Everyone has got one or two things to offer to the world. Maybe you have talents and gifts to bless the globe, here are 10 ways to earn money by helping others.

10 ways to earn money by helping others

You can make up to $200 monthly in passive income just by adding value to people’s lives. In case you never knew this all this time.


You can get paid for helping others online. Myles Munroe, a prolific author of over 66 books and a renown pastor and business administrator once said “if you want to be wealthy, do not chase money, but you have to chase ideas. If you want to make money you must be a man of value.”


Have you ever wondered why people keep failing to make money online? The issue is that they have got nothing to offer as value.


The amount of value you give in the online space is directly proportional to the money you will make on the internet, our mathematics gurus will understand the message I am passing across here very well.


People pay you for what you offer, we run to the mango trees not because we like the trees but because of the mango fruit (value) it brings forth.


The question now is what do you have to offer online in exchange for wealth. Think deep.


Let’s dive into the ways to earn money by helping others online. But before that let me use this medium to congratulate you if this is your first time visiting this website.


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Can you make money giving advice online?

You may be intelligent in a particular field of knowledge and looking forward to helping people with valuable advice to shape their life and prevent them from making avoidable mistakes.


Many are good with giving marriage advice, others may be good at financial or health tips depending on your career and experience.


Now can you make money giving advice online? If you’re looking to make money by helping others with good advice the truth is that you can make a living with this.


There are over thousands of smart gurus making a life changing amount of money right now from helping others online with great advice.


I personally believe that everyone has something to offer, we will be unveiling how to make money giving advice online so you can start making money online for yourself.


Is time to monetize that gift and knowledge you have inside you and make thousands of dollars on the internet just by doing this. 


how to make money giving advice online

Searching for how to make money online giving advice? You are at the right place to find your answers.


I believe you know that what I am doing now is giving you advice as regards making money online from home and I am making money doing this monthly.


Number one way to make money giving advice is by owning a blog like this. Do you have knowledge, are you an expert in a particular area people need help with?


You will be very cruel if you live in this world and die with all the gifts and knowledge God has given you without sharing to those who are desperately in need of it.


Common guys, are you a pastor, doctor, or a lawyer, that health tips you have, the Gospel of Jesus you are filled with or the knowledge about law why don’t you open up a blog today and share this knowledge.


Blogging is a very profitable online business that has turned me from a total broke kid to making real money online.


You can click the above link to read my story.


Do not allow anything hinders you from starting a blog today. Contact me via [email protected] if you need help in setting up a passive income blog like this and start making $1000 monthly.


I and my team will be glad to help you.


Another beautiful way to make money from advising People is via a YouTube channel. You may not be that good with writing but may be cool with standing in front of the camera making videos.


You can advise people on any topic by simply creating videos. You can expand your reach to tiktok and instagram too.


If you need help with this, do not hesitate to let us know via the comment or send us an email.

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10 ways to earn money by helping others.

There are thousands of ways to earn money by helping others, below are a few:



Teachable is a site where you can sell your courses online to students in need of it.


There are people making a decent amount of money doing this.


You can make further research about this.


You get to teach kids and get paid on this site. 


You can learn more by visiting their official website. 



I know of people making $500 in passive income monthly on this platform. Any skill or course at all can be sold here to thousands of students who are ready to purchase them.


Sproutgigs review
Sproutgigs formerly known as picoworkers

Just like Fiverr.com, this is another freelancing platform suitable for beginners because of low competition and high number of employees.


You can help people by completing gigs like writing articles, building a website, or SEO services.


I have personally made over $100 from this site and counting.


Read an honest review of sproutgigs here


This is another site that you can help people with social media tasks like Facebook page follow, instagram like and many others and get paid.


Learn more about this site here


I have made a lot of money from this site so far and you too can make even more.

Facebook page:

If you have a Facebook page with huge followers you can help people online and get paid by giving them health advice, relationship/marriage, finance etc.


This is one of the ways to get paid for helping people online.


I mentioned Tik Tok earlier, although many people are yet to know the power of this social media platform.


You can create helpful videos that impact people’s lives and make money via affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.

Instagram reels:

There are over million people on instagram that can be reached with your helpful content and in turn become an influencer earning nothing less than $100 weekly.


Youtube channel:

You can produce videos like comedy that pass good and helpful messages to your audience.


You can decide to talk about anything that can be of value.


There is a very huge opportunity on YouTube, I plead you to stop procrastinating, it does no good.


Start creating content on youtube today with consistency and trust me you will be glad you started.


Check out my shop and grab this affordable YouTube course that will help you make $200 monthly in your first 120 days of implementing.



Creating a blog on a particular topic can enable you to advise people in that niche and get paid monthly just by doing that.


I emphasized on this earlier.

Conclusion on 10 ways to earn money by helping others

A wise man once said, great meetings do not make great men, it is a great decision that produces great men.


No matter how wonderful this blog post may be, it won’t help you if you don’t put it to practice.


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