site 8 when it comes to making money online fast and easy for beginners.


You can click here to join now if you are interested.


On the contrary, if you’re not interested or you think Naira4all is not worth your money and time.


Check out these secret sites that can make you $5 daily very easy and fast.

How to make 3k daily with a single site


How to $250 monthly with sproutgigs


It will be very ungrateful if after reading this Naira4all review and you decided not to share this post to reach other people who may be interested in making money online for themselves via a legit site like this.


Sharing is loving, if you love your friends and family, why not share this post to them now to help them make money too instead of depending on you or asking you money everytime.


Like I said, Naira4all will never teach you how to get traffic to your blog or how to get traffic to your ecommerce site. Why not click here to take our full course on how to get traffic to whatever you are doing online.


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