Did you know that as of the time this article was written, Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man and he founded the famous market place known as Amazon?


Today I will teach you how to start making money with amazon kdp so that you can have a share of the revenue that is making this guy this rich.How to start making money with Amazon kdp.


With what I am teaching you in this post, you will be able to know how to upload books to the kindle direct publishing and get paid in dollars.


We will also be elaborating on a variety of ways on how to make money using amazon kdp, how to make money through Amazon kdp and other vital information that will give you the necessary skill you need.


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Variety of ideas on how to make money using amazon kdphow to make money using amazon kdp

There are various ways on how to make money using amazon kdp, I will be listing them out as much as I can to get you educated on various opportunities on how to make money through Amazon kdp.


So if you have been looking forward to knowing How to start making money with amazon kdp, explore the following types of content you can sell on the Amazon KDP.

Print books:

You can turn your ebooks into print-on-demand paperback versions to get in the eye of more people.


Workbooks and Activity Books:

You can create workbooks, activity books, or coloring books for illustration, entertainment or for learning.


This is one of the hot cake contents to focus on if you want to start making money with amazon kdp.

Guides and manual:

Another great tip on how to make money through amazon kdp is to publish detailed guides/manuals about a particular topic or field of study, making it as comprehensive as possible with value packed in it.


Planners and Calendars:

This can seem like a simple task to do but most people don’t know that how to start making money with amazon kdp can also be achieved by creating unique planners and calendars or organizers with distinct features.

Journals and diaries:

The desire on how to make money through amazon kdp can become a reality by having the skill on how to craft diaries/journals to serve several purposes.


Journals like travel logs, appreciation journals, goal setting diaries etc can make sense.


You can explore more..


Graphic Novels and Comics:

Graphic Novels and Comics has always been one of the profitable ways on how to start making money with Amazon kdp that most people are not still aware of.


With the power of captivating and illustrative graphics and comics you can inspire or connect deeply with your audience with a strong story that can be entertaining and also full of valuable lessons.


With this you can make money helping others with values.

Photography book:

In case you don’t know and are still in search of how to start making money with amazon kdp.


There are myriads of people out there who are more than interested to buy your photography book.


If you have this skill, never hesitate to manifest it by creating the most attractive slides of pictures for anything from nature to wildlife in the form of a book and upload on the kindle direct publishing platform.

Educational material:

Publishing Educational material on the kindle store is a great way on how to make money using amazon kdp.


Study Materials like flashcards, study guides and inspiration can make you money on Amazon KDP.

Quotes and Affirmations:

This is a cool and easy way or idea to start making money with amazon kdp where all you need to do is to compile a list of great wise sayings, quotes and Affirmations from reputable great men in the world and put them in a book to be published.


Local Interest Books:

You can make money using amazon kdp by using your good knowledge of history and culture to write a very great historical book about a particular culture or community.

Public domain work:

You can start making money with amazon by also republishing public domain works, you will need to indicate while publishing books like this on the kindle store.

Language Learning Materials:

Are you skilled in any language? Of Course you should.


Now you can start making money with amazon kdp by uploading several books that teach a particular language.


You may be surprised at the number of people wanting to learn that language you know.


You can try this out.


How to start making money with amazon kdp

I have listed out a good number of ideas on how to make money through amazon kdp and I want to take you through on how to start making money with amazon kdp step by step.


By following the steps I will be revealing to you will set you up to start making money using amazon kdp as the passive income source.


Create an account:

First of all you need to create an account before doing anything else. Click here to do that now on their official website if you haven’t.


Note that you are not allowed to operate more than two accounts especially if you are from a third world country.

Prepare your manuscript:

Start crafting out your ideas using word document software.


Do not fail to refer to their guidelines on how to format your kindle ebooks before you create your manuscript to avoid making avoidable mistakes.


Design a cover:

An attractive designed cover can earn you more sales.


Use apps like Canva or its alternative to achieve this.

Set the right price:

You need to make your research very proper on the right price to set and if to choose 70% or 30% royalty payment.

Enroll your book for kdp select:

This is always optional but is recommended if you want your book to get to the reach of a wider audience who may develop interest in buying.

Publish, publish, publish:

After your book has been successfully written you can publish your Amazon ebook and make money.


Click here to learn step by step how to publish a book on the Amazon store.

Market your book:

Experiment ebook promotional method that works for you. You can use free book promotion, countdown deals, amazon kdp ads etc.


Don’t forget to promote your ebook link on your blog if you have one and on your social media platforms you have an audience on.

Gather Reviews:

Develop a skill of encouraging your readers to drop some good reviews for your book as this will tickle the Amazon kdp algorithm to favor your book.


And with lots of positive reviews your credibility will increase.

Monitor Sales and Analytics:

After everything above do not forget to keep your eyes fixed on your analytics dashboard to see methods that are working or not.


You can’t afford to keep doing things that do not work, always optimize your strategies based on the data.

Expand your catalog:

This is not a resting point, you need to publish more books to increase your earning potential and credibility.

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Conclusion on how to start making money with Amazon kdp

Payment from Amazon kdp
My amazon kdp earnings


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