Can I make money with Amazon ebooks apart from just the royalty payment? Have you been curious about how to make money with Amazon ebooks? I will be revealing the easiest ways to make money with amazon kindle ebooks in this blog post.

how to make money with Amazon ebooks

One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century is the internet and this has created a bank of wealth for many.


Creating wealth has never been easier than it is today, as an ordinary person with an average background you can become rich if you can make good use of the internet.


It is still sad news that many of our youths cannot take advantage of the internet to make a fortune for themselves.


Many are still using their smartphones and laptops as a liability while some few smart ones are cashing out big time by uploading books to the kindle publishing store.


You may be filled with the desire of making passive income from your writing skills as an author but you are still in doubt if money can be made with Amazon ebooks.


Before I continue let me kill your self doubt at this point, it is clear it is difficult to attract what we don’t believe.


If you are still thinking that to earn with amazon kdp is a fictional story then I will prove to you that I have been able to make real money with this platform.


Below is my recent screen shot of the money I made from kindle ebooks.Amazon kdp payment proof

That’s just the money I made in a day from my ebooks that were sold.


And this is completely passive, you don’t need to market any of these books, there are over billions of people ready to buy your book.


All you have to do is to better optimize your ebook to get visible to them so that you can get a chance to get sales.


If I can make such an amount of money in a day which is not that much but pretty manageable as a young teenager, you too can do even more.


You just need to develop a desire to learn. I remembered when I started uploading ebooks on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, it wasn’t easy for me.


I was a teenager of 18 years then who was hungry to make money online so I could further my university education.

So I embarked on the journey on how to make money with Amazon ebooks.

I was blogging then also but since I needed the money so badly, I got into Amazon KDP too.


With no support from parents and friends, I wasn’t from a great background, all I knew was to make money with my writing skills.


In the environment where I was brought up, everyone was used to physical hustle like farming, cutting grass for people, barbing, mechanic and others.


I used to be mocked by friends when I was on my system working on the ebook I am to publish in Amazon KDP.


To cut short the long story, with persistence and resilience and of course the Grace of God, I was able to make it big till my guys are now begging to learn the skill from me despite the way they made me feel stupid back then.


You may be wondering why I am telling you this story, maybe your case may be worse than mine or not even up to what I face while starting my online business.


The fact is that, do not ever attempt quitting and if you are ready to make it big just like me, I will take you through on How to make money with Amazon ebooks.

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And if you feel that you are not ready to make money with kindle ebooks then I suggest that you even stop wasting your time reading this post now and go ahead to continue in your comfort zone.


Maybe you can go watch some Tiktok girls twerking or whatever pleasurable to you but never forget none of those things can pay your bills.


That’s the truth and it is bitter. 


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You will be missing a lot if you are not part of our community.


With that said, let’s ride on

How much can you make selling ebooks on Amazon?

Now how much can you make selling ebooks on Amazon?


If you are considering how much you can earn selling ebooks on Amazon it all depends on different factors.


Your earnings can be determined by your niche, keyword research skills, your promotion skills, your consistency etc.


Let’s just assume with everything being equal, if you are able to be consistent and are very good at what you are doing you can make from $145 to $1000+ monthly by selling ebooks on Amazon.


I believe you just saw my screenshot of $35 I earned in just a day from Amazon KDP. There is a lot of opportunity, the sky can never be your limit.


Although, I would like to stress that earning with Amazon KDP is not a get rich fast business but the money you will get to make in the future after days of hard work and consistency will blow your mind.


There is a lot of money to be made from kindle ebook publishing, trust me, and I am gonna show you the way.


9 secret ways on How to make money with kindle ebooks.

Here are the 9 secret ways on how to make money with Amazon ebooks:



You may be wondering what popularity has to do with making money with kindle ebooks.


Do you know that by getting lots of people to purchase your ebooks and read them can establish you as a great authority in that niche and with that popularity making money with sponsorship deals and product recommendations will be very easy as people tend to buy from who they respect and know very well to be expert in what they offer.


Haven’t you seen people like Dan Lok, and Brian Tracy. These guys are just too popular at what they do and they are well known to be great, as a result of that they can’t ever go broke.


I challenge you now to establish yourself as the authority in your niche even though it will take you the next ten years to do so.


In the future, You will be so glad you did and will probably thank me later.

Ebooks read:

If you enroll your ebook to kindle unlimited, you will get paid for every ebook read you have.


This is very cool as there are millions of people on the Kindle platform.

KDP royalty payment:

Depending on if you choose 70% or 35% royalty. You will get paid for each book that is sold.


The money you saw in the screenshot is all my royalty payment.


I don’t want to elaborate much on this, you can visit Amazon KDP to learn more about royalty payment.

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How to make $200 with amazon kdp on android

Advertisement placement:

No one stops you from placing an image advert of your business inside your ebook that will be published on Amazon KDP.


Who knows, you can reach an unimaginable number of targeted customers.


Building email list:

If these people can pay to buy your ebook chances are that they are already your fans and can be interested to join your email list to get notified when you drop or publish a new ebook or have any product to offer.

Building WhatsApp community:

You can embed your WhatsApp contact link in your ebook and get interested readers to message you which can lead to closing more sales and getting high ticket clients.

Promoting your Blog:

If you have a blog, you can put in your blog’s URL to help your readers connect with you and your content.


This can increase your traffic and convert into sales and high ticket clients.

Promoting your YouTube Channel:

Just like blogs, the same can be done to a youtube channel.

Offering services:

You can put in your ebook your contact form where interested readers can message you to get consultation service.

Affiliate links:

I have made big bucks by putting affiliate links to the product I recommend inside my ebook and I get paid when my readers make purchases via those links.


This is a sure additional income to kindle royalty payment.

The above ways are guaranteed ways on how to make money with Amazon ebooks or even how to earn with amazon kdp.

Conclusion on How to make money with Amazon ebooks

Great meetings do not make great men but great decisions do. You will always remain the way you were if you don’t take any decision after reading these secrets on how to make money with Amazon ebooks.


My life changed for good when I started this business model and I never knew all these ways of monetizing an ebook when I started, meaning you have an added advantage.


What is stopping you from taking advantage of this great opportunity now?


This opportunity ended my worries of how I will be able to make money to fund my schooling and other online businesses I started back then.


Below are testimonies of my students. I helped teach them the Amazon kdp skill.


Amazon kdp testimonial


If I am willing to teach you my skills then what could be stopping you from learning.


If you want to make your financial freedom come to pass just message me via this number +2348124172384.


Do not forget to read my full story of how I started online.



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