Who said that you can’t make money online with a free blog, today, you will discover several free blog maker platforms that will help you start your free online blog and make at least $500 monthly.

 These apps will make you some cash if you are in Nigeria 

Blogging is a very lucrative online business where you can start earning passive income.


If you have always wanted to start blogging but don’t have a budget to go for a paid hosting blog, or you want to blog part-time and you don’t want to invest any money into a domain name and hosting.


Here is an article you will probably need to decide on which free blogging platform to go for.



One of the advantages of free blogging tools is that you can write about almost any subject without worrying too much about the more technical parts. 


So, check out below a list of 18 free blog maker platforms you can use to exercise your creativity and create your blog.


20 free blog maker platforms you can start blogging with for free. 


The following are great free blog hosting sites that you can use to make a lot of money blogging without paying any money for hosting domain name




I know most of you must have been aware of this platform due to its popularity.


Conceivably the world’s leading free blogging service, WordPress offers a plethora of features for anyone who wants complete control not only of the content they post on their blog, but also of access to statistics, advanced customization, widget support, comments, and everything else. 


It has advanced tools for everything you want to do, but it’s also a great option for anyone who just wants a place to write and nothing else.


Limitations of WordPress.com

Aside from Being one of the most popular platforms, it also has some limitations like earning limitations.


WordPress does not allow you to monetize your blog with Google Adsense.


However, they have an advertising company which they allow known as wordads.


You can only make money from wordads when your blog is up to six months plus and gathering lots of traffic.


The money you will be making from your blog will be shared with WordPress in percentages. 


Consequently, you cannot promote products and links on WordPress.com except if you own the product. 


Another limitation is that you are not eligible to use plugins and themes to customize and extend the functionality of WordPress.


You can get suspended any time if you for any reason go against their terms of service and visitors have the right to report your blog.




You might not see Tumblr as a blogging platform, but it is. If most pages hosted on the service have an image-sharing footprint, Tumblr doesn’t disappoint when the focus is on posting text and videos, with everything a good tool of the type needs to have.


Tumblr has a very high domain authority with millions of backlinks which can help your blog post rank higher than even a paid-hosted blog.


Nevertheless, Tumblr is not cool for lengthy posts.



You are entitled to 250 posts a day, anyway, this does not affect that much cause the number is quite high to beat.


You don’t fully own your blog as it is under the terms and conditions of Tumblr social media platform.




It’s just not possible to say that WordPress is the main blogging platform in the world because of Blogger. 


Google’s service offers many advanced features, can be manually customized, and presents a robust and understandable structure for those who want to post and create websites.


Blogger is very amazing, and I have two blogs on this platform.


You can fully monetize your blog with Adsense.




Free Blogspot websites sometimes do not perform very well on Google even though it is a Google-owned platform because bloggers are so uneasy when giving backlinks.


The truth is that people do not like to link to .blogspot.com domains. 


Still, Blog posts are cool for people who are not into full-time blogging. 


Some people normally start with Blogspot and later when they might have started making money they buy a domain name.


You can also go with this strategy as well.




A tool that has been growing a lot in recent times, Weebly also has advanced features for creating and managing your blog. In it, you can do a lot of things, from choosing a theme to organizing your posts as needed. Therefore, it is possible to define what your page will look like and adjust it according to the type of content that will be published.




You can click here to see

the limitations of Weebly platform 




Medium is not a conventional blogging platform like the previous ones, so it is not possible to customize the look or add widgets.


 However, it is one of the great text-sharing services in the world today and has an amazing look and focus on reading. 


In addition, it allows adding images and even creating a network of friends. 


Anyway, it is a social network dedicated to text in which all your publications will be displayed in a single profile.




You don’t own every right to your content as it is strictly under the terms and conditions of medium




Another complete option that offers advanced features is Wix. What makes the website builder so intuitive is the option to create layouts using the drag-and-drop principle, which is the option to drag and drop components. 


With it, you can create a fully functional blog with a very professional look.



Too much advert on the platform


And a very long domain name like accountname.wix.com/customname




Textpattern is one of the most affordable and practical tools for blogging.


Therefore, it is widely used for those who do not need to use as many resources as there are in WordPress or the other platforms listed above.


One of the excellent uses of Textpattern, for example, is to create a portfolio if you are a designer.



This is not very well recommended to beginners who know nothing about coding.




Known to many as WordPress’ main rival, Joomla offers some interesting features to create a user-friendly and responsive interface.


In addition to being easy to use and being able to be used to build different websites and blogs, the platform is also excellent for creating e-commerce platforms.



Joomla, to me, is more complex when compared to WordPress.


However, you can make deeper research about this platform if you are considering it your choice.




Although it is not that popular, Drupal is an excellent option for creating corporate blogs. 


With high-quality features, one of its biggest differentiators is its response time, something crucial in a website nowadays, as well as its security mechanisms.



Poor customer support is not so recommended for people who are not so good with tech.



Pyro is an excellent option for those who want to have a personal blog, as its entire layout can be done not only natively, but also intuitively. 



Not much is known about this platform because I have not used it before.


However, you can do more research if you want to.


Quora space


The most popular question and answer forum known as quora has a space where you can share your own ideas via writing.


This space can be seen as your blog on quora with the domain extension which is yourdomainname.quora.com where you can write and answer questions on a particular niche.


You will make money on this kind of blog when quora starts displaying their ads in your space.


Why I love quora blog is that quora are already filled up with traffic, getting traffic to your blog is very simple because your content will drive massive traffic to your space with very little effort compared to a blog where you are starting everything from scratch on other platforms.


Quora as well does have its limitations like placing affiliate links and you don’t fully own your content.




This is another platform that allows you to blog for free.


You get to write articles on this platform centered around a particular topic and make money by displaying AdSense ads.



However, your ads earned will be split and shared in percentage with the platform.


It demands great focus and consistency to grow your blog to where you will be seeing traffic just like quora space. You are completely subjected to their terms and conditions as you do not fully own your content and can as well not be able to do whatever you like on your blog as you would on your paid hosting blog.




Most people use this social media platform to blog for free.


You can put in your affiliate links and there is no problem with that because they do not really frown much on affiliate links.


This platform, just like Tumblr and Medium, has a very high domain authority that can boost your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.



The limitations are you won’t be able to monetize with advertising companies like adsense and ezoic.


Your chances of making money on this blogging platform are not well guaranteed but people are earning big using this platform via affiliate links. 




If you are familiar with write and get platforms lodpress Is one of those websites that pays you for creating unique articles for free.


This platform may not be a popular blogging platform but it is appearing on this list as a result that you can make real money consistently publishing content on this website.


Why I love lodpress very much is that on lodpress, you have the potential of making as high as $15 per 1000 paid views or as low as $5 per 1000 paid views depending on where your traffic is coming from.


Am currently blogging on this platform as well and am making cool money.


If you wanna make money producing content here you can click on this link to create an account and get started.


To learn more about how to succeed on lodpress you can click here.


You don’t need to create your audience from scratch compared to other blogging platforms because you can take advantage of their audience by producing great content that can get their attention to your Page.


With Lodpress, they pay you via the ads they display on your articles, and you are also allowed to market your affiliate links here too.



They may reject some of your articles or it may wait for a long Time before approval but don’t worry, you can always republish it if It is pending for a long time or contact them on their facebook page or customer support on their website giving them your article ID.




This is a very similar website to lodpress and owned by the same people who owns lodpress.


Lodpost has fewer audiences compared to lodpress but they pay higher than lodpress. They also have the same limitations as lodpress above.


Google sites


Google site, another platform like blogger owned by Google.


Although I haven’t used this platform before, it is cool to share your ideas through writing.




I don’t think these kinds of blogs perform really well on search engines but you can give it a try if you wish to.

which is the best blogging platform?


Listing the best blogging platform is a difficult task because, as seen above, each one has different features and even purposes.


Some options are more general and allow for greater scalability, while others are simpler and are great for personal blogs that don’t want to grow that much.


Platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are great for those who want to take the activity to a more professional level, but others like Tumblr are aimed at those who want to write something more informally. 


For those who want to create a portfolio, Textpattern is an excellent choice.


Therefore, looking at it from this side, it is important to think that the best option is the one that best meets your needs. 




Free blogs are a very good start for those who are just trying to blog for part Time or don’t have a budget for paid hosting.


But if you want to blog full time to make unlimited money online via blogging, I recommend that you go for paid hosting because with this, you can be guaranteed of making money compared to free blogs.


To start a paid hosting blog, you can click here to get a domain name and hosting on blue host which I recommend.


Or, you can get your domain name and host via whogohost at a very affordable price.


Click here to read about Bluehost vs who go host review.


To take your blogging career to the next level even when you know nothing about blogging, we have a course that will take you by the hand and teach you how to make money blogging.


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