As a student who is in university, it is normal that you need money for your day-to-day bills. In this article, you will learn how to earn pocket money for students with a smartphone connected to the internet.


We can’t just depend on our parents as students for everything we need in school when we can make some pocket money for ourselves with our smartphones.


If you have been reading our articles, you will know that in this blog, we make valuable content centered around making money online from home.


If you are among the smart people who understand the value and how enjoyable it is to earn online working from home.


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The following are different online earning apps and websites to make pocket money for yourself.


My point


This is the very first earning website on our list. You can make money on this website via surveys to earn points and those points can be converted to cash which you can withdraw into your PayPal account.


To get started you can visit their official website and register by providing your details for account creation




Although this website does not accept people from third-world countries, you can make a lot of money on this website by watching videos, installing apps, signing up for websites, playing games, answering surveys, and many more.


You get paid to do things that you normally enjoy doing. 


With each referral, you are going to make 10% of what your referral is making.


If you want to make money on this website, you can visit their website and sign up.


For those of us who are in third-world countries, and are interested in making money on this website, you can use a VPN to operate this website.


Inbox dollars 


This is a similar web to the previous one we discussed above in this article.


You get paid to watch videos, answer surveys, and get cash back on anything you buy.


Over 80 million dollars has been paid out to people on this website.


You can join today to be part of it.


Dollarclix is an amazing website that is completely free to make money with.

You can make money by doing little tasks like answering surveys, playing games, and downloading apps.


You get paid in cents for each task. There are over two hundred and ninety-five members who are currently making lots of money on this website.


Over three million dollars has been paid to members on this platform so far and they are still very legit.


You can withdraw your money via bank transfer, Amazon gift card, and PayPal.




Have you ever imagined getting paid just to upload ordinary pictures you take with your phones?


Then, I will advise you to stop imagining, on this app called foap you will get paid whenever people buy your pictures on their platform.


And the coolest thing about them is that they will do the marketing all for you and you sit back to collect your passive income.


If you have a smartphone with a good quality camera, you can take photos of any beautiful things around you and upload them to foap.


The number of images you are eligible to upload on this platform is unlimited.


I recommend that you should upload a lot of pictures if you are really looking to make money on this app.


The more uploads, the more chance of getting sales, it is a numbers game.


Google opinion reward


Google opinion reward is an app that pays you for your opinion.


The proof of how legitimate this amazing app Occurs to be is shown in the number of reviews it has on the  Google play store.


This app has a 4.2-star rating out of 2.4 million reviews.


What an awesome app.


My final thought 


In conclusion, the above websites/apps are great methods to earn some pocket money for yourself as a student with your smartphone online.


However, these apps/websites can never make you rich but can only be used to earn some little cash.


If you want to be rich working online you can check out our recommended easiest online businesses that can make you rich.


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