Do you want to make $1000 monthly selling ebooks on Amazon without writing them? Are you looking for a way to make money on Amazon KDP without writing any book or spending any time brainstorming?

Just imagine you staying in the comfort of your house with just your smartphone or a laptop and making from $1000 to $5000 in autopilot without putting any stress.

Now stop the imagination cause the reality is here and now.

Trust me, this will be the easiest way to make money online you have ever tried. This is what am personally doing for a living as a young Nigerian student and also providing for my parents.

This will work for you no matter which country you are in or the kind of device you use.

There are many people right now who are making living selling books they never wrote on Amazon kindle store.

If you have never made any money online before then this blog post is 100 percent guaranteed to help you make your first $1000 online without much stress.

Like I have always said if you want to get the most out of this blog post then you need to stay away from every form of distraction now, and read this article carefully without skipping any important detail.

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Is Amazon kdp still profitable?

The short and direct answer to this is a big YES ☑️. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has made it possible for authors both experienced and beginners to put their books in digital format in their Kindle Ebook online store and reach thousands of potential customers who are ready and in need to buy.

Like I said earlier in this article, so many people are doing this as their full-time business and earning thousands of dollars 💰 on the internet in passive income.

I am one of these people and below is my recent Amazon Royalty payment

Today, I am giving you the same strategy that made me the amount of money you saw above.

If I can make this amount, you will make even more if you will implement what I will be sharing in this article.

It is one thing to learn and another thing entirely to implement what you learned to see results.

This might be a life-changing opportunity.

How much money can you make publishing on Amazon

A lot of people do ask questions like how much can you make from Amazon publishing online. There is no fixed amount to this, the fact is that what you make from Amazon publishing is dependent on many factors like the quality of your books, the ability to do keyword research, the price you set for the book, and the last thing is the demand of that book from people.

As a beginner, you can make from $1 to $500 and you can double your earnings if you work harder than an average person. the more work you put into this online business, the more earnings.

To be realistic, you need to be very diligent in the publishing of your books and keep on with consistency before you can see results.

Nothing good comes easily, all of us know this, but if you apply this strategy today that will be shared in this article you will be surprised at the great result you will be getting even as a beginner to online-money making.

This business can make you quit your stressful 9-5 job because of the earning potential in it.

With Amazon kindle publishing, you are now your own boss and getting paid your fees or passive income revenue and not a little salary compared to your 9-5 job.

However, this is my advice to you, do not quit your job first until you have made money enough to replace your job, and trust me you will if you are serious.

I was working a stressful 9-5 job where I was spending a lot of money to pay my way down to where I worked every day.

I spent a lot of my salary on transport fare to my workplace and I wasn’t that happy with the work cause of the stress and money spent daily.

I was just making some research online on a profitable online business that can make me an entrepreneur and passive income while working from home.

So luckily for me, I founded Amazon kindle direct publishing and I was very happy to meet this kind of opportunity online.

Since I was a beginner that knew nothing about how Amazon KDP works and how I can publish books on Amazon and make money online I decided to invest my salary money to buy a course that has helped me make thousands of dollars today as a boss.

But for you, you don’t need to buy this course before you can make money on Amazon KDP.

Implementing what you will learn here in this blog post can make you a huge amount of money.

However, buying the course I will be recommending to you will help you know everything basically that works and you will not have to pay anyone to do anything for you cause you will be taught everything concerning making money with Amazon KDP, from keyword research to formatting and publishing in a very detailed way.

If you have some budget you can buy the course now to kick-start your money engine that will change your whole financial story.

But if you don’t, no problem, continue reading there is something very valuable for you.

I made $10 in my first month of publishing on Amazon KDP, I published 4 books in 4 weeks.

Then my goal was to publish a book per week.

To cut the long story short, I quit my job six months after starting the Amazon KDP business.

By then I was already making a lot of money online which was more than my salary and have published 33 books.

You can have the same result, even better results if you believe you too can do this.

Your success needs to start from the mind cause when you doubt in your mind you can never see success in reality.

How long does it take to make money on KDP?

Amazon kdp
My amazon kdp earnings

How long it takes to make money on KDP is something not predictable because it depends on many factors as I said earlier.

The above screenshot is my earnings on the Amazon kdp dashboard. You too can make even more if you are determined to.

Your ability to make a quality book, and even if you make a quality book you will not have any sales if you can’t do your keyword research properly, edit your book cover, format your book the right way then publish.

The more your quality of work joined together will determine how fast you will begin seeing money with Amazon KDP.

What I mean by the quality of work joined together is the ability to do keyword research, edit your book cover, write your ebook description, input relevant keywords and format it the right way.

Don’t be scared, what I will teach you will make you do this very easily in a lazy man’s way, trust me.

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How to make money with Amazon ebooks, 9 secret ways that work.

How to start making money with amazon kdp in 2024 guaranteed

How to make money on Amazon KDP without writing

There are many ways to make money on Amazon KDP without writing which include making books like puzzle books, coloring books, and no-content books. Our focus today is not on the aforementioned.

We will be focusing on how you can make money on Amazon KDP without writing an ebook by hiring a ghostwriter (lazy man’s way with no stress) and using PLR books.

This method will help you create a lot of books without you writing them.

For you to make money on Amazon kdp by publishing low-content books, coloring books, and puzzle books, you need to be able to put your keyword research to practice.

The truth is that most accurate Amazon keyword research tools are very expensive to get, as a beginner who has not made a dime online you will not be able to afford most of these tools.

Nevertheless, you can still make money by publishing large volumes of low-content books, coloring books, puzzles, and quizzes and get sales.

Making money on Amazon kdp is also a number game where your chances of a breakthrough are high with respect to how many books you have published.

How to make money selling ebooks on Amazon without writing them

There are mainly four ways how to sell ebooks on Amazon without writing them. These include

  1. Transcribing a podcast or an audiobook
  2. Becoming an affiliate for Amazon
  3. Publishing PLR books
  4. Outsourcing a writer

Transcribing a podcast or an audiobook

The first on the list is how you can use transcribing softwares to turn your favourite podcast or audio into books.

There are a lots of these softwares on the internet that can help you do this work, some of them are free while a good number of them are paid tools.

You can just search for these transcribing tools on Google or other search engines on the internet.

With these tools, you can sell an ebook that was not written by you but was transcibed from an audio.

But for you use these ebooks to get success you need to be able to do a keyword research.
Click on this link to buy this affordable course from Dale Robert that has made me hundreds of dollars by targeting low competition keyword on Amazon.

Trust me, the course is very loaded, it will teach you everything you need to rank those ebooks you never wrote making your work less stressful and results yielding.

Becoming an affiliate for Amazon

Another profitable way you can make money selling ebooks on Amazon without writing is by registering for the Amazon associate program where you will be given access to promote and sell any book you love on Amazon kdp without writing them.

One of the cons with this method of selling ebooks on Amazon without writing is that you will need to promote already published books actively to an audience before you can make sales while other methods will just allow you to upload books you never wrote to Amazon store and make sales passivey without stress provided you did your keyword research and other things necessary properly.

Publishing PLR books on Amazon

PLR books are books you are given the resale right, you can make further research on what these books are on the internet.

There are many websites where you can download valuable PLR books for free and sell them on Amazon.

One of these websites is the free plr download.

You can visit the link above to download any book you want to your computer and sell these books on Amazon.

But wait, before you do that you need to know this, Amazon kdp will not accept any book that was already created or published to avoid plagiarism.

If you publish these books directly without editing them to change the wording to make them look unique, your Amazon kdp account may be at risk of getting banned.

So what do you do to avoid this?

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

After downloading the book, the next thing will be for you to convert this ebook to a word document from PDF.

The purpose of doing this is to enable us to make some editing to the ebook.

You might be thinking of how stressful it is to edit a full ebook from the starting the conclusion.

That is very stressful, you are not gonna be doing this manually but with an online tool that will automatically change that ebook and make it look unique.

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How to use this tool

The tool we are discussing here has a paid and free plan, the paid plan can allow you to paraphrase a whole book while the free plan will allow you to paraphrase only 10,000 characters per time.

If you don’t have much budget for the paid plan then I recommend the free plan, I am personally using the free plan as well so no need to spend extra bucks but the paid plan can make the work lazier.

With the free plan, you will be able to be copying 10,000 characters in the ebook(word document) and paste them into the paraphrasing tool, the tool will paraphrase it and give you new unique content or texts, then you copy it to replace the former 10,000 texts you copied in your ebook.

Hope you grab the point, let’s ride on.

Continue this process until you are done paraphrasing your whole ebook, and wait for the next step.

The paraphrasing tool you will be using to do this task is known as the

What is the next step

What makes books appealing in the eyes of customers is the book description and most importantly the ebook cover. Most people judge your book by the cover, so you need to make your cover very enticing.

You can visit this website known as canva to edit your book cover. If you are new to Canva just go to Youtube and search for tutorials on how to make an ebook cover with canva. There are a lot of tutorials for you to learn and get the best results.

How to publish a book on Amazon without writing

After getting your ebook cover, you are now ready to get that book you never wrote published.

Publishing an ebook on Amazon is very straightforward, however, you can make further research on Google on how to upload your already created ebook on Amazon kdp.

Conclusion on selling ebooks on Amazon without writing them.

Making money uploading and selling ebooks on Amazon without writing them can be a source of passive income for you if you can take this article seriously and implement it to get results.

Like Albert Einstein quote says, a genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.

What made me lots of money online by selling ebooks on Amazon without writing them is not talent or luck but the ability to put in the work consistently.

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