Money earning ideas for students in university Are you a student who wants to make money while studying at the university? That’s cool, in this article, you will learn six earning ideas for students to make money.


These ideas include both online and offline methods or businesses.


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The following are top earning ideas for students in the university:

As a student who is in the university, you can earn money by doing any of the listed business ideas.

Make snacks and drinks to sell


One of the most traditional options for earning money as a high school or full-time college student is to make homemade snacks and sweets to sell at the institution.


You may sell snacks like chin-chin, peanut, ground nuts, doughnut, popcorn, etc


These snacks are very sure of making you lots of sales because there are a whole lot of people to consume these products on campus.


If you want to go further, you can sell to resellers, to establishments, by order, or even in busy places on the street.


It is good to point out that if you are going to sell within the school or college, it is important to consult the rules to know if it is allowed to take products to sell to colleagues, as many schools do not accept this.


Work as a freelancer online


Freelancing simply means selling your services/skills in exchange for money on different freelancing sites.


Some of these freelancing platforms include upwork, Fiverr, 99design, and so on.


On freelancing, you can offer many skills/services, the following are just a few of them.


  • Writing
  • Translation;
  • Graphic design;
  • Legal issues;
  • Architecture and urbanism;
  • Photography and illustration;
  • And many other areas.


If you have some skill in a specific area or like it a lot, you can try to get a project. Just search for freelancer sites, like the 99design that I also mentioned earlier, create your profile, and find projects that have to do with you.


You can check out how to make $500 freelancing without a skill


Give private lessons


It is quite possible to make good earnings by giving private lessons on some type of subject that you master very well. 


This is very common among students who are already more advanced.


The business is to publicize your classes. 


Start with your colleagues, you can do this also even on the internet. 


Check out how to make money doing assignments and tutoring students online


Also, remember that you need to get organized and put in the effort to help these people. If your work is good, they will call other clients themselves.


Make crafts to sell


They can be jewelry, dolls, decoration items, or whatever else you want and enjoy working with. 


The thing is, crafts are a great way to earn extra income whether you’re a student or not.


First define what you are going to do, create several pieces, take beautiful photos, and spread the word! Send it to people on WhatsApp, post it on your Instagram, and advertise it on sales sites.


If your product is of good quality and you promote it well, even to your colleagues, I’m sure the results will gradually emerge.


Create a blog or YouTube channel


Many students have found blogs and YouTube channels an opportunity to earn money while studying.


What is important to note is that this type of work does not give immediate results, it is something for the long term and if your interest is to make money while you are a student quickly, this is not the option.


You need to think about a theme, and target audience and create quality content with consistency. If the blog or channel manages to reach a good number of visitors, you can monetize with Google Adsense ads or sell advertising space to interested companies.


On average, it is estimated that it takes about 6 months of intense work to start getting the first results, but it can take much longer.


Check out these top free blogging platforms and their limitations.


If you are a student and you want to create wealth via blogging you can click on this link to get my course that will teach you blogging step by step from scratch to where you will be earning thousands of dollars.


Sell things you no longer use


If you are a student and need to earn money but have no idea where to start, maybe taking a look at what you have might be a good idea.


There is always an electronic device, a book, a piece of furniture, and even a piece of clothing or shoes that you no longer use, but that can earn you money. You can advertise on your social network, in sales groups that exist on Facebook, on the Enjoei website, and OLX.



The above were earning ideas for students.

Choose the way to earn money as a student that is most relevant to you!


I hope at least one of these ideas will help you make money during this period. 


Analyze your profile, and the people around you and make the choice that has the best advantages.


Thank you very much for your company and I wish you great success.


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