You might have heard or seen many making hundreds of dollars from Amazon kdp (Kindle Direct Publishing). You may be wondering how I can make money with Amazon KDP like these dudes and also make hundreds of dollars too. If this resonates with you, then you will be so blessed with these valuable tips on how to make $200 with Amazon kdp on Android.


Self- publishing on Amazon can be a very profitable online business if you can put in your writing skills to work. But what if you don’t have the skills for writing, then you have to learn it.


Writing as many will underestimate this great skill has made many millionaires in the 21st century.


So we will be exploring in this article how you can make passive income from ebooks but before we do that we want to introduce who we are and what we do to you.


If this is your first time visiting this blog, we warmly welcome you as usual, here we publish valuable content centered around making money online from home starting from blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, review earning sites and Amazon kdp.


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How to make $200 with amazon kdp on android

How much does it cost to start Amazon KDP?

Every business demands a capital, this is one fact that is not disputable and Amazon KDP is not an exception.


One advantage of online business over the offline business is the benefit of starting with a low capital.


With as low as $5, $10, $15, $20, you can start a business like blogging, freelancing and other online businesses.


There is one misconception that is very popular in the online business world and this has become one of the most trending searches on google and other major search engines.


The idea of making money online without any investment. 


Even in freetown, nothing is free. If you have ever tried making money online from the internet before you will have a grasp of what I am saying.


In the case of Amazon kdp android start up capital, first I will say Publishing of books on Amazon kdp is free and so is the registration.


This is the major reason why most blogs and content creators will classify this online business model as one of the businesses that requires zero capital.


This is a big lie because you will need to pay your time, money for courses and tutorials, that is, if you don’t wanna take the risk of doing it on yourself, and money for data to sustain your internet connection.


Subsequently, I will not blame these guys for telling you these lies because that is what many people are expecting to receive.


That’s why they will always hide the truth from you and tell you what you want to hear.


But here we don’t care, telling you the truth is our commitment and even though it may be bitter to your perception, trust me it will be sweet to your inner mind and will yield excellent results.


Based on my own analysis, if you want to start Amazon Kdp as a business and succeed within three months here is my expert advice you need to take.


First of all, ebook publishing on Android is something that can be very difficult to achieve without tutorials from gurus who have already made it in this field.


You must humble yourself enough to learn from them, as a result you need to take a course and the course we recommend is the Giant Amazon kdp course.


This is more than a course but is an online classroom where my boss Blessing Kolawole will hold you by the hand until you make your first $1000 from this business.


The course cost about $40 and in my opinion you need an extra $30 more to support expenses like data and phone charging if you are in this part of the wild where electricity is problem (Nigeria)


In all, $70 can be good for a start up in the lower end, you can invest more money to this depending on your budget.

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How much money can you make with amazon kdp?How do people start making money online?

This is a very important question a beginner should ask, the amount of money you make from self-publishing on KDP may vary depending on your input and strategies.


If you are doing things the wrong way, you can expect to earn from $0 to $10.


If you are an amateur, you can expect to earn from $10 to $30 irregularly. As for the pros, they earn from $100 to $1000 monthly from kindle direct publishing royalties.

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How Do I Make Money On Amazon Kdp?

Here are the steps to take:


Step 1. Make your ebook ready

You must have written your book and completed all the formatting before ever thinking of making a dime from the Amazon kdp business.


You can use apps like google docs to create and format your book, be it fiction or nonfiction.


Most people publish coloring books, low content books etc.


You can create ebooks that talk about cooking recipes, relationship, finance etc depending on your area of expertise and experience.


Step 2.  Creating an account on Amazon KDP

Click on this link to sign up to the Amazon KDP website for free and create your account where you can publish your ebooks.


Step 3. Optimize your book listing

Amazon kdp store is not a place where you just dump your ebook manuscript and expect massive sales, that’s why you must invest in getting this course to learn how to better optimize your ebooks on Amazon to get more sales.


You need to know how to do the keyword research and how you can become one of the best selling authors in your niche of choice.


Step 4. Promote your ebooks

Although, if your book listing optimization is done properly, you may not necessarily need this option because you will get organic sales from people searching for what your book has to offer on the Amazon store.


There are ways you can promote your books to reach a wider audience which ranges from email marketing to Amazon kdp adverts.


You can also promotie to your social media followers.


Step 5. Monitor your results and reviews

The last thing is to keep an eye on your analytics and monitor what works and what does not work for you.


Although this may be abused if you do it too frequently.


Conclusion on How to make $200 with amazon kdp on android

By following the steps above and applying focus, consistency and hard work, you can make up to $200 or more from this Publishing business with your smartphone.


To get started as I recommended above, it is very important that you invest in joining this classroom that will take you to your dream with the speed of light.


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